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» Green Man Review: Catherynne M. Valente is Winter Queen

» Bookgasm's 5 Best Sci-Fi Books of 2007 includes Joel Shepherd, Rudy Rucker, Richard K. Morgan, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, and Ian McDonald

» Peter Bebergal thinks he's Not Nearly Geek Enough

» interviews Ann VanderMeer, new fiction editor at Weird Tales

» The Agony Column podcasts an interview with Lou Anders

» Globe & Mail's report on Canadian business in 2018 includes a contribution from Robert J. Sawyer

» Strange Horizons has reviews of works by Samuel R. Delany: Matthew Cheney on Equinox, Graham Sleight on Aye, and Gomorrah, L. Timmel Duchamp on About Writing, Paul Kincaid on Dark Reflections

» Amazon's Omnivoracious interviews Peter S. Beagle

» SF Chronicle's Michael Berry reviews Wolfe, Walton, and graphic novels

» Fantasy Magazine has Paula Guran's Recommended Fantasy Reads from 2007 by Durham, Hand, Kay, Lake, Miéville, Mostert, Simmons, and others

» Entertainment Weekly's Best Books of 2007 includes fiction by Dan Simmons and Junot Díaz; Stephen King's list (not yet online) includes Chabon, Rowling, and Simmons; earlier, Entertainer of the Year: J.K. Rowling

» BLDG Blog interviews Kim Stanley Robinson about comparative planetology; his climate talk at Google is posted at YouTube

» Ellen Datlow's photos from the KGB reading with Naomi Novik and Christopher Barzak

» Aqueduct Press blog has Best of 2007 essays by Cheryl Morgan and Cynthia Ward, Nicola Griffith and Cat Rambo, and others

» January Magazine's Best Fiction of 2007 includes titles by Richard Bachman, John Twelve Hawks, Cory Doctorow, and Dan Simmons; children's titles include Sean McMullen, J.K. Rowling, Ursula K. Le Guin

» NY Times talks with David Gerrold

» Today is Arthur C. Clarke's 90th birthday; The Observer notes his release of a 9-minute YouTube video with his reflections and three wishes

» Here's John Shirley on the picket line

» Sunday NY Times Book Review: Dave Itzkoff offers cheeky suggested sci-fi reading for presidential candidates

» RevolutionSF: Rick Klaw reviews I Am Legend (6/10)

» Several Weird Tales writers are guest-blogging at Jeff VanderMeer's Ecstatic Days; here's Michael Boatman; coming Monday, Norman Spinrad

» Terry Pratchett reveals he has been "diagnosed with a very rare form of early onset Alzheimer's"; Guardian; Yahoo News

» Taos ToolBox is a 2-week master class in SF/F, June 8-21 2008, taught by Walter Jon Williams, Kelly Link, and Stephen R. Donaldson

» Baltimore City Paper: Adrienne Martini reviews Jo Walton's Farthing and Ha'Penny

» Grasping for the Wind interviews John Joseph Adams

» This I Believe: Robert A. Heinlein

» Tor Books Press Release: Brandon Sanderson will complete Robert Jordan's final novel

» Bookslut: Paul Kincaid asks Where's the Sense in Senseawunda?; also, Colleen Mondor reviews Matt Ruff, Click, Tanith Lee, and others

» January Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide includes titles by Joe Hill and Josh Conviser

» More Intelligent Life interviews Philip Pullman

» interviews Jane Espenson

» Amazon Blog: Four Great SF/F Gifts from Jeff VanderMeer; and here is Dreamtime's spotlight on Sylvia Kelso

» InterGalactic Medicine Show interviews Robert J. Sawyer

» L.A. Times' Holiday Book Review has Ed Park's Favorite SciFi Books of 2007 including Eclipse One and titles by Dick, Aldiss, Liz Williams, and others; last week, Park reviewed Crowley, Abalos, and Eddison

» L.A. Times today also has a profile of Robert A. Heinlein, titled in the print edition The descent of a sci-fi guru

» Mixed, mostly negative reviews of The Golden Compass from Roger Ebert ("As a visual experience, it is superb. As an escapist fantasy, it is challenging" - 4 stars); LA Times' Kenneth Turan ("ultimately satisfying and successful"); New York Times' Manohla Dargis ("many of the virtues of a faithful screen adaptation and many of the predictable flaws"); Entertainment Weekly's Owen Gleiberman ("a fantasy that leaves you chattering about particles" C); Slate's Dana Stevens ("a tepid, jumbled Hollywood fable"); Salon's Stephanie Zacharek ("a spectacle with no heart, no brains and no soul"); RevolutionSF's Rick Klaw ("the most disappointing movie of the year") -- Metacritic average 53; Rotten Tomatoes 43%

» Times Online: Lisa Tuttle's Christmas choice: sf/fantasy cites titles by Bradbury, Hill, McDonald, and Vinge

» F&SF hosts Dave Truesdale's column Off On A Tangent: Breakfast in the Ruins (of SF) with Barry N. Malzberg

» The Ellsworth American profiles Kristen Britain

» Asian Tribune: Sri Lanka to celebrate Arthur C. Clarke's 90th birthday

» Press release: Tor Books partners with Seven Seas to form new manga imprint

» Pyr Books' Street Team of young readers reacts to recent titles with a serious overview, a fun overview, and a giveaway

» Village Voice's Best of 2007 includes titles by Junot Díaz and Michael Chabon; Elizabeth Hand's Great books from 2007 you may have missed includes Wilce, Park, Tolkien, Hill, Barzak, and Beowulf

» Tom Purdom reviews John Zorn's Necronomicon Quartet, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft; responses from Darrell Schweitzer and others; and Michael Swanwick was there, too

» December SFRevu has an interview with Tim Powers, Ernest Lilley's response to Brian Aldiss' recent essay, and lots of reviews

» ActuSf interviews Alastair Reynolds

» AS if! is hosting a fund drive, with prizes

» The Fix interviews Michael A. Stackpole and reviews of F&SF, Fantasy Magazine, and many others

» Fantastic Literature's December list is posted

» F&SF's current issue page has January nonfiction departments, including book reviews by Charles de Lint and James Sallis, Paul Di Filippo's Plumage from Pegasus, and Kathi Maio's film reviews

» December Ideomancer has fiction and poetry by Jon Hansen, Samuel Minier, John Parke Davis, Sonya Taffe, and others; and an interview with Vandana Singh

» December SF Site has reviews of new books by Paul McAuley, Michael Moorcock, John Grant, and others

» December Lone Star Stories has fiction and poetry by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Marguerite Reed, Sonya Taaffe, and others

» Apex Digest has Fran Friel fiction and interview, a Cherie Priest excerpt, and reviews

» Green Man Review looks back at twenty years of The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror; January Magazine reviews volume 20

» NPR discussion of transgender identity includes interview with Kelley Eskridge

» Odyssey Workshop podcasts Nina Kiriki Hoffman on writing for teens

» ActuSf interviews Garry Kilworth

» has video interviews with Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Golden, and others (see sidebar)

» Fantasybookspot reviews Gregory Frost's Shadow Bridge and Wayne Barlowe's God's Demon

» Dave Langford's Ansible 245

» Times Online: Bryan Appleyard asks the British, Why don't we love science fiction?

» Canada's National Post Holiday book guide includes SF/fantasy titles by Chabon, Gibson, Hill, Kay, and Tolkien; Globe and Mail's Globe 100 includes Kay, Chabon, and Crace

» Small Beer press is having a sale, through December 24th

» Quarterly e-zine Aeon Speculative Fiction is going pro, doubling its pay rate from 3 to 6 cents per word

» Solaris Books is posting Chris Roberson's Three Unbroken as an online serial

» John Joseph Adams interviews Frederic S. Durbin and polls favorite stories from the Oct/Nov F&SF

» Catherynne M. Valente blogs about cities

» Amazon's Omnivoracious: Jeff VanderMeer on Ekaterina Sedia's novel The Secret History of Moscow, with an audio excerpt

» Paradox magazine's website has Greg Beatty's review of Dan Simmons' The Terror and Lisa Jensen's review of Beowulf

» Illusion On-Demand interviews Syd Mead

» Times Online: Brian Aldiss asks Why are science fiction's best writers so neglected?

