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» International Conference on SF -Nice, France
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March - December '05
Forthcoming Books
Tue 8 Mar 05 —
» David Langford's Ansible 212

» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel reviews and interviews Steve Erickson

Mon 7 Mar 05 —
» This week's SF Weekly has an interview with Ian R. MacLeod and Wil McCarthy's Lab Notes column about safe nukes

» This week's Strange Horizons has an interview with John Scalzi, fiction by Liz Williams, and a SF-is-dead column by Matthew Cheney

» New issues of SFRevu and Ultraverse are available

» CBC Archives: 1967 TV documentary about Toronto hippie-haven Yorkville features interview with a young Bill Gibson

» New: Forbidden Planet International Blog Logs

Sat 5 Mar 05 —
» Ellen Datlow has posted the table of contents to Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Volume 18, edited by Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link, and Gavin Grant

» Gardner Dozois posted the table of contents to Year's Best Science Fiction Volume 22 back in February

Fri 4 Mar 05 —
» Portales News-Tribune: report from the Jack Williamson Lectureship

» Kathryn Cramer has posted the table of contents to Year's Best SF 10, edited by David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer

» Futurismic: fiction by Donnárd Ricardo Sturgis, Strike a Pose

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Tue 1 Mar 05 —
» New SF imprint Pyr

» SF Site for March has Readers' Choice Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2004

» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City #114 has Hugo picks, reviews, an interview, etc.

» Aeon Speculative Fiction's second issue, with fiction by Howard V. Hendrix, Bruce Holland Rogers, Gary W. Shockley, and others, is available for download

» Internet Review of Science Fiction's new editor-in-chief is Joy Ralph, beginning with the March issue, just posted, with contributions from Lavie Tidhar, Jay Lake, Lezlie Kinyon, Lisa Agnew, Dotar Sojat, and others

» Deep Magic's March issue is available for download

» Fantastic Literature's March 2005 booklist is now online

» San Francisco Chronicle: Alan Cheuse reviews H.P. Lovecraft

Mon 28 Feb 05 —
» Infinity Plus: Adam Roberts reviews novels on the Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist

» Weekly Standard: Michael Dirda reviews Lovecraft's Tales

» Unitarian Universalist World Bookshelf: Will Shetterly on Speculation and revelation

» Denver Post: Fred Cleaver reviews Steve Cash, C.J. Cherryh

» Miami Herald: Robert Folsom reviews Robert Metzger, Justina Robson

Wed 23 Feb 05 —
» NY Times: profile of Francesca Lia Block

» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel comments on the splitting of long novels into 2 or more volumes... (to which Patrick Nielsen Hayden responds); also, an exclusive story by Elizabeth Bear, Botticelli

» Fantastic Metropolis: Rick Klaw interviews Steve Aylett

Mon 21 Feb 05 —
» Kathryn Cramer & David Hartwell's photos from Boskone

Sat 19 Feb 05 —
» Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Steve Cash, John Scalzi, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Sean Murphy

Sat 19 Feb 05 —
» Scott Edelman's Antarctica Adventure

» Ellen Datlow's New Zealand Adventure

» NY Times: an introduction by the late Susan Sontag to a book by Halldor Laxness discusses SF

» New issue of The Broadsheet: newsletter for Broad Universe with Diana Pharaoh Francis, John Grant, Sheila Finch, Ken Rand interviewing Louise Marley, and others

» The 25th Anniversary Edition of Little, Big, by John Crowley will be published September, 2006, with art by Peter Milton and an introduction by Harold Bloom

» Green Man Review: Moira Russell reviews Elizabeth Bear's Hammered

» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel reviews the Hill House version of Ray Bradbury's The Cat's Pajamas

Thu 17 Feb 05 —
» Salon: Andrew Leonard interviews Iain Banks

» NY Times: Sarah Boxer's article Literary Sport: The Roar of the Crowd, the Review of the Books cites Malzberg & Pronzini's Prose Bowl

Wed 16 Feb 05 —
» The Infinite Matrix: Cory Doctorow's I, Robot; Slashdot reaction

» Christian Science Monitor: Ron Charles reviews Graham Joyce

» LA Times: profile of Steve Erickson

Tue 15 Feb 05 —
» SF Site: Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2004: Editors' Choice; plus, Greg L. Johnson's Best of 2004

» Seattle Times: Ray Kurzweil aims to live forever

Sun 13 Feb 05 —
» Washington Post: Bill Sheehan reviews Steve Erickson's Our Ecstatic Days

