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1 April 2005

Bertelsmann Technology -- Press Release

by Achilles Wham

Bertelsmann AG is pleased to announce the development of a new technology that protects authors and publishers.

By combining nanotechnology with ink technology and linking to GPS we will be able to keep books in the country where their rights are held.

Each book will have its own nanotech GPS unit. When the book leaves the territory where rights are held, nanobots will cause the ink to become transparent until the book is returned to its country of origin.

One of the benefits to authors and publishers will be the easy restriction of Advance Reading Copies, where the publisher may define the geographical territory the ARC may travel before turning into a blank book.

Currently in development, but not yet ready for general release, will be technology that ties the book to the purchaser. The original purchaser will be able to resell the book but only after paying a nominal fee to the publisher, who will forward a share to the author.

Berttelsmann AG -- "Conquering the world, one publisher at a time".

Achilles Wham is a publisher, not yet conquered.
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