» Weird Tales magazine invites readers to Name the 85 Weirdest

» FearNet has an exclusive video interview with Peter Straub from this year's World Fantasy Con

» Ellen Datlow's photos from the KGB reading with Lucius Shepard and Matthew Cheney

» Scott Edelman has a blog

» Elizabeth Hand is serializing her 2001 novella "Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol" online

» Payseur & Schmidt's entire catalog is on sale until December 10th

» Green Man Review: Peter Beagle is Oak King

» Kay Kenyon reports from OryCon

» New York Times Book Reviews's 100 Notable Books of the Year includes titles by Diaz, Rowling, and Chabon

» San Francisco Chronicle's Michael Berry names best SF books of the year by Baker, Barzak, Bull, Hill, Mieville, Novik, Rothfuss, Ruff, Simmons, and Stross

» Kansas City Star's Top 100 books of the year includes SF titles by Finch, Haldeman, Sawyer, Stross, and Walton, plus titles in other categories by Meyer, Rowling, Selznick, Chabon

» Paul McAuley reviews Beowulf

» Liverpool Daily Post features Stephen Baxter about his YA novel The H-Bomb Girl

» Jeff VanderMeer reports from Utopiales and Paris

» has shows with John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell, Karl Schroeder, Elizabeth Bear, Jeff VanderMeer, and others

» SFWA supports the Writers Guild of America strike

» NY Times Book Review Fall Children's Books section includes reviews of Shaun Tan's The Arrival, Scott Westerfeld's The Extras, and Matthew Reinhart's Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy

» Bookslut: Jeff VanderMeer reviews Shaun Tan

» SF Chronicle's Michael Berry reviews Charles Stross, Naomi Novik, Joe Schreiber, and Jeff Smith

» NPR's Nancy Pearl picks SF titles by Stephenson, Sanderson, Rothfuss, Kay, Turner, Haldeman, and Pohl

» Aqueduct Blog: L. Timmel Duchamp interviews Jeff VanderMeer

» World Fantasy Con report from Howard Andrew Jones and John O’Neill; also, Barbara and Christopher Roden's The Ghost Story Society has several podcasts from WFC

» World Fantasy Con report from Lou Anders, with links to David Anthony Durham's and David Louis Edelman's, and Paul Witcover's

» Eos podcasts Kim Harrison and Vicki Pettersson; also, HarperCollins is hosting a sweepstakes to win original art by Clive Barker, author of Mister B. Gone

» December F&SF nonfiction includes reviews by Charles de Lint and Michelle West, and a Curiosities page by David Langford

» Clarkesworld Magazine for November has fiction by Ken Scholes and Rebecca Ore, nonfiction by Jeff VanderMeer, and an interview with Sean Williams by Tobias Buckell

» James Patrick Kelly has completed podcasting his novel Look Into the Sun, available at

» Matthew Jarpe is hosting contests to give away five free copies of Radio Freefall

» Subterranean Press is posting a comic novella by Daniel Abraham

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcasts Howard V. Hendrix

» SF Concatenation offers Bruce Sterling's Homo Sapiens Declared Extinct (PDF) from Nature

» Reading the Leaves reviews Nathalie Mallet

» New online bookseller: RedDot Books

» USA Today reviews Wilson, Donaldson, Pratchett, McDonald

» World Fantasy Con reports from John Picacio and Amazon Blog's John Joseph Adams

» Broadsheet for November features Lyn McConchie and Jay Lake

» Bookslut: Paul Kincaid's God's In His Heaven, All's Wrong with the World, with attention to Jay Lake's Mainspring

» Heliotrope E-Zine Issue #3 includes essays by Michael Moorcock, Jeffrey Ford, and Jeff VanderMeer

» John Joseph Adams interviews David Moles

» Apex Digest Issue 11 has fiction by Gary A. Braunbeck and others...

» John D. Berry has a blog

» SF reviews David & Stella Gemmell's Troy: Fall of Kings

» Photos from World Fantasy Con by Ellen Datlow and by Scott Edelman

» Times Online: Lisa Tuttle reviews Gibson, Asher, McAuley

» John Kessel's Fantastic Fiction Workshop Nov. 18th in Seattle still has openings

» Dave Langford's Ansible 244

» Baen's e-publishing site WebScription Ebooks now offers Subterranean Press titles by Bear, Brite, Kiernan, Lansdale, Priest, and Silverberg

» Sci Fi Weekly's John Clute reviews Margo Lanagan

» The Fix has new short fiction reviews of recent anthologies, magazines, chapbooks, and novellas

» Odyssey Podcasts offers Robert J. Sawyer on "Is Your SF Element Extraneous?"

» Amazon blog interviews George R.R. Martin

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcasts David Farland and Brandon Sanderson

» Shimmer magazine previews its Pirate Issue, guest-edited by John Joseph Adams

» Estronomicon eZine has a free Halloween Special issue

» ActuSf interviews Richard Paul Russo

» RevolutionSF: Rick Klaw interviews Norman Partridge; Peggy Hailey reviews Dark Harvest

» Articulate talks with Marty Young about Dark fortunes for Australian horror

» Solaris Books will serialize Chris Roberson's Three Unbroken online for free

» Aidan Moher's A Dribble of Ink interviews Daniel Abraham and Mark J. Ferrari, and reviews Brian Ruckley

» Fantastic Literature's November list is posted

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Joe Hill

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews children's SF by Gould, de Lint, and Neff

» New Britain Museum of American Art in New Britain, CT has exhibit Pulp Art: The Robert Lesser Collection now through Dec 30th

» Amazon blog: Heroic Fantasy Part I: A Discussion with Hot New Authors including Abercrombie, Miller, Ruckley, and Sanderson; Part II; more

» Highlights magazine is hosted a contest for "stories set in the future", deadline Jan. 31, 2008

» The Works of Tim Powers has been redesigned and overhauled

» Shaun Farrell reports on the fires in San Diego

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer on Shaun Tan's The Arrival

» Brian Aldiss writes The Times about the harsh realities of science fiction

» Michael Bishop writes Senator Coburn of Oklahoma about H.R. 2640, concerning firearms sales and the mentally ill

»'s special report on The Future has reports, fiction, and inteviews by Cory Doctorow, Max Barry, David Brin, Pat Cadigan, Harry Harrison, Syd Mead, Rudy Rucker, Robert Sawyer, and many others

» Short fiction review The Fix is online with reviews of recent magazines and anthologies

» The Future and You podcasts Sen. John McCain, Jack McDevitt, Eric Flint, and others

» Matthew Hughes, recipient of the Speculative Literature Foundation's Gulliver Travel grant (see News item October 16), is still running a book giveaway

» is holding a limerick contest

» Huron Daily Tribune: Children of the late Lloyd Biggle Jr. finish his last book, collection The Grandfather Rastin Mysteries

» Contract Pharma: Paul Di Filippo writes about alternative biomanufacturing opportunities

» PS Publishing has launched its new webstore (with 50% off pre-2007 titles)

» Washington Post: Laura Whitcomb reviews Christopher Barzak's One for Sorrow

» Green Man Review: Denise Dutton reviews Ellen Datlow's Inferno

» Boston Globe: article on fan fiction quoting Debra Doyle, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and others

» The new Stanley Kubrick DVD Collection, due Tuesday, includes remastered 2001, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, and 2 others; authorized site

» Mythic Delirium features YouTube videos of readings by Theodora Goss and Sonya Taaffe

» ActuSf interviews Robin Hobb

» Scifidimensions has an interview with Steve Niles and lots of reviews

» CNN: J.K. Rowling outs Dumbledore

» LA Times: Gavin J. Grant reviews Iain Banks

» Technology Review has fiction by Greg Egan and Bruce Sterling (requires free registration)

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing features Tim Pratt

» Green Man Review: Kage Baker reviews Colin Woodard's The Republic of Pirates

» Ellen Datlow's photos from KGB's October reading with Thomas Tessier and F. Paul Wilson

» The Agony Column's Rick Kleffel reviews Goonan's In War Times, "a novel for all tastes and all times"

» Village Voice: Elizabeth Hand reviews Alice Sebold's The Almost Moon

» Austin Chronicle: Rick Klaw reviews Best American Fantasy

» Aqueduct Blog: L. Timmel Duchamp interviews Julie Phillips

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer on Ben Peek's first novel

» Ministry of Whimsy becomes an imprint of Wyrm Publishing

» LA Times: M.G. Lord celebrates Doris Lessing's science fiction

» Washington Post; Adrienne Martini reviews Bull, Latner, Haldeman, and Courtenay Grimwood

» NPR: Rick Kleffel interviews Austin Grossman

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Chris Wooding and Michael Coney

» SF Awards Watch hosts an online discussion about Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel with Cat Eldridge, Gary K. Wolfe, Karen Burnham and Victoria Hoyle.

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing talks with Larry Niven

» Overlook Connection asks Five Questions of Peter Straub

» John Joseph Adams is hosting favorite story polls for recent issues of F&SF; here's Sept. 2007

» Odyssey Podcasts adds Elizabeth Hand on using personal experience in fiction writing (mp3)

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer's Pop Culture Goodness (with a video); earlier, books you may have missed by Ings, Eskridge, and others

» Edge-Boston interviews Bruce McAllister

» Inkygirl interviews Lawrence Schimel

» Audible has released James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod 3.0

» Dave Langford's Ansible 243

» Bookslut: Paul Kincaid on What Won't Sell

» Black Gate has posted The Death and Legacy of Robert Jordan

» The Fix: Short Fiction Review will launch October 15th from TTA Press, edited by Eugie Foster

» Philadelphia Inquirer: Gregory Feeley reviews John Crowley, volumes four and one

» LA Times online: Ed Park reviews John Crowley, volume one, The Solitudes

» Austin Chronicle: Rick Klaw reviews Jeff Somers' The Electric Church

» David Louis Edelman blogs about The Bourne Paranoia

» LCRW has made available online Karen Joy Fowler's "The Last Worders"

» Howard Waldrop has new blog posts at Small Beer Press

» Cosmos has new fiction For Solo Cello, op.12, by Mary Robinette Kowal

» Current issue of Tin House is about Fantastic Women, with Aimee Bender, Kater Bernheimer, Shelley Jackson, Kelly Link, Lydia Millet, and others

» Tom Purdom has posted the ninth installment of his ongoing memoir When I Was Writing

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcasts Michael Moorcock

» ActuSf interviews Steven Brust

» ABC News online interviews Darryl Mason whose online serial novel is about a bird flu epidemic that wipes out Sydney...