» NY Times Book Review: Tobin Harshaw reviews William Nicholson's The Society of Others

» Rambles: Sarah Meador reviews Cox & Duncan's anthology Crossroads

Sat 12 Feb 05 —
» Salon: Laura Miller essay on H.P. Lovecraft, "American literature's greatest bad writer"

» Infinity Plus: Matthew Cheney interviews Holly Phillips; Phillips' story A Woman's Bones

» Ellen Datlow's Australian Adventure


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2005 Blinks Archive
Feature Essays

Gary Westfahl on Robert A. Heinlein & Philip K. Dick
Russell Letson on Charles Stross

Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of 2004
Essays by Claude Lalumière and Jeff VanderMeer
Locus Magazine's 2004 Recommended Reading List
Locus Online's Best Books of 2004 Directory

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Tuesday 8 March 2005
» Awards News
With only days left to nominate for this year's awards, rules for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer have been changed to expand the scope of 'professional publication' for purposes of establishing a writer's eligibility for the award, with the effect of increasing the number of writers eligible for nomination this year. Deadline for the Campbell and Hugo nominations is March 11. • Campbell Rules, brief descriptionComplete RulesCommentary by Cheryl MorganCampbell Eligible Author Web SiteHugo & Campbell Nomination Ballot

Monday 7 March 2005
» News
A high school student in Winchester, Kentucky, has been arrested on terrorism charges after writing a short story about zombies attacking a high school. • LEX 18 newsStudent Press Law CenterBoing Boing post and comments • Commentary by Jeff VanderMeer and by Matthew Cheney

Monitor: What's In Other Magazines
Seen the second half of February: new issues of Chronicle, Dreams and Nightmares, and Realms of Fantasy

Sunday 6 March 2005
Monitor: New Books
Descriptions and links for new books seen the last week of February, including Volume 10 of Theodore Sturgeon's Complete Stories, J.G. Ballard's Quotes, Leena Krohn's Tainaron: Mail from Another City, and other books from James Gunn & Matthew Candelaria, Ben Jeapes, Michio Kaku, and John Ringo

Monitor: Classic Reprints
New editions of Norman Spinrad's Bug Jack Barron, Gregory Benford last two 'Galactic Center' novels, John Shirley's In Darkness Waiting, Robert Silverberg's Star of Gypsies, E.E. Smith's Triplanetary, and Library of America's volume of H.P. Lovecraft

Friday 4 March 2005
» Author News
Andre Norton has returned home under "hospice care"; details and comments at SF-Fandom

» Awards News
Judges for this year's World Fantasy Awards are Alis Rasmussen, Jeffrey Ford, Tim Lebbon, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Wednesday 2 March 2005
Awards News

This year's Spectrum Awards for science fiction and fantasy art include Brom, Brad Holland, Grand Master H.R. Giger, and others

Forthcoming Books
Selected titles scheduled for March through December 2005, from Locus Magazine's March 2005 issue

Tuesday 1 March 2005
Feature Essay:
Surprising Sci-Fi Soul Brothers: Robert A. Heinlein and Philip K. Dick by Gary Westfahl
When one considers the qualities that made those writers great, the qualities that distinguish the wondrous novels and stories written in the first two decades of their careers, one must conclude that they are, in fundamental ways, exactly the same sort of writer.

Feature Essay:
Surprised by Stross by Russell Letson
Charles Stross is no one-trick, post-human, deep-space, nanotech pony, but one of those writers whose fundamental gift seems to be the application of analytical intelligence to a body of story possibilities.

The SF Museum hosts its first youth arts and writing contest, and hosts the Eaton Conference • The SF Research Association calls for papers • Nisi Shawl and Victoria Garcia teach a writing workshop • Georgia Tech hosts a monstrous symposium • A play by Martha Soukup opens in October

Monitor: This Week's Bestsellers
Christopher Paolini, Garth Nix

Thursday 24 February 2005
» Deaths
• Polish fantasy artist Zdzislaw Beksinski was found murdered in his home in Warsaw on Tuesday, February 22, 2005. He was 75. • Reutersofficial website

Sonya Dorman [Hess], SF writer and poet, died February 14, 2005 in Taos, New Mexico, at the age of 80. Her stories, published in the 1960s and '70s, appeared in F&SF, Dangerous Visions, Orbit, and elsewhere, with "When I Was Miss Dow" (Galaxy 1966) included on the 1996 Retrospective Tiptree Award shortlist. Poem "Corruption of Metals" won a Rhysling Award in 1978.

