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Mon 01.05 —
• Capt. Xerox provides this pdf 2004 science fiction calendar

Sat 01.03 —
NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Heinlein, Clarke & Baxter, and Gorodischer • And Andrew O'Hehir reviews Stephen King's Wolves of the Calla

The New Yorker: Anthony Lane reviews The Return of the King

Fri 01.02 —
Green Man Review: Best Books of 2003 from GMR's favorite authors and artists

• Associated Press (here and here): Anne Rice bids farewell to her vampire Lestat

Tue 12.30 —
Emerald City's Issue #100 has contributions from Gary K. Wolfe, David Brin, John Clute, Ken MacLeod, and others

SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Robert A. Heinlein

• NPR, All Things Considered: Aaron Freeman visits WindyCon and comments on science fiction fans [click on audio link]

Sat 12.27 —
• Gabe Chouinard launches s1ngularity::criticism

NY Times: 2003's Most Overrated and Underrated Ideas

Thu 12.25 —
Guardian: Why J.G. Ballard turned down a royal honor

LA Times: Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist

LA Times: 36 attempts to reach Mars

• Pans for Paycheck from
Stephen Hunter, Washington Post
Elvis Mitchell, NY Times
Manohla Dargis, LA Times

Tue 12.23 —
The Hartford Courant: article on the book industry's output: 150,000 titles/year

Telegraph: profile of Christopher Paolini

Mon 12.22 —
NY Times: theater review of A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant

LA Times: art review of nano exhibit at LA Country Museum of Art • LACMALab

LA Times: Paul Park Op-Ed Jesus Rules in the Sequel

NY Times Book Review: short reviews of Philip Pullman and Cornelia Funke

Washington Post: Douglas E. Winter reviews Peter Straub

Sun 12.21 —
NY Times: Caryn James complains that The Return of the King isn't a chick flick
 • Also, article about a fan's Firefly DVD

• December Lost Pages: Ray Vukcevich, Richard Calder, Bruce Holland Rogers, et al

• NPR: The Hollywood Afterlife of Philip K. Dick; Tamora Pierce interview (click on audio links)

Green Man Review: Jane Yolen's The Winter Queen Speaks

Birmingham News: article about the new Argosy Magazine

Fri 12.19 —
Village Voice: Joseph McElroy reviews Le Guin and Gorodischer

• Reviews in Rain Taxi: VanderMeer & Roberts' Disease Guide; Cory Doctorow's collection; Colin Wilson's YA series

• From the New York Times archives:
— 1954: W.H. Auden reviews The Fellowship of the Ring
— 1955: Donald Barr reviews The Two Towers
— 1956: W.H. Auden reviews The Return of the King

Thu 12.18 —
The New Yorker, Alex Ross: Wagner vs. Tolkien

LA Times: Khan collaborator ("Space Seed") Madlyn Rhue dies


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Reviews —

12.18 Claude Lalumière reviews Philip Baruth, Norman Spinrad, and Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill
This is an excellent book. I loved reading it. And yet... I could just as accurately say that I found The X President laughably na´ve and propagandist...

12.10 John Shirley welcomes The Return of the King
It's true that with many scenes what Jackson is offering is not quite Tolkien — but something merely Tolkienesque. That was inevitable. But we're not likely to feel Jackson has shorted us — he has sincerely tried to bring us The Lord of the Rings and he has succeeded with much of this imperfect but wonderful film.