» Winnipeg man donates $1M sci-fi collection to Alberta university

» Tachyon Blog: James Patrick Kelly interviews William Gibson about new anthology Rewired

» Guardian: Cory Doctorow's column Online censorship hurts us all

» Barnes & Noble has redesigned its site, and launched Barnes & Noble Review, whose contributors include Paul Di Filippo

» ChiZine #34 features winners of the 13th ChiZine/Leisure Short Story Contest

» October SFRevu has interviews with Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Edward M. Lerner, and Frank Beddor; plus lots of reviews

» October Lone Star Stories has fiction by Forrest Aguirre, Claude Lalumière, and Ben Peek

» The Agony Column reviews Strieber's 2012, podcasts Scott Sigler, and podcasts Howard V. Hendrix

» Paradox Magazine has redesigned its website

» Sci Fi Weekly's John Clute reviews Wilson's Axis

» Cosmos has free fiction Foundling, by Virginia Shepherd

» Intergalactic Medicine Show #6 has fiction by Steve Savile, Cat Rambo, Cherith Baldry, and others, plus an interview with Robert J. Sawyer

» Helix #6 has fiction, poetry, and features by Mike Allen, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Jay Lake, Kendall Evans, Bud Webster, John Barnes, and others

» Shaun Farrell is blogging from Conjecture

» Fantastic Literature's October list is now online

» Wired: Bruce Sterling on Mundane Science Fiction

» Wired: Ridley Scott on the ultimate Blade Runner

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer chats with M. John Harrison, whose Nova Swing appears in the US in October

» Jeff VanderMeer interviews Murky Depths' Terri Martin

» Serendipity is a new monthly webzine of magical realism and light fantasy, this month with Jeffrey Ford, Rhys Hughes, Catherynne M. Valente, and others

» San Francisco Bay Guardian reviews Chris Abani and Zoran Zivkovic

» New York Magazine excerpts Sean Tan's The Arrival

» Amazon Blog covers the British Fantasy Awards

» Matthew Hughes has an audio interview with CBC Radio and will shortly post rules for a giveaway of 50 signed copies of his recent books

» The Agony Column podcasts The Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch Debate between Scott Sigler and Howard V. Hendrix

» Guardian: Ursula K. Le Guin reviews Jeanette Winterson while reproving literary writers who diss SF

» Guardian's Writers' Rooms page collects photos and comments from J.G. Ballard, A.S. Byatt, Will Self, and others

» Ellen Datlow's photos from the KGB reading on Sept. 19th with contributors to The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

» ABC News online interviews Australian SF writer Kaaron Warren

» SF reviews Charles Stross' Halting State

» San Jose Mercury News: UC-Santa Cruz to put novelist Robert Heinlein's archive online

» Flurb Issue #4 has Rudy Rucker, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Marc Laidlaw, John Kessel, Kim Stanley Robinson, and others

» MediaBistro: Former SFBC editor Andrew Wheeler has a new home

» Amazon Blog: Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet: Not Just a Zine, It's Also a State of Mind

» Spider Robinson is now podcasting

» Andrew M. Andrews' True Review has a new PDF issue online

» Slate's Meghan O'Rourke rereads Madeleine L'Engle

» Iain Emsley interviews John Clute about Darkening Garden and Christopher Barzak about his debut novel One for Sorrow

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews David Plante's ABC

» Sentinel SF has flash fiction by David Marshall, Paul Carlson, Dan Pearlman, Sue Lange, and Berrien Henderson

» LA Times: Philip K. Dick's children work to ensure the influential author's cinematic legacy

» Tor Books' Podcasts continue with Worldcon wrapups and Lunch with Larry Niven

» Amazon Blog on Will "The Knife" Shetterly and Emma "Territory" Bull

» Rick Klaw blogs Fantastic Fest 3

» Scott Edelman's Yokohama pictures

» Bob Eggleton's blog also has pix from Worldon in Yokohama

» Guardian: Adam Roberts says Jules Verne deserves a better translation service and discusses Verne's lesser known works

» Concatenation has posted its seasonal news and reviews updates

» Adventures in SciFi Publishing interviews winners and judges of the Writers and Illustrators of the Future contests

» Green Man Review: What's Your Favorite Tolkien?

» Ellen Datlow has photos from Japan

» Horror website Nossa Morte debuts in November

» John Meaney has a blog

» F&SF: Dave Truesdale's writes about Gardner Dozois, the Revitalization of Genre SF, and The New Space Opera

» Bookslut: Paul Kincaid on We Are All Science Fictionists Now, about Graham Swift's Tomorrow

» The Agony Column: Rick Kleffel -- now podcasting five days a week -- interviews Kim Stanley Robinson

» Did you miss Barzak Day in the Blogosphere?

» MonkeyBrain Books is having a two-for-one sale

» L.W. Currey, Inc. lists new acquisitions

» Aeon Speculative Fiction's 11th issue is now available

» Ellen Datlow has her own LiveJournal

» Aqueduct Press: L. Timmel Duchamp interviews Cat Rambo

» Adventures in SciFi Publishing features Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta

» Nathalie Mallet has posted audio excerpts of her new novel

» Dave Langford's Ansible 242

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer's Hugo Awards Coverage

» Lou Anders' Worldcon report

» John Picacio's Worldcon report

» More Tor Podcasts: George Takei, winning Hugos, Jay Lake

» Sci Fi Weekly: John Clute reviews Michael Swanwick

» September SF Site reviews de Lint, Bear, Joyce, Roberts, and others

» Strange Horizons: Gwyneth Jones reviews Best American Fantasy; last week, Graham Sleight reviewed William Gibson

» Adventures in SciFi Publishing features Jon Armstrong

» September Apex Digest features Lavie Tidhar

» September Ideomancer features Jude-Marie Green, Ted Kosmatka, Tobias S. Buckell, and others

» ABC News online interviews Australian SF writer David Kowalski

» Odyssey workshop podcasts Christopher Golden on setting the scene

» Tangent Online reviews Asimov's Oct/Nov issue and reprints tributes to Isaac Asimov from the Nov. '92 issue

» Best SF reprints Charles Stross' "Rogue Farm"

» Tor Books' podcasts from Worldcon in Yokohama: first podcast; Cory Doctorow on Facing the Digital Reality

» Cory Doctorow on SFWA's use of DMCA

» Scott Edelman, on his way to Worldcon in Yokohama, has posted pix from Tokyo and Kyoto

» Village Voice: Elizabeth Hand reviews Christopher Barzak's first novel One for Sorrow

» Publishers Weekly: Locus publisher Charles N. Brown has won a Lifetime Achievement Award at last weekend's Writers of the Future Awards ceremony in Pasadena

» Philip José Farmer

» Conestoga 11 has posted this podcast interview with John Picacio

» News & Observer: Eyes wide open -- "Be flexible and patient, and you'll be rewarded by the breadth of speculative fiction" -- first column by Gabriel Morgan, T.A. to John Kessel

» Thomas M. Wagner reviews Terry Pratchett's Making Money

» Boston Globe: Peter Bebergal on steampunk

» Robert J. Sawyer has won China's Galaxy Award for most popular foreign author of the year

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Ward reviews Lian Hearn

» NY Times Book Review: Jonathan Ames reviews Matt Ruff; noted earlier, Dave Itzkoff reviews William Gibson

» Infinity Plus celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new interview with Paul McAuley, a bunch of new reviews, and reprinted fiction by McAuley and others, as editor Keith Brooke calls it a day

» The Bat Segundo Show podcasts William Gibson

» Shaun Farrell's blog Decoding the Future reports from this weekend's Writers of the Future ceremonies in Pasadena, CA

» Sunday NY Times Book Review: Dave Itzkoff reviews William Gibson

»'s Best Books of the Year So Far includes Michael Chabon on its fiction list, Ian McDonald and Patrick Rothfuss on its hidden gems list

» Tor Books will be pocasting from WorldCon in Yokohama, Japan, beginning next week, August 30th

» Village Voice: Elizabeth Hand reviews Brock Clarke

» Cheryl Morgan and Kevin Standlee have launched website Science Fiction Awards Watch

» The Agony Column podcasts Peter F. Hamilton, and others

» Neth Space interviews Chris Roberson

» New York Times profiles Ray Bradbury on his 87th birthday

» There's now an official Hugo Awards website [though it's not indexed]