Locus Magazine: March Issue

Locus Magazine's March issue, mailing today to subscribers, has interviews with Clive Barker and Malcolm Edwards, forthcoming books listings through December 2005, reviews of 30 books and of short fiction, and much more • Table of Contents

Locus Magazine: Locus Bestsellers

Leaders on March issue's Bestseller List -- compiled from specialty stores -- are by Stephen R. Donaldson, Robin Hobb, Neal Stephenson, Sean Stewart, and R.A. Salvatore

Locus Magazine: New & Notable Books

March's list includes books by Neil Barron, Gardner Dozois, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, H.P. Lovecraft, Bill Sheehan, Lisa Tuttle, and others

Wednesday 23 February 2005
Monitor: New Books

Descriptions and links for new books seen in mid-February, including Jonathan Strahan & Karen Haber's Science Fiction: The Best of 2004 and Fantasy: The Best of 2004, the first US edition of Iain M. Banks' The State of the Art, Clare Dudman's One Day the Ice Will Reveal All Its Dead, other anthologies from Mike Ashley & Eric Brown and T.K.F. Weisskopf, four manga, and other books by Isobelle Carmody, Mat Coward, Edward M. Lerner, Andrew Menard, William Nicholson, and Brad Strickland

Tuesday 22 February 2005
Monitor: What's In Other Magazines

Seen the first half of February: new issues of Analog, Asimov's, Book of Dark Wisdom, Interzone, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Neo-Opsis, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Star*Line, and True Review

Monitor: This Week's Bestsellers
Kazuo Ishiguro

Monday 21 February 2005
Feature: John Joseph Adams Reviews Audiobooks
pratchett audio
From Locus Magazine's December issue, reviews of recorded fiction by Eric Garcia, Terry Pratchett, Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov, and others, with links to audio excerpts

Sunday 20 February 2005
» More SFWA Awards News
• SFWA has created a new Andre Norton Award for young adult novels, the first to be given in 2006, with the nomination process based on that for the Nebula Awards

• Kevin O'Donnell Jr. will receive the Service to SFWA Award at this year's Nebula Awards Weekend in Chicago

Saturday 19 February 2005
» Awards News
Anne McCaffrey has been named an SFWA Grand Master, the award to be presented at this year's Nebula Awards Weekend in Chicago • SFWA News

» Awards News
Stanislaw Lem is among finalists for the first International Booker Prize, to be awarded biannually for an author's body of work, with a £60,000 cash award; others include Margaret Atwood, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Doris Lessing

» Obit
Independent: John Clute's obituary of Jack Chalker, who died February 11

» Awards News
World Fantasy Awards judges for 2005 are Alis Rasmussen, Jeffrey Ford, Tim Lebbon, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and Jessica Amanda Salmonson • Details at World Fantasy Award Judges

» Monitor: What's In Other Magazines
Amazing Stories for March 2005 has been released as a downloadable e-publication, free to subscribers, $3 to others • The issue has fiction by Sarah A. Hoyt, Ben Bova, George Zebrowski, and Robert Sheckley

Thursday 17 February 2005
» Death
SF author F.M. Busby died today, 17 February 2005. • Born 1921, he was author of over a dozen novels and collections, including the Rissa Kerguelen trilogy. • Details at F.M Busby's Page

Locus Magazine: Neil Gaiman Interview Excerpts
neil gaiman
The power of being an author, the joy of it for me, is that if one wasn't an author one would be a really boring person filled with peculiar bits of trivia, the sort you meet in a bar saying 'Did you know that...?'
Wednesday 16 February 2005
Monitor: New Books
Descriptions and links for new books seen the first week of February, including Graham Joyce's The Limits of Enchantment, Steve Erickson's Our Ecstatic Days, Steven Erikson's Deadhouse Gates, other novels by Carol Berg, David B. Coe, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Gary Gibson, Simon R. Green, Kim Harrison, John Meaney, Robert Reed, and Sean Williams & Shane Dix; and a collection by Anne Bishop

Tuesday 15 February 2005
Awards News
This year's Nebula Awards Final Ballot includes Lois McMaster Bujold, Cory Doctorow, Jack McDevitt, David Mitchell, Sean Stewart, and Gene Wolfe for best novel, plus nominees for novella, novelette, short story, and script

Monitor: This Week's Bestsellers
J.D. Robb, Dean Koontz & Kevin J. Anderson


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