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01.05 Philip K. Dick Award finalists announced
» Science Museum prices out Clarke Award — Museum raises fees by 700%; award searching for new venue
» Special effects artist Wah Ming Chang (The Time Machine, Star Trek, The Outer Limits) dies — LA Times
» Naked man stuck in chimney of Uncle Hugo's Bookstore on Christmas morning — CNN
» The Lord of the Rings wins the the BBC Big Read poll — BBC
» New York Times names Notable Books 2003 including SF titles by Morgan, Wilson, Le Guin, Baxter, Hearn, Wright, and Baruth, with Lethem among top 9 Editors' Choice
12.04 Stefan Wul dies
» 2003 UPC SF Competition won by Catalan author Jordi Font-AgustÝ; ceremonies included a speech by GoH Orson Scott Card
» Marguerite Bradbury, Ray Bradbury's wife, died November 25 — Ray Bradbury Discussion Board
» Albert Nozaki, War of the Worlds art director, dies — LA Times
» 2004 Odyssey Writing Workshop open for applications
11.24 China Miéville, Mark Chadbourn, Ramsey Campbell, others win British Fantasy Awards
»'s Best of 2003 lists include titles by Simmons, Jordan, Niffenegger, Lethem, many others; Editors' Picks: SF/F; Customers' Favorites: SF/F
» Stephen King given honorary award at last night's National Book Awards; Time's Lev Grossman approves; details of King's speech at MobyLives
» Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement Awards given to Robert R. McCammon, Andy Duncan, L. Sprague de Camp
» 2004 Long List for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award includes books by Carol Emshwiller, Stephen Baxter, Zoran Zivkovic
» SF writer and critic Mark Siegel dies — SFWA News
» Star Trek TOS writer Margaret Armen dies — LA Times
    2003 News Archive | Below: #Recent Awards#Necrology


01.05  Bestsellers Robert Jordan, Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien
12.31  New Books Gene Wolfe's The Knight; a previously-unpublished novel by Lord Dunsany; novels by David Gerrold, Gwyneth Jones, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Tom Kratman, Alastair Reynolds, Tricia Sullivan, and David Zindell; nonfiction by John Garth about Tolkien, and M.J. Simpson about Douglas Adams; anthologies edited by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, and by Robert Silverberg
12.30  Magazines New issues of Andromeda Spaceways, Chronicle, Dreams of Decadence, F&SF, Leading Edge, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Nova SF, and Realms of Fantasy
12.20  Classic Reprints by Poul Anderson, Arthur C. Clarke, Richard Matheson, Andre Norton, Jack Vance, Vernor Vinge, and others
12.20  New in Paperback Greg Egan, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, Paul McAuley, Jeff VanderMeer, and others
12.05  2003 Books Directory updated with latest links to descriptions, online reviews, and bestseller charts

12.05  2002 Books Directory updated with latest links to online reviews and 2003 awards results


12.18  Letters From Per Jacobsen, Barry N. Malzberg, Al Sarrantonio

12.04  David Herter looks at "Six Operas that Came Close"
Some good and even brilliant SF-and-Fantasy-tinged operas did get made in the 20th century, somewhat off the radar.
11.18  Gary Westfahl reviews Looney Tunes: Back in Action
...a film that is both saturated with the tropes and imagery of science fiction and fundamentally hostile to scientific progress and all its effects. In this respect, of course, it is precisely faithful to the spirit of the 1950s science fiction films that it so respectfully references.
11.12  Letters Story queries

11.07  Cynthia Ward reviews an erotic SF collection by M. Christian
The stories in his new collection, The Bachelor Machine, pass the litmus tests of both the SF and erotica genres. Take out the tech and there's no story; take out the sex and there's no story.
10.24  Claude Lalumière reviews Little Lit 3 and The Sandman: Endless Nights
It Was a Dark and Silly Night... is admirably enchanting and fun. The concept this time around is to fashion a story around the title...
10.10  Lawrence Person reviews Jack Vance's The Dragon Masters and The Last Castle
Like Mark Twain, Jack Vance's work richly rewards rereading every decade or so. The swift action is still there, but what most impresses is the cleverness of the setup, the way in which Vance has crafted ever-widening circles of mirror-imaged antagonists, like a yin-yang symbol which turns out to be the eye of larger yin-yang symbol, which, in turn, is the eye of a still larger one.
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