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August 2005

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28 July 2005

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New and Notable Books

Mike Ashley, Transformations: The History of the Science-Fiction Magazine Volume II (Liverpool University Press Feb 2005)

Ashley continues his invaluable History of the Science-Fiction Magazine with this second volume covering the ’50s and ’60s.

Elizabeth Bear, Scardown (Bantam Spectra Jul 2005)

The second volume of an SF novel begun in Bear’s acclaimed first volume, the cyberpunk/noir Hammered. Jenny, chosen to pilot a starship seeking new worlds for the people of dying Earth, faces international intrigues and betrayal.

Michael Bishop, A Reverie for Mister Ray (PS Publishing May 2005)

A non-fiction collection of 69 essays, reviews, and incidental pieces from one of the field’s deep thinkers.

Orson Scott Card, Magic Street (Ballantine Del Rey Jul 2005)

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream invades a middle-class Los Angeles African-American neighborhood in this contemporary fantasy about an abandoned child who develops strange abilities as he grows up.

Paul Di Filippo, The Emperor of Gondwanaland and Other Stories (Thunder's Mouth Press Jul 2005)

The ever-entertaining and prolific Di Filippo shows off some of his range in this unthemed collection of 18 stories, one original, all with introductions by the author.

Cory Doctorow, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (Tor Jul 2005)

Fascinating strangeness runs amok in this offbeat fantasy novel of a middle-aged entrepreneur with some odd neighbors, an even odder family, and a visionary plan to provide all Toronto with free wireless Internet access.

Gardner Dozois, ed., The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-second Annual Collection (St. Martin's Griffin Jul 2005)

The heavyweight champ in the year’s best category returns with 28 stories from 2004, plus Dozois’s invaluable summation of the year in SF.

Nalo Hopkinson & Geoff Ryman, eds., Tesseracts Nine (Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Jun 2005)

More than 20 all-new stories and poems by Canadian writers are showcased in this latest volume in the respected anthology series. Authors include Yves Meynard, Candas Jane Dorsey, Nancy Kilpatrick, and Elisabeth Vonarburg.

Gwyneth Jones, Band of Gypsies (Orion/Gollancz May 2005)

The fourth volume in Bold as Love, Jones’s acclaimed near-future Arthurian fantasy of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.

Graham Joyce, TWOC (PS Publishing Jun 2005)

Noted author Joyce presents a compelling and complex thriller of a teen haunted by his brother, who died when the two crashed a car Taken Without Owner’s Consent.

Henry Kuttner & C. L. Moore, Two-Handed Engine (Centipede Press Jul 2005)

This impressive limited edition collects 37 stories written separately and collaboratively by two of the field’s most respected and influential authors.

Patricia A. McKillip, Od Magic (Ace Jun 2005)

In a kingdom where magic is closely controlled by the king, the new gardener at the wizards’ school may be the key to changing the balance of power. The latest novel by one of the field’s biggest names.

Larry Niven & Brenda Cooper, Building Harlequin's Moon (Tor Jun 2005)

An epic SF novel with some intriguing ethical considerations. Passengers of a stranded starship plan to build and terraform a moon to get the fuel they need to travel on - and leave the workforce behind after 60,000 years.

Garth Nix, Across the Wall (HarperCollins/Eos Jul 2005)

Nix returns to the land of the Abhorsen trilogy with a new novella in this young-adult collection, a sampler of 12 pieces ranging from fairy tales and Arthurian stories to contemporary tales, and a satiric piece on epic fantasy sagas.

Alastair Reynolds, Century Rain (Ace Jun 2005)

Reynolds mixes future and alternate history along with space opera and noir mystery in this “exciting, thought-provoking novel” [Nick Gevers] of posthuman conflicts, an archaeologist studying the devastated Earth, and a perfect reproduction of 20th-century Earth created by godlike aliens. Originally published in the UK in 2004 by Gollancz.

Jonathan Strahan, ed., Best Short Novels: 2005 (SFBC Jun 2005)

Locus’s own Jonathan Strahan presents his choice of the ten best short novels published in 2004, including stories by Bradley Denton, Eleanor Arnason, Charles Stross, and the team of Gardner Dozois, George R.R. Martin, & Daniel Abraham.

John Varley, Mammoth (Ace Jun 2005)

A billionaire’s obsession with cloning a mammoth sets off a Heinleinian SF thriller with a suspensefully tangled plot complete with time travel, a circus, feuding geniuses, and, of course, mammoths.

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