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2006 SF/Fantasy/Horror Poetry Poll
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This is a special online-only poll for the best SF/Fantasy/Horror poems of 2005 and of all-time. (These aren't Locus Awards categories.) Please vote for your top 5 choices in each category below. The poll will remain open, like the Locus Poll, until April 15, 2006.

Unlike the Locus poll, this online ballot is not pre-loaded with drop-down selections. In the Best Poem of 2005 category, please indicate author, title, and publication source (magazine issue or book title) for each poem.

For the Best All-Time Poem category, you're welcome to vote for anything, but for suggestions you might consult the list of Rhysling Awards winners 1978-2005, as well as the list at the bottom of this page, which compiles all poems reprinted 4 or more times according to the CD ROM edition of The Locus Index to Science Fiction (including the Index to Science Fiction Anthologies and Collections, Combined Edition). If voting for poems not on either of these lists, indicate year and source of publication if you know them; this will help us tabulate the results.

Anonymous ballots will not be counted. Please include your name and e-mail address with your submission.


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    Best SF/F/H Poem of 2005

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    Best SF/F/H Poem of All-Time

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For all-time poem suggestions, reference list of Rhysling Awards winners 1978-2005 and this list of poems reprinted 4 or more times in SF/F/H collections and anthologies (omitting a few first published before 1900), according to the Locus Index to Science Fiction:

Aldiss, Brian W. : "Progression of the Species" (1967)
Aldiss, Brian W. : "The Cat Improvement Company" (1988)
Anderson, Karen : "Six Haiku" (1962)
Anderson, Poul : "Ballade of an Artificial Satellite" (1958)
Asimov, Isaac : "I Just Make Them Up, See!" (1958)
Asimov, Isaac : "Rejection Slips" (1959)
Asimov, Isaac : "The Author's Ordeal" (1957)
Asimov, Isaac : "The Foundation of Science Fiction Success" (1954)
Benét, Stephen Vincent : "Nightmare Number Three" (1935)
Bishop, Michael : "For the Lady of a Physicist" (1978)
Boston, Bruce : "A Missionary of the Mutant Rain Forest" (1990)
Boston, Bruce : "Confessions of a Body Thief" (1998)
Boston, Bruce : "Curse of the Angel's Wife" (1993)
Boston, Bruce : "Curse of the Clone's Wife" (1994)
Boston, Bruce : "Curse of the Demon's Wife" (1987)
Boston, Bruce : "Curse of the Shapeshifter's Wife" (1993)
Boston, Bruce : "Curse of the Telepath's Wife" (1993)
Boston, Bruce : "For Spacers Snarled in the Hair of Comets" (1984)
Boston, Bruce : "Future Present: "A Lesson in Expectation" (1995)
Boston, Bruce : "In the Darkened Hours" (1988)
Boston, Bruce : "Interstellar Tract" (1987)
Boston, Bruce : "My Wife Returns As She Would Have It" (2000)
Boston, Bruce : "Return to the Mutant Rain Forest" (1989)
Boston, Bruce : "Spacer's Compass" (1993)
Boston, Bruce : "The Last Existentialist" (1993)
Boston, Bruce : "The Nightmare Collector" (1987)
Bradbury, Ray : "Abandon in Place" (1979)
Bradbury, Ray : "And This Did Dante Do" (1967)
Bradbury, Ray : "If Only We Had Taller Been" (1973)
Bradbury, Ray : "Long After Ecclesiastes" (1983)
Bradbury, Ray : "Of What Is Past, or Passing, or To Come" (1981)
Bradbury, Ray : "Stars" (1978)
Brautigan, Richard : "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace" (1968)
Daniels, Keith Allen : "Ancient Dogs" (1987)
Daniels, Keith Allen : "At the Pet Shop" (1981)
Daniels, Keith Allen : "Einstein's Brain" (1992)
Daniels, Keith Allen : "Slow Degrees" (1981)
Daniels, Keith Allen : "The Martian in the Madhouse" (1999)
Daniels, Keith Allen : "Xobanhaltun" (1989)
de Camp, L. Sprague : "A Skald's Lament" (1955)
Disch, Thomas M. : "A Vacation on Earth" (1966)
Disch, Thomas M. : "On Science Fiction" (1980)
Evans, Mike : "We'll All Be Spacemen Before We Die" (1968)
Ford, John M. : "Winter Solstice, Camelot Station" (1988)
Frazier, Robert : "Return to the Mutant Rain Forest" (1989)
Frazier, Robert : "Salinity" (1988)
Frazier, Robert : "The Daily Chernobyl" (1988)
Gaiman, Neil : "Queen of Knives" (1995)
Gaiman, Neil : "Vampire Sestina" (1989)
Haldeman, Joe : "DX" (1987)
Haldeman, Joe : "Eighteen Years Old, October Eleventh" (1990)
Haldeman, Joe : "Fire, Ice" (1994)
Haldeman, Joe : "Homecoming" (1990)
Haldeman, Joe : "Saul's Death" (1983)
Haldeman, Joe : "Time Lapse" (1989)
Howard, Robert E. : "Solomon Kane's Homecoming" (1936)
Howard, Robert E. : "The King and the Oak" (1939)
Hughes, Ted : "Ghost Crabs" (1966)
Jonas, Gerald : "Imaginary Numbers in a Real Garden" (1965)
Joron, Andrew : "Shipwrecked on Destiny Five" (1985)
Kipling, Rudyard : "MacDonough's Song" (1912)
Lovecraft, H.P. : "The Familiars" (1930)
Lovecraft, H.P. : "The Pigeon-Flyers" (1943)
Lumley, Brian : "City Out of Time" (1977)
Lunde, David : "Limits" (1986)
Lunde, David : "Pilot, Pilot" (1994)
Lunde, David : "Song of the Martian Cricket" (1991)
Merritt, A. : "Song for Wood Horns..." (1910)
Morgan, Edwin : "Spacepoem 3: "Off Course" (1967)
Nims, John Frederick : "A.D. 2267" (1967)
Palwick, Susan : "The Neighbor's Wife" (1985)
Rimel, Duane W. : "Dreams of Yith" (1934)
Schenck, Hilbert , Jr. : "Me" (1959)
Shepard, Lucius : "White Trains" (1987)
Smith, Clark Ashton : "To the Chimera" (1924)
Springer, Nancy : "The Wolf Girl Speaks" (1982)
Starrett, Vincent : "Cordelia's Song from The King in Yellow" (1938)
Stewart, W. Gregory : "Day Omega" (1996)
Swenson, May : "Southbound on the Freeway" (1963)
Thomas, D.M. : "The Head-Rape" (1968)
Tolkien, J.R.R. : "Bilbo's Last Song" (1974)
Tolkien, J.R.R. : "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil" (1962)
Winter, Laurel : "Egg Horror Poem" (1998)
Wolfe, Gene : "The Computer Iterates the Greater Trumps" (1977)
Yolen, Jane : "Into the Wood" (1985)
Yolen, Jane : "Once Upon a Time, She Said" (1987)
Yolen, Jane : "The Storyteller" (1984)
Yolen, Jane : "Will" (1992)

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