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T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t s

December 2004 • Issue 527 • Vol. 53 No. 6
37th Year of Publication • 26-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Color Interviews Design by Arnie Fenner

Michael Chabon: Pulp, Comics, and Baseball / 6
The Karen Joy Fowler Book Club / 80

M A I N    S T O R I E S / 5
2004 World Fantasy Awards Winners • 2004 World Fantasy Awards Banquet • Swissnex Symposium • I Bees • Aurora Awards • Viable Paradise • Best Books

P E O P L E   &   P U B L I S H I N G / 8
Notes on marriages, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Ray Bradbury, James Morrow, Avram Davidson, Orson Scott Card, Michael Chabon, Greg Bear, Philip K. Dick, and many others

T H E    D A T A    F I L E / 11
SFM’s Shirley Scales Back • Hodder Headline Sold • A Million Hitchhikers • Wilde Auction • Germany’s ‘‘Big Read’’ • Potter Helps Out • Happy Birthday Discworld! • J.R.R. Makes the List • British Libraries in Trouble • Border Wars • ISBN/Bar Code Reform • Used Book Boom • Third Annual Phobos Awards • Google Goes Print • Announcements • Worldcons Updates • Awards News • Book News • Financial News • International Rights • Other Rights • Other Media Received • Publications Received • Catalogs Received

F O R T H C O M I N G    B O O K S
US Forthcoming Books / 36    UK Forthcoming Books / 44

I N T E R N A T I O N A L / 48
SF in Mexico • SF in Brazil • International Books and Magazine Received

Magazines Received: October / 52    Books Received: October / 53   
British Books Received: September / 67    Bestsellers / 68

O B I T U A R I E S / 78
Tetsu Yano • Appreciations by Frederik Pohl and Takumi Shibano • Greg Shaw

L O C U S    L E T T E R S / 76
Rich Horton • Jean-Marc Lofficier • Michael Swanwick • Nick Mamatas • Mike Levy

E D I T O R I A L    M A T T E R S / 79
World Fantasy Con • Chicago, Chicago! • Books • New Employee • This Issue, Next Issue

L O C U S    L O O K S    A T    B O O K S

Short Fiction Reviews by Nick Gevers / 12
Polyphony 4; F&SF 1/05; Sci Fiction 11/04; Realms of Fantasy 10/04; The Third Alternative Autumn ’04; Amazing 11/04.

Short Fiction Reviews by Richard Horton / 13
Interzone 9-10/04; The Third Alternative Autumn ’04; F&SF 12/04; Analog 12/04; Asimov’s 12/04; Strange Horizons 10/04; Sci Fiction 11/04; Amazing 11/04; H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror Summer ’04; The Faery Reel, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds.

Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 15
The Plot Against America, Philip Roth; McSweeney’s Enchanted Chamber of Astonishing Stories, Michael Chabon, ed.; Stagestruck Vampires and Other Phantasms, Suzy McKee Charnas; Reflex, Steven Gould.

Reviews by Faren Miller / 19
Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell; In the Night Room, Peter Straub; Leviathan 4: Cities, Forrest Aguirre, ed.; Lurulu, Jack Vance; SHORT TAKE: The Stupidest Angel, Christopher Moore.

Reviews by Nick Gevers / 23
The Wizard, Gene Wolfe; Viator, Lucius Shepard; A Handbook of American Prayer, Lucius Shepard; The Family Trade, Charles Stross; Black Brillion, Matthew Hughes; Morning Child and Other Stories, Gardner Dozois; SHORT TAKE: American Sorrows, Jay Lake.

Reviews by Damien Broderick / 27
Air, Geoff Ryman; Crux, Albert E. Cowdrey; The Crazy Years: Reflections of a Science Fiction Original, Spider Robinson.

Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 31
Night’s Edge, Anonymous, ed.; Shadows in the Darkness, Elaine Cunningham; Whispering to Witches, Anna Dale; The Rats, the Bats, & the Ugly, Eric Flint & Dave Freer; No Time Like Show Time, Michael Hoeye; Fitzpatrick’s War, Theodore Judson; Phoenix and Ashes, Mercedes Lackey; The Stupidest Angel, Christopher Moore; Once More* With Footnotes, Terry Pratchett; Bad Magic, Stephen Zielinski.

Divers Hands: Reviews by Rich Horton & Russell Letson / 33
Trujillo, Lucius Shepard; The John Varley Reader: Thirty Years of Short Fiction, John Varley.

Locus Listens to Audio: Reviews by John Joseph Adams / 35
Hot and Sweaty Rex, Eric Garcia, read by Jonathan Marosz; A Hat Full of Sky, Terry Pratchett, read by Stephen Briggs; Troll Fell, Katherine Langrish, read by Alex Jennings; I, Robot, Isaac Asimov, read by Scott Brick; The War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells, read by James Spencer; The Time Machine, H.G. Wells, read by James Spencer; Legends II: Volume II, Robert Silverberg, ed., read by Simon Prebble and Charles Keating; The Consciousness Plague, Paul Levinson, read by Mark Shanahan; The Crystal City, Orson Scott Card, read by Stefan Rudnicki, M.E. Willis, and cast; The Sea of Trolls, Nancy Farmer, read by Gerard Doyle; The Best of Analog, Stanley Schmidt, ed., read by Stefan Rudnicki, Gabrielle de Cuir, and cast; The Best of Asimov’s, Gardner Dozois & Sheila Williams, eds., read by Stefan Rudnicki, Scott Brick, and Gabrielle de Cuir.

Terry Bisson: This Month in History / 13, 17, 21, 25

Quoted Without Comment / 39, 41, 75


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