» The Agony Column podcasts Gavin Grant, Karen Joy Fowler, and Kelly Link

» John Joseph Adams is looking for zombie stories

» SF reviews the next Naomi Novik, Empire of Ivory

» Fantastic Literature's September list is online

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Bear reviews Doris Lessing's The Cleft

» San Francisco Chronicle's Michael Berry reviews Justin Evans, Matt Ruff, Warren Ellis

» Tangent Online has reviews of new issues of Asimov's, Clarkesworld, Baen's Universe, Lone Star Stories, and books from Mike Resnick and Michael Swanwick, among many others

» Dark Forces Book Group is a new group blog by Rick Klaw, Paul Miles, Derek Johnson, and others

» Adventures in SciFi Publishing features Jacqueline Carey

» NY Times Magazine's Q&A with William Gibson

» Alan DeNiro's The Stations is a book-length speculative poem, in free PDF format

» Salon: Elizabeth Hand reviews two books on meth

» SF Site for mid-August has Jeff VanderMeer's interview with David Anthony Durham, Neil Walsh's Overlooked or Over-hyped? column on Heinlein and Lethem, and reviews of Bujold, Chiang, Wright, Haldeman, and others

» F&SF Online: Dave Truesdale on 2007 Campbell/Sturgeon Award Winners: Presentations and Speeches, with a mini-interview with Robert Charles Wilson

» Sean Williams on Mundane SF

» Matthew Hughes does Q&A at Alternate Reality Web Zine

» Concatenation SF has a David Brin story from the Nature Futures series

» Shriek: The Movie is released on the internet

» The New Yorker: Adam Gopnik's Blows Against the Empire: The return of Philip K. Dick

» Rick Kleffel interviews William Gibson for NPR (scroll down)

» Michael Swanwick has a blog

» Salon checks in with William Gibson: Now romancer

» Roger Ebert is alive and, well, reviewing Stardust

» Green Man Reviews' Cat Eldridge reviews Gary Westfahl's Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy

» Fancyclopedia

» Tangent Online: long essay by Nader Elhefnawy on cyberpunk and Gibson's Burning Chrome

» Quarterly lit journal Paradigm interviews Graham Joyce and reprints story Under the Pylon

» Black Gate has new short fiction reviews by David Soyka

» DailyLit offers classics by email or RSS

» David Langford's Ansible 241

» NY Times Book Review: Christopher Hitchens, offering some historical perspective, reviews Harry Potter 7; also, Liesl Schillinger reviews Stephenie Meyer

» Slate surveys critical reactions to Stardust; scroll further down for reactions to Gibson's Spook Country

» Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Matt Ruff's Bad Monkeys

» interviews David G. Hartwell about space westerns

» January Magazine reviews Sawyer's Rollback; earlier, Austin Grossman

» TNR Online: Jane Espenson on The Secret to Selling Sci-Fi (to TV)

» The Future and You podcasts Catherine Asaro, Baen's Universe editor Paula Goodlett, and others

» Mayer Brenner, author of four DAW novels from 1987-1992, is posting his novels online at

» Edward Willett's World of Science newspaper columns are now available as podcasts

» Black Gate: Rich Horton reviews Lawrence Watt-Evans

» More Heinlein links: Reason Magazine's Brian Doherty on how the science fiction master created the template for our looser, hipper, more pluralist world; National Review's John J. Miller on Centenary of a modern sci-fi giant

» Sci Fi Weekly: John Clute reviews Jay Lake

» Howard Waldrop is blogging again

» RevolutionSF: Rick Klaw interviews Lewis Shiner about Fiction Liberation Front, and reviews Masters of Science Fiction ( page)

» New Haven Review of Books: Gregory Feeley on the plight of the novella [pdf]

» Fiona Avery asks, Where have the Epics gone?, wondering if the ironic tide has crested

» CBC Online interviews Robert J. Sawyer

» Washington Post profiles Kevin J. Anderson, author of van Vogt sequel Slan Hunter

» Discover Magazine thinks sci-fi is obsolete

» John Scalzi interviews Lawrence Schimel

» Ain't It Cool News reviews Gibson, Aldiss, Gaiman, Slattery

» Strange Horizons this week has fiction by Tim Pratt, reviews by Adam Roberts and Paul Kincaid...

» Pulp Faction on The Best Science-Fiction Comic You’ll Never Read -- a 1960s adaptation of Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination

» Apex Online has stories by Geoffrey Girard and David Conyers, plus interviews and reviews

» Fantasybookspot reviews Theodora Goss and Scott Lynch

» Adventures in SciFi Publishing interviews ComicCon guests; earlier, Tate Hallaway [Lyda Morehouse] and Lou Anders

» The Agony Column interviews Richard Morgan

» La Gringa is now blogging at The Swivet

» Webzine Darker Matter -- fifth issue with stories by Sue Lange, Jerry Oltion, Jason Stoddard, and others -- is closing

» SF reviews Elizabeth Bear's Undertow and Harry Potter 7

» NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander, just launched on Saturday, carries a mini-DVD containing texts of stories and articles about Mars, by Bradbury, Clarke, Disch, Hoyle, Moorcock, Pohl, Robinson, Stapledon, Sturgeon, Swift, Varley, Zelazny, and many others

» William Gibson's Spook Country is the cover page review by LA Times' Ed Park and is reviewed by Time Magazine's Lev Grossman

» Wall Street Journal: Taylor Dinerman on Robert A. Heinlein's Legacy

» The Space Review: transcript of NASA administrator Mike Griffin's speech at the Heinlein Centennial

» has a Masters of Science Fiction Blog

» Albuquerque paper Alibi interviews 8 New Mexico SF writers

» Indymedia's Ryder W. Miller reviews Carl Abbott's Frontiers Past and Future: Science Fiction and the American West

» Reflection's Edge for August has fiction by Claude Lalumière, Rebecca M. Senese, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia, plus an article by A.C. Wise

» Lone Star Stories for August has fiction and poetry by Catherynne M. Valente, Sarah Monette, Mike Allen, and others

» Best SF reprints a 2006 story by Chris Roberson

» Slate explores a technical point in Sunshine

» Time Magazine interviews Neil Gaiman

» Sarob Press is closing at the end of this year (scroll down for news)

» NPR on the Eisner Awards, given out at this weekend's Comic Con

» Discover Magazine interviews David Brin

» Small World podcasts an interview with Kay Kenyon

» NY Times: Janet Maslin reviews John Twelve Hawks' The Dark River

» Amazon: three-part interview with William Gibson

» USA Today reviews Durham's Acacia

» Ellen Datlow's photos from the July 18 KGB reading with Paul Park and Esther M. Friesner

» Washington Post: Bill Sheehan reviews Gibson's Spook Country; Rachel Hartigan Shea reviews Durham's Acacia

» Elizabeth Hand discusses Harry Potter online today, 11 a.m. ET

» Seattle Times: Nisi Shawl reviews Richard K. Morgan's Thirteen

» Claude Lalumière is editing Tesseracts Twelve, now open to submissions

» Ain't It Cool News reviews Herbert/Anderson, Anderson/van Vogt, Brin, McDonald

» Slate's Dana Stevens says Danny Boyle's Sunshine just misses sci-fi greatness

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews the new Harry Potter; also, Jeff VanderMeer reviews McDonald, Kenyon, Palwick, Scott, Prucher

» NY Times: Michiko Kakutani reviews the new Harry Potter

» Salon: Laura Miller reviews Harry Potter; Stephanie Zacharek reviews Sunshine

» Ellen Datlow's photos from Finncon

» Nature's 5 July issue on the Many Worlds hypothesis includes an essay by Gary Wolfe (subscription required)

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer on Teaching at Clarion

» The Heinlein Society is hosting a Centennial Short Story Contest for the best original story expressing the spirit, ideas, and philosophy of Robert A. Heinlein

» Night Shade Books is having a 50% off sale from now to July 29th

» Green Man Review reviews E.E. Knight

» Globe and Mail: Guy Gavriel Kay on mythic realms beyond Harry Potter

» The Agony Column's Rick Kleffel interviews Jeff Prucher

» Sentinel SF has stories by Steven Utley, Cynthia Ward, Terry Bramlett

» Sneak peek: Picacio does Elric

» Apex SF/H Digest for July has fiction by David Niall Wilson and Alethea Kontis

» Austin Chronicle: Rick Klaw on Lewis Shiner's Fiction Liberation Front; at RevolutionSF, Klaw interviews David Antony Durham

» Phoenix New Times: profile of Stephenie Meyer

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Kage Baker -- "Time-traveling Company series ends with a bang" -- Emma Bull, Richard Bachman

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Gibson's Spook Country

» Penguin Blog: William Gibson will promote Spook Country in Second Life

» More from Readercon: David Louis Edelman's report; Ellen Datlow's photos

» Bookslut: Adrienne Martini reviews Sheri S. Tepper; Blythe Boyer reviews Best American Fantasy; Colleen Mondor reviews Salon Fantastique; Paul Kincaid discusses Clarke Award controversies

» Sean Wallace's photos from this weekend's Readercon

» Kirkus Reviews' Sci-Fi Fantasy reviews (PDF) covers Anders, Baker, Durham, Harrison, Stross, Wilson, and many others

» Matt Hughes is conducting an auction to finance his move to Britain

» Scott Edelman's photos from this weekend's Readercon

» Strange Horizons reviews all four of John Crowley's Ægypt, concluding with John Clute's review of Endless Things

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Baxter, Williams, Maxey, Anderson

» ActuSf interviews Vernor Vinge

» The Future and You podcasts Mike Resnick, Battlestar Galactica's Bodie Olmos, Robert Buettner

» Yatterings interviews Chris Roberson

» SF Canada interviews Anna Groell

» Flatland: The Movie -- now on DVD

» Dave Langford's Ansible 240

» Lewis Shiner launches Fiction Liberation Front with original stories and a screenplay; here's the manifesto

» ChiZine #33 has fiction and poetry by Bill Kte'pi, Bruce Boston, David Nickle, Annie Boyle, and others

» SFRevu for July has interviews with Budz, Geis, Schmidt, Palencar, and Martiniere, plus lots of reviews

» Talking Squid contributors discuss favorite character names

» Mythic Delirium's featured poems are by Samantha Henderson and Ann K. Schwader

» Clockwork Phoenix is a new anthology series edited by Mike Allen, open to submissions August 1

» Mark Watson's BestSF now features online fiction...

» Broadsheet for July has art by Amy Harlib and reviews of Nicola Griffith and others

» Bookninja interviews Guy Gavriel Kay

» Fantasybookspot reviews David Marusek

» Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcasts Walter H. Hunt and launches a regular feature by Tobias S. Buckell

» Black Gate has short fiction reviews by David Soyka and an analysis of two versions of Anderson's The Broken Sword

» LA Times: Brian Doherty commemorates Robert A. Heinlein -- "L.A.'s Nostradamus" -- whose birth centennial is 7/7/07

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Rick Moody

» SF Chronicle: David Haglund reviews Austin Grossman's superhero novel

» Toronto Globe and Mail's Best-kept secrets in the arts includes writer Robert Charles Wilson

» Harper's magazine for July excerpts Karl Schroeder's Why are we in Zefra?, a fictionalized account of a peacekeeping mission set in the year 2025; complete text is available here

» Intergalactic Medicine Show for July has Peter S. Beagle, Eugie Foster, William John Watkins, and others

» July Clarkesworld Magazine has fiction by Cat Rambo and Darren Speegle

» Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop podcasts Terry Bisson on setting

» Fantastic Literature's July list is online

» Baltimore City Paper: Adrienne Martini reviews The New Space Opera

» Stage Noise podcasts Sean Williams and Jeff Wayne

» Interzone has The Unsolvable Deathtrap by Jack Mangan available online

» David Louis Edelman invites suggestions of SF books for literary readers

» Village Voice: Elizabeth Hand reviews Rebecca Curtis

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer reports on the literature of ideas from the ALA in Washington DC

» Ficlets: John Scalzi interviews Robert J. Sawyer and Allen Steele

» Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcasts Tobias Buckell and Lou Anders

» The Penguin Blog praises hubs (including Locus Online)

» Orbit Books has a blog

» Oregon Literary Review has a long piece on Manly Wade Wellman, with a biography, interviews, and 2 stories

» Salon's summer reads include Andrew Leonard on McDonald's Brasyl and Gail Ann Williams on Tepper's The Margarets

» Paul Levinson podcasts Robert J. Sawyer

» Interzone has British Fantasy Award-longlisted The Last Reef by Gareth Lyn Powell available online

» Watch Greg Bear's appearance on The Daily Show on 21 June (scroll down in right pane and click on link)

» NY Times Book Review: Dave Itzkoff reviews Philip K. Dick

» eBay: Paul Park, Eileen Gunn and others are auctioning characters in their stories to benefit Clarion West

» Jeff VanderMeer's My European Summer, from the January issue of Locus Magazine, is now online

» Guardian: UK poll names Pullman's Northern Lights [US title The Golden Compass] favourite Carnegie medal winner of the past 70 years

» Ellen Datlow's photos from June 20th KGB reading with Delia Sherman and others; earlier, pix and more pix from The Coyote Road readings

» Andy Duncan has a blog

» Internet Review of SF has new reviews by Lois Tilton, pending a complete redesign to launch in August

» Terry Weyna reviews Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind

» Your Mom's Basement interviews Richard K. Morgan

» Good Reading blog: Sophie Masson on Why I write for children

» Tacoma News Tribune profiles Brent Hartinger, author of YA fantasy Dreamquest

» Galaxiki is "a fictional galaxy anyone can edit"

» Jeff VanderMeer has a new blog, Ecstatic Days; at Amazon, he blogs about Ian McDonald

» Ed Park reviews Kim Stanley Robinson's climate change trilogy

» LA Times: article about UC Riverside's Eaton collection of SF

» Bookslut covers Connie Willis; Adrienne Martini reviews Pat Murphy and Tim Powers

» Intergalactic Medicine Show adds new fiction by Orson Scott Card

» Bill Congreve on the state of Australian speculative fiction

» Fantasybookspot: Gabe Chouinard interviews John Twelve Hawks, who has a new official website

» Greg Bear promotes Quantico on The Daily Show this Thursday, 21 June

» Entertainment Weekly's 6/22 issue reviews Durham's Acacia: A-

» F&SF has free fiction by Chris Willrich, The Thief With Two Deaths, from its June 2000 issue

» Strange Horizons interviews Bruce Boston

» Stephen Hawking is writing a YA SF novel, George's Secret Key to the Universe; Google News

» Green Man Review: Kage Baker reviews Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (her first review ever)

» NPR: Rick Kleffel reports: Readers Sucked In by Vampire Lit

» SFWA Pressbook has details about Mark L. Van Name's July signing

» Amazon: Jeff VanderMeer blogs about Jeffrey Thomas

» ActuSf interviews Jeffrey Ford

» Penguin Blog: Colin Brush recommends SF author blogs

» Austin Chronicle: Mark Finn and his wife revive an old-time movie theater

» Andrew Wheeler is now blogging in exile

» SCI FI Weekly: John Clute reviews The SFWA European Hall of Fame

» YouTube: Watch Stephen King's acceptance speech upon receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Booksellers Association in Toronto, Friday 8 June

» Globe and Mail reviews Robert J. Sawyer's Rollback

» The Future And You for June podcasts Robert J. Sawyer, Mike Resnick, David B. Coe, and others

» London Times: Neil Gaiman on H.G. Wells

» NY Times Editorial Observer Brent Staples on Philip K. Dick: A Sage of the Future Whose Time Has Finally Come

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer on Jeremy Shipp's Vacation

» New wiki: Canadian SF Works Database

» Robert J. Sawyer audio interviews with Marcos Donnelly, Danita Maslan, Nick DiChario

» Dave Langford's Ansible 239

» interviews Ken MacLeod about The Execution Channel

» Quill & Quire profiles Robert J. Sawyer

» SFRevu's 10th anniversary issue has an interview with Bob Eggleton, a report on Balticon 41, and lots of reviews

» Small World podcasts Ian McDonald

» ActuSf interviews Paul McAuley

» NPR's Summer Reading (selected by Alan Cheuse) includes Jeff & Ann VanderMeer's Best American Fantasy and Ray Bradbury's Farewell Summer

» Washington Post: Bill Sheehan reviews Crowley's Endless Things

» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Rothfuss, Tolkien, PKD

» Robert J. Sawyer receives honorary doctorate; watch the video commencement address

» SF has advance reviews of Richard K. Morgan's Black Man aka Thirteen and William Gibson's Spook Country

» The Agony Column interviews John Scalzi and reviews The Last Colony

» Black Gate: David Soyka reviews short fiction in Greatest Uncommon Denominator and Darker Matter

» Escape Pod has a podcast of Bruce McAllister's Hugo-nominated short story "Kin"

» Clarkesworld Magazine for June has stories by Holly Phillips and David Charlton

» Lone Star Stories issue #21 has fiction by Jay Lake, Jo Walton, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman

» LA Weekly: Ray Bradbury claims Fahrenheit 451 has been misinterpreted -- it's not about censorship, it's about TV

» June Ideomancer has fiction by Astrid Atkinson, Ruth Nestvold, and Yoon Ha Lee, and an interview with L. Timmel Duchamp

» Fourth issue of Darker Matter has stories by Edward M. Lerner and others, and more of an interview with Douglas Adams

» Odyssey Writing Workshop's latest podcast is with Melissa Scott on worldbuilding

» Fantastic Literature's June list is online

» USA Today: Homeland Security consults Sci-Fi writers in war on terror -- Bear, Niven, Pournelle, Andrews, Walker; also covered by Wired

» Newsweek web exclusive: Rudy Rucker on Synthetic Futures

» First Things: John Farrell discusses Gene Wolfe and reviews Soldier of Sidon

» Amazon Blog: Jeff VanderMeer recommends space opera

» Baltimore City Paper: Adrienne Martini reviews Interfictions

» Guardian: Philip Pullman on children's television

» SF Canada interviews Nancy Kress

» interviews Sean Williams

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Miéville, Mamatas, Carroll

» Booklust's Nancy Pearl talks with Connie Willis

» Wired reports from Wiscon: Why Is This Universe So White?

» Washington Post reports on last week's Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle Show

» interviews Harlan Ellison

» The Agony Column interviews Daniel H. Wilson

» Boston Globe's Hallie Ephron reviews Elizabeth Hand's Generation Loss

» New Ceres issue #2 features Lucy Sussex, Stephen Dedman, Jay Lake and Cat Sparks

» Adam Roberts has a new website

» Bookslut's Adrienne Martini reviews Adam Roberts' Gradisil; also, Colleen Mondor reviews fantasy and Jeff VanderMeer interviews Elizabeth Hand

» Subterranean Online has audio Wax by Elizabeth Bear

» Washington Post: Michael Dirda reviews Haruki Murakami; Michael Sims reviews Miéville, Kay, Sawyer, Emshwiller; Joe Hill reviews Chuck Palahniuk

» LA Times' online column Astral Weeks reviews Adam Roberts

» Montreal Gazette's Claude Lalumière interviews and reviews Chuck Palahniuk

» ActuSf interviews Gregory Keyes

» Green Man Review: Gary Turner reviews Kage Baker's final Company novel -- "one of the finest series finales ever"

» The Agony Column interviews Charlaine Harris

» YouTube: interview with Elizabeth Hand

» Photos from the 2007 Williamson Lectureship

» Ellen Datlow's photos from KGB's May 16th reading with John Crowley and Sarah Langan

» utopod is a new French SF podcast

» SF Chronicle: letter from John Shirley about a billboard eyesore sparks political response

» Nature and Nature Physics will resume publication of the "Futures" SF vignettes in September; contact for details; a few past examples are posted here

» Internet Review of SF has Dotar Sojat, Ruth Nestvold and Jay Lake, Cynthia Ward, Lois Tilton, and others

» Scalpel Magazine, "sharp reviews and interviews", has launched with Pat Cadigan, Charles Stross, and others

» Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth is a new group review blog by Ben Payne, Alisa Krasnostein, Tansy Rayner Roberts, and Alex Pierce

» Scott Edelman has lots of photos from last weekend's Nebula Awards

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing: Vicki Pettersson and Lou Anders

» SF talk show Sci-Fi Overdrive chats with Allen Steele

» ActuSf interviews Graham Joyce

» Sentinel SF has stories by Jay Lake, Lou Antonelli, and David L. Gray

» Holly Black interviews Steve Berman about his debut novel Vintage: A Ghost Story

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Michael Chabon

» Washington Post: John Crowley reviews Jim Crace; Elizabeth McCracken reviews Michael Chabon

» Galleycat covers a "publishers' summit" panel held during Nebula Awards weekend, as well as the awards themselves; Jeff VanderMeer reports the results for Amazon's Bookstore Blog

» The Agony Column interviews John Marks

» Withywindle Books opens its art gallery featuring Chris Howard

» More Ellen Datlow photos from Nebula Weekend in NYC

» Ellen Datlow's photos from Nebula Weekend in NYC; more photos at MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

» Lucius Shepard's After Ildiko

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Morgan, Edric, Ballantyne

» Acacia author David Anthony Durham has a website

» SF in SF events begin with Cory Doctorow and Terry Bisson, May 16th, in San Francisco

» NY Times' Charles McGrath celebrates Philip K. Dick, A Prince of Pulp, Legit at Last; earlier, Dave Itzkoff visited MidSouthCon

» Toronto Star profiles two SF fans

» Washington Post: Graham Joyce reviews Elizabeth Hand's Generation Loss

» San Francisco Chronicle reviews Jose Carlos Somoza's Zig Zag
» The Agony Column interviews Chuck Palahniuk about his forthcoming SF trilogy

» The Future And You for May podcasts Mike Resnick, Kim Stanley Robinson, Elizabeth Bear, and others

» Guardian's Josh Lacey reviews Miéville's Un Lun Dun

» Geoff Ryman will guest-edit a Mundane SF issue of Interzone

» Dave Langford's Ansible 238

» Jeff VanderMeer is blogging for about Elizabeth Hand's Generation Loss

» Reason Magazine interviews Vernor Vinge

» SF reviews J.R.R. Tolkien

» May Clarkesworld Magazine has stories by Paul Tremblay and Jetse De Vries

» May SFRevu has interviews with Charlaine Harris and Ginjer Buchanan, and lots of reviews

» Philadelphia Inquirer's Frank Wilson calls Cormac McCarthy's The Road "the latest installment in the pornography of despair"

» Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow reviews Ellen Klages' Portable Childhoods

» Strange Horizons: Adam Roberts reviews Ian McDonald's Brasyl; earlier, Lisa Goldstein reviews Chabon, Martin Lewis reviews Morgan

» Sci Fi Weekly reviews Myst Online: Uru Live

» SF Site for May has a column by Jeff VanderMeer, and reviews of Roberts, Duncan, Butcher, Gentle, Wolfe, and others

» Mitt Romney's favorite novel is... Battlefield Earth

» Darker Matter's third issue concludes a 1979 Douglas Adams interview and has stories by Bud Sparhawk, Eugie Foster, and others

» Fantastic Literature's latest list is online

» NY Times' Michiko Kakutani reviews Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policeman's Union

» Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow reviews Ian McDonald's Brasyl

» BBC chats with Alastair Reynolds

» Fantasybookspot chats with David Anthony Durham

» Paul Di Filippo reports from the Jamie Bishop Memorial Service

» Black Gate's website has fantasy short fiction reviews by David Soyka

» Matrix Magazine chats with authors of shortlisted Arthur C. Clarke Award novels, winner to be announced this week

» Odyssey Writing Workshop podcasts Robert J. Sawyer on point of view

» St. Louis Today has Dorman T. Shindler's reviews of Shepard, Kiernan, Butcher, and others

» PW: Steven Barnes & Tananarive Due to collaborate with actor Blair Underwood

» The New Yorker: Joyce Carol Oates reviews a post-apocalyptic novel by Jim Crace

» Pyr is starting a newsletter

» MediaDailyNews: Bob Guccione Jr. to revive Omni?

» Concatenation posts its latest newscast and reviews; also, support team member Tony Bailey as he swims the English Channel

» Infinity Plus has fiction by Keith Brooke & Eric Brown, fiction and interview with Kay Kenyon, and lots of new reviews

» Village Voice: Elizabeth Hand reviews Darcey Steinke's Easter Everywhere

» Guardian: Gwyneth Jones on how SF is becoming fact

» Petition: Help save
Atlanta Journal Constitution's book review

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing: Tee Morris

» The American Conservative considers alternate realities

» Flurb #3 has Anders, Di Filippo, Gunn, Herbert, Laidlaw, Metzger, Quaglia, Rucker, Saknussemm, Shirley, Sirius, Tonnies, and Watson!

» The Planetary Society chats with Kim Stanley Robinson

» Guardian chats with China Miéville about children's books

» SF Signal's John DeNardo reviews Hugo short fiction nominees

» Shared World Camp, an 8-day summer program with faculty and lecturers Jeff VanderMeer, Jack McDevitt, Greg Keyes, Laura Resnick, and others, is open to applications

» Wall Street Journal: Anne Perry's favorite fictional tales rooted in history includes Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog

» Death Ray [Wikipedia] is a new UK magazine focusing on SF/F 'in all media', debuting in May

» Subterranean Press has posted Charles Stross' Locus Award finalist Missile Gap online, for free

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Tolkien's The Children of Húrin, citing "grand, epic storytelling" and "Tolkien's genius in creating an imaginary world"; elsewhere, Entertainment Weekly's Jeff Giles rates it a D, drawing reader protests; and the Times of London has this review by Bryan Appleyard

» Green Man Review's Kathleen Bartholomew reviews Four British Fantasists, about Lively, Garner, Wynne Jones, and Cooper

» Elizabeth Hand podcasts her new novel Generation Loss

» The Agony Column podcasts Jonathan Lethem.

» The Space Review has a two-part article article on Robert A. Heinlein, Heinlein's ghost by Dwayne A. Day

» podcasts a panel with Charles Stross, John Scalzi, and Tobias Buckell about giving away their work, from Penguincon; elsewhere, David Louis Edelman has this con report.

» Wheel of Time site wotmania interviews Theodora Goss and Dan Simmons

» ActuSf interviews James Lovegrove

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing interviews Kim Harrison

» Kansas City Star reviews Sawyer, Butcher, and others

» Fantasybookspot reviews David Anthony Durham's Acacia: The War With the Mein

» Don D'Ammassa has a website

» Futurismic has new fiction The Towers of St. Michael's by David Walton

» Ellen Datlow has pix from a Faery Reel reading

» LA Times Books launches a monthly web-only SF column by Ed Park, this week's covering Brian Aldiss and Nick Mamatas

» Ellen Datlow's photos from last night's KGB reading with Kit Reed and Jon Armstrong

» Noctem Aeternus is a free PDF horror 'zine scheduled to debut in January 2008

» SF Site/F&SF: Dave Truesdale rants about Adrienne Martini, Don Imus, and Locus Online

» Washington Post: transcript of Michael Dirda's discussion about Kurt Vonnegut

» Sci Fi Weekly's John Clute reviews Library of America's Philip K. Dick

» Salon's Andrew O'Hehir reviews Tolkien's The Children of Húrin

» San Francisco Chronicle's Michael Berry reviews Guy Gavriel Kay, Jon Armstrong, and Mike Carey/John Bolton

» Cleveland Plain Dealer reviews Elizabeth Hand: Take a weird trip into a deep pit of moral decay

» Recent installments of The Bat Segundo Show podcast interviews with Ellen Klages and China Miéville

» Green Man Review reviews Charles Butler

» NY Times Book Review: Dave Itzkoff on translated SF by Vonarburg, Zivkovic, and others

» Paula Guran on Ed Kramer, the man the "horror community" has forgotten

» Cosmos serialises Damien Broderick & Barbara Lamar's novel Post Mortal Syndrome online beginning April 16

» Wired News: Writers, Directors Fear 'Sci-Fi' Label Like an Attack From Mars

» New review/interview 'zine Scalpel seeks submissions

» Fantastic Literature's latest list is online

» The Agony Column reviews Brian Lumley and John Shirley, and podcast interviews Shirley

» RevolutionSF's Rick Klaw reviews Grindhouse

» Subterranean Press has a free Kage Baker audiobook

» Scott Edelman's World Horror Con 2007 photos

» Toronto's Blog T.O. reviews Terence M. Green and Phyllis Gotlieb

» Paradigm for April includes Charles Stross' A Colder War

» Bookslut's Adrienne Martini considers Solidity and the Hugo Awards; also, Colleen Mondor reviews Kage Baker

» John Picacio reports from World Horror Con

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing interviews Robert J. Sawyer

» The Future and You for April podcasts David Drake, Alan Dean Foster, Dave Freer, Paul Levinson, Stoney Compton, and others

» Latest Chizine has fiction and poetry by David de Beer, Marge Simon, Matthew Sanborn Smith, and others

» Latest Spacesuits and Sixguns has Scott Nicholson, Lucy Snyder, and others

» New fan site about A. Bertram Chandler

» Publishers Weekly's cover story on SF and fantasy has comments from Robert J. Sawyer, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Lou Anders, Betsy Mitchell, and others

» Dave Langford's Ansible 237

» Ellen Datlow's photos from World Horror Con and Stoker Awards 2007

» has interviews with Neil Gaiman and Tad Williams

» Actusf interviews Martha Wells

» AbeBooks and SFWA are hosting a contest to win tickets to the Nebula Awards ceremony

» Sci Fi Weekly interviews Robert J. Sawyer, reviews Kay Kenyon, and ponders The Last Mimzy's science

» At SF Site, Jeff VanderMeer interviews Jonathan Strahan and Rick Klaw reviews The Host

» Fantastic Literature's April booklist is online

» Lone Star Stories' new issue has fiction and poetry by Christopher East, Jo Walton, and others

» Darker Matter's second issue has a 1979 Douglas Adams interview, stories by Lou Antonelli, Jason Stoddard, and others

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Arthur Phillips

» Jeff VanderMeer is running for SFWA president

» Edward Champion on Judith Regan's other new venture

» Ain't It Cool News reviews the Spider-Man 3 novelization, Justina Robson, Orson Scott Card, Adam Roberts

» CBS News: Oprah picks Cormac McCarthy's The Road

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcasts Tad Williams and Paul Levinson

» Centauri Dreams has Gregory Benford's Emerging Asia about his recent travels including a visit with Arthur C. Clarke

» The New Yorker's Anthony Lane on The Host

» CGSociety'com Eon Challenge, for art based on Greg Bear's novel, has announced its winners

» This Week's Strange Horizons includes Matthew Cheney on Henry Kuttner and reviews of Cormac McCarthy and Tim Pratt

» SciFiDimensions hosts a forum on The Future of Manned Spaceflight with Geoffrey A. Landis, M.M. Buckner, and Adam Roberts

» Some Fantastic's issue 11 (PDF) has an article on Japanese horror, plus book and DVD reviews

» Reuters: Fred Patten reviews Lawrence Watt-Evans

» Wichita Falls (Texas) Times Record News interviews Nancy Jane Moore

» Best American Fantasy contents

» theinferior4+1 is a new group blog by Elizabeth Hand, Lucius Shepard, Paul Witcover, and Paul Di Filippo

» Salon: Jonathan Lethem explains why copyright laws stifle creativity and why he's giving away the film rights to his new novel; earlier, Ronald D. Moore, the man behind 'Battlestar Galactica'

» Film composer Herman Stein -- This Island Earth, The Incredible Shrinking Man, many others -- died March 15 at the age of 91; Variety; NY Times; Google News

» Bruce Sterling gives blogs 10 years to live

» Green Man Review reviews David Brin, Patrick Rothfuss

» Washington Post Book World reviews Joe Hill

» LA Times on apocalyptic novelists

» NY Times about Tolkien scholars and fans: Elvish Impersonators

» John Kessel is co-leading a Magic Realist Writing Workshop in Prague, June 2-16, 2007

» Sci Fi Weekly's John Clute reviews Matthew Sharpe's Jamestown

» Ellen Datlow's photos from March 21st KGB readings with Carol Emshwiller and David Louis Edelman

» Al Gore to receive Jedi Knight Award for Best Fantasy Writing from American Academy of Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers

» Photos from last week's ICFA by Ellen Datlow and by James Patrick Kelly

» Ernest Lilley has photos from Lunacon

» The Agony Column covers Kelley Eskridge, Orson Scott Card, Christopher Moore, and others

» Trabuco Road has Nisi Shawl, Lavie Tidhar, Danny Adams, and others...

» Black Gate has Rich Horton's virtual best short sf/f of the year

» Toronto Sun profiles Nalo Hopkinson

» Actusf interviews Orson Scott Card

» Latest Ticonderoga Online has fiction, interviews, and reviews

» Vector has a 1979 Novacon guest of honor speech by Christopher Priest

» Montreal laboratory achieves a Fantastic Voyage

» Washington Post's Michael Dirda reviews Howard Waldrop; also in WP, Joe Heim on Jonathan Lethem

» NY Times Book Review reviews Jonathan Lethem, Dan Simmons, and Jonathan Raban

» LA Times reviews Douglas Hofstadter's I Am a Strange Loop

» New Scientist reviews the science in Danny Boyle's film Sunshine, open now in the UK, later this year in the US

» TTA Press celebrates Interzone's 25th anniversary issue with a free download of a novella by Edward Morris

» SF Signal's John DeNardo reviews the Nebula Award short fiction nominees; Abigail Nussbaum reviews the novelettes

» RevolutionSF: Rick Klaw interviews REH biographer Mark Finn

» Sentinel Science Fiction has fiction by Steven Utley

» Quill & Quire has an advance review of Robert J. Sawyer's Rollback

» RevolutionSF has Geek Movies Not On DVD, L through Z

» Alan Dean Foster, Out of Africa

» Ideomancer for March has a hypertext story by Benjamin Rosenbaum, Christopher Barzak, Elad Haber, Greg van Eekhout, Kiini Ibura Salaam, Meghan McCarron, and Tim Pratt...

logy Review has new fiction by David Marusek, "Osama Phone Home" (Marusek comments on his blog); also, Jason Pontin on how SF influences the imaginations of technologists

» Subterranean's new online magazine for Winter '07 has a novella by Lucius Shepard, novelette by Jeff VanderMeer & Cat Rambo, and more

» Internet Review of SF for March has Lyda Morehouse on Elizabeth Bear, K.A. Laity on Boskone 44, Steven Utley on Captain Video, Lois Tilton on short fiction, and much else

» Actusf interviews Stephen Baxter

» NY Times Book Review's children's section covers Ysabeau Wilce and Brian Selznick

» Washington Post Book World's Jennifer Howard reviews the new Nalo Hopkinson

» Green Man Review covers Steve Berman, Justina Robson, Peter Crowther, Cassandra Clare, China Miéville, and The James Tiptree Anthology 3

» NPR: Rick Kleffel: 'The Host' Rewrites the Monster-Movie Rules

» NY Times Book Review's David Itzkoff visits SETI researcher Seth Shostak; Erica Wagner reviews Simon Ings' The Weight of Numbers

» Sunday's LA Times Book Review has Dale Bailey on Joe Hill and Deborah Vankin on Jonathan Lethem

» Entertainment Weekly's Ken Tucker gives Lethem's new novel You Don't Love Me Yet an A-; brief fantasy reviews assign Dave Duncan, Justina Robson, and Kathleen Bryan, respectively, B+, B-, and B

» Cory Doctorow has won an Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Pioneer Award

» Tachyon blogs about Julie Phillips' NBCC win

» The Australian discusses how novelists may be science's best hope to make the climate change message hit home

» The Agony Column reviews Beagle, Kuttner, and Sterling

» Here's Kim Stanley Robinson interviewed on WAMU radio and guesting on Adventures in Scifi Publishing

» NY Times: Jean Baudrillard, 77, Critic and Theorist of Hyperreality, Dies

» Bookslut reviews "science fiction's most controversial novel" -- Heinlein's Farnham's Freehold; also, Jeff VanderMeer's comics column looks at American Born Chinese

» Music by Richard Thompson for a Harlan Ellison documentary

» More about Kim Stanley Robinson in UCSD's Guardian and from Sci Fi Weekly

» Futurismic has new fiction A Life in Pictures, by Mark Ward

» French webzine Acusf interviews Robert Charles Wilson

» Abigail Nussbaum reviews Nebula-nominated novelettes

» CNN follows HPL's footsteps

» Justina Robson has a blog

» Joe Haldeman has a small part in documentary Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience on PBS; trailer at YouTube

» Salon: Andrew Leonard discusses Kim Stanley Robinson

» Terri Windling reviews Steve Berman's Vintage

» Salon's Laura Miller reviews Miéville's Un Lun Dun

» The Agony Column interviews and reviews China Miéville

» Seattle Times: Cynthia Ward reviews Nalo Hopkinson

» Ellen Datlow lunches in London and parties with Geoff Ryman

» Guardian: Audrey Niffenegger reviews Kelly Link

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Simmons, Moore, Hill, Pratt

» Boston Globe: Q&A: Jonathan Lethem

» Best American Fantasy blog has Recommended Reading: 2006

» Dave Langford's Ansible 236

» The Australian interviews Iain Banks

» RevolutionSF has Geek Movies Not On DVD, A through K, with contributions from Mark Finn, Rick Klaw, Michael Moorcock, Lucius Shepard, Jeffrey Ford, and others

» The Future and You for March podcasts John Barnes, Kim Stanley Robinson, Elizabeth Bear, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., and others

» The Carl Brandon Society is hosting a Octavia E. Butler Memorial Tribute Fundraiser this Sunday in Berkeley CA

» F&SF's website has a column by Dave Truesdale

» Broadsheet for February has Elizabeth Bear, Jennifer Stevenson, Laura Baumbach, and Samuel R. Delany interviewing Joanna Russ

» Your Mom's Basement has video coverage of China Miéville and Drew Bowling at New York Comic Con

» SF Site's Readers' Choice 2006 books include Lynch, Bakker, Novik, Watts, Erikson, and others

» Darker Matter launches with fiction by David D. Levine and others; interview with Douglas Adams

» Times of London: Lisa Tuttle on Philip K. Dick, Science Master

» This year's Saturn Awards nominations for SF/F/H/etc films have been announced, with Superman Returns leading with 10 nominations

» Ain't It Cool News reviews Fast Forward and Dickson & Wixon's The Antagonist

» SFFWorld reviews Patrick Rothfuss, Karl Schroeder, Marvin Kaye

» Concatenation's What's new includes new stories from Nature's "Futures" series

» Australian Cosmos Magazine, whose fiction editor is Damien Broderick, has new fiction guidelines [PDF]

» Fantastic Literature's March list is online

» Subterranean Magazine is going online, with free updates three times a week

» The Agony Column reviews and interviews Ian McDonald

» The Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop podcasts Jeff VanderMeer

» Green Man Review reviews Neal Asher, Fast Forward 1, and Spectrum 13

» The Agony Column podcasts Guy Gavriel Kay

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcasts Timothy Zahn and Dan Simmons

» Norman Spinrad's YouTube page includes The Doomsday Machine reloaded and 4-minute video Only Chaos Is Real

» Issue #4 of Intergalactic Medicine Show has fiction by Eric James Stone, Peter Friend, Justin Stanchfield, and others

» Rick Kleffel reviews Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel

» Sci Fi Weekly has Nick Gevers' interview with John C. Wright and John Clute's review of Dan Simmons' The Terror

» Cinema Blend has this year's Saturn Awards nominees for film

» Lifeboat Foundation has Robert J. Sawyer on AI

» Cat Rambo interviews Marie Brennan

» Fantasybookspot interviews and reviews Catherynne M. Valente

» Infinity Plus has extracts from Martin Sketchley and Gail Z Martin, Adam Roberts' 25-word review of Pynchon's Against the Day, and more

» The Agony Column reviews Kim Stanley Robinson

» Black Gate's David Soyka reviews Interzone and Fantasy Magazine

» Washington Post Book World: Gwenda Bond reviews Catherynne M. Valente, Peter Watts, Mary Rosenblum, Elizabeth Bear; also, Michael Dirda writes about Clark Ashton Smith

» Tor and Forge Books have a new website

» SF Site's Editors' Choice Best Books of 2006 includes titles by Phillips, VanderMeer, Powers, Clarke, Courtenay Grimwood, and others

» Cosmos magazine has new fiction Gas Giant by David Taub

» Kathryn Cramer has posted Year's Best SF 12 selections, for the anthology edited by Cramer and David G. Hartwell

» Janus Magazine interviews Cory Doctorow

» The Dragon Page podcasts Robert J. Sawyer

» The Agony Column interviews Jay Lake, reviews Rudy Rucker and Charlie Huston

» The James Patrick Baen Memorial Writing Contest is open to April 9

» L.E. Modesitt, Jr. has a new enhanced website

» Contact The Signed Page for signed/personalized copies of new books by Guy Gavriel Kay, China Miéville, and Tad Williams

» The SF Foundation's Masterclass in SF criticism, hosted in June at the University of Liverpool, is open to applications until February 28th

» Technology Review's Cooling the Planet discusses a cooling technology proposed by Gregory Benford

» Louisville KY Courier-Journal: Jason Sizemore discusses how he kept Apex SF/Horror Digest alive

» Lois Tilton reviews Pan's Labyrinth

» Green Man Review's Kestrell Rath reviews Holly Black's Ironside

» Alternative Reality Web Zine interviews Matthew Hughes

» Dorman T. Shindler reviews Joe Hill, Tim Pratt, Minister Faust, Gardner Dozois, and at greater length, Joe Hill

» Rick Kleffel reviews Doctorow's Overclocked

» The Agony Column interviews Cory Doctorow

» NYT Book Review: Geoff Nicholson reviews Joe Hill

» LA Times Book Review: Edward Champion reviews China Miéville

» Pandemonium Books in Cambridge MA is in danger of shutting down due to financial difficulties...

» Harpers: Jonathan Lethem's The Ecstasy of Influence: A plagiarism

» Nick Mamatas has made his novel Move Under Ground available for free download under a Creative Commons license

» Green Man Review on Elizabeth Hand's Illyria and Tim Pratt's Hart and Boot & Other Stories

» Fantasybookspot interviews Zoran Zivkovic

» Pyr interviews Jack Dann about his novel The Man Who Melted

» NY Times: Janet Maslin reviews Joe Hill

» February Internet Review of SF has Bruce McAllister, Cynthia Ward, Lois Tilton, and others -- but needs more reviewers

» interviews Terry Pratchett

» Best American Fantasy needs recommendations for its second volume

» The Writers' Block interviews Ellen Datlow

» The Dragon Page interviews Neal Asher

» The Agony Column reviews Dan Simmons and Dark Arts

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcasts Andrew Wheeler and David Weber and Lucas Moreno

» The Future And You for February podcasts Elizabeth Bear, Walter Jon Williams, L.E. Modesitt Jr., editors Toni Weisskopf and Ginjer Buchanan, and others

» Futurismic has a new story by Chris Nakashima-Brown

» Boston Globe: Peter Bebergal reviews The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

» The New Yorker: Ann Goldstein talks about Primo Levi

» Seattle Times: Nisi Shawl reviews Dan Simmons

» Fantasybookspot interviews Solaris Books publisher Marc Gascoigne

» Contract Pharma: Paul Di Filippo on high-tech pharmaceutical devices

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Thomas, Baxter, Williams, Sketchley

» LA Times: Ed Park reviews Philip K. Dick's Voices from the Street

» The Agony Column podcasts an interview with Dan Simmons

» David Langford's Ansible 235

» Marc Librescu is blogging about his screenplay adaptation of Olaf Stapledon's Sirius

» Fantastic Literature's February list is online

» launches James Patrick Kelly's Storypod

» SF Site for February has Jeff VanderMeer's column about Steve Aylett and a review of David Langford's The End of Harry Potter?

» Lone Star Stories for February has fiction and poetry by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Gavin J. Grant, Mike Allen, and others

» Reflection's Edge for February has fiction by David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Claude Lalumière, and others

» NY Times Magazine has begun serialization of a new novel by Michael Chabon

» Nevada Appeal: David Eddings burns down office

» Strange Horizons: Eugie Foