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August 2006

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27 July 2006

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New and Notable Books

Michael Cadnum, Can't Catch Me: Twice-Told Tales (Tachyon Publications May 2006)

Attitude and irony infuse this collection of 18 retellings of fairy tales and myths, six original. These ‘‘radical reimaginings’’ offer ‘‘…many delights for the more jaundiced and well-experienced sort of reader.’’ [Faren Miller]

Storm Constantine, The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence (Tor Jun 2006)

The gothic fantasy Wraeththu History trilogy, a sequel to the Wraeththu trilogy, comes to a stunning conclusion as it reveals startling details of the complex, sensuous far-future world of the Wraeththu. Originally published in the UK by Immanion Press (2005).

Alan DeNiro, Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead: Stories (Small Beer Press Jul 2006)

This first collection from a noted writer of short fiction gathers 16 stories, three original. ‘‘DeNiro’s writing is deeply weird, sometimes challenging, but always smart and affecting.’’ [Tim Pratt]

Dave Duncan, Children of Chaos (Tor Jun 2006)

Four siblings, separated in childhood as political hostages, must find each other on an increasingly unsettled dodecahedral world in this entertaining fantasy adventure, the first volume in a duology. ‘‘What might outlandish world-building mingled with standard tropes turns into something quite different and far more interesting.’’ [Faren Miller].

Lynn Flewelling, The Oracle's Queen (Bantam Spectra Jul 2006)

The third volume of the Tamir trilogy concludes this haunting fantasy about a princess magically transformed into a boy so she can survive royal politics to become Scala’s prophesied warrior queen.

Theodora Goss, In the Forest of Forgetting (Prime Books May 2006)

Newcomer Goss demonstrates the fresh and original voice that has won her critical acclaim in this collection of 16 stories, two original, many drawing on traditional forms like Victorian fantasy and fairy tales to create something new. ‘‘A debut worth remembering.’’ [Gary K. Wolfe]

David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer, eds., The Space Opera Renaissance (Tor Jul 2006)

Two noted editors explore the evolution and definition of space opera in this monumental anthology of 32 stories arranged chronologically and thematically, by a wide range of authors including Leigh Bracket, Cordwainer Smith, Samuel R. Delany, Iain M. Banks, David Weber, and Alastair Reynolds.

Rich Horton, ed., Fantasy: The Best of the Year: 2006 Edition (Wildside Press/Prime Books Jul 2006)

A new entry in the fast-growing field of years best anthologies, edited by Locus’s own Rich Horton, with 19 stories by authors including Gene Wolfe, Theodora Goss, Paul Di Filippo, and Peter S. Beagle.

Tanya Huff, Smoke and Ashes (DAW Jun 2006)

Black humor and magic mix in this thoroughly entertaining contemporary dark fantasy mystery, the third in the series featuring student wizard and TV production assistant Tony Foster, a spin-off from Huff’s popular Victory Nelson series. This time Tony battles a breakout of demons in Vancouver, BC with the help of his usual odd mix of companions including a vampire, an immortal stunt woman, mounties, the TV crew, and a tabloid reporter.

Greg Keyes, The Blood Knight (Ballantine Del Rey Jul 2006)

The third volume in the four-volume epic fantasy series The Kingdoms of Thorn Bone adds intriguing new questions to this enthralling, not-quite-standard fantasy of a princess trying to recover her throne.

Chris Moriarty, Spin Control (Bantam Spectra Jul 2006)

Defecting Syndicate clone Arkady seeks to sell information about a doomsday weapon Earth but ends up for sale himself in this taut, suspense-filled sequel to Spin State, a mix of spy thriller, complexity theory, and exploration of post-human rights.

Paul Park, The Tourmaline (Tor Jul 2006)

Park plays with fantasy conventions and indulges in some ingenious worldbuilding in this second book in the series begun in A Princess of Roumania, with a twisty plot involving a magical gem, Miranda’s attempts to fulfill her destiny in the Otherworld’s magical Roumania, and her friends’ struggle through the barbaric wilderness of North America. ‘‘This is no ordinary fantasy novel and no ordinary fantasy world, and it could be leading us somewhere wonderful.’’ [Gary K. Wolfe]

Alastair Reynolds, Pushing Ice (Ace Jun 2006)

An asteroid mining ship follows a moon of Saturn that turns out to be a giant alien artifact speeding out of the solar system. ‘‘Hard SF of a grand, traditional sort…a gripping and well-told tale, and with a profounder artistry implicit in its structure.’’ [Nick Gevers] Originally published in the UK by Gollancz (11/05).

Jonathan Strahan, ed., Best Short Novels: 2006 (SFBC Jun 2006)

Nine of the best novellas from 2005 are gathered in this year’s best anthology, by authors including Ian McDonald, Matthew Hughes, Cory Doctorow, and Connie Willis. ‘‘Arguably one of the essential year’s bests to track down.’’ [Gary K. Wolfe]

William H. Trotter, Warrener's Beastie (Carroll & Graf Jul 2006)

A quest for a legendary sea monster fuels this fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure, a spellbinding mix of Moby Dick, mid-life crisis, and Norse myths. ‘‘Fabulism at its finest.’’ [Faren Miller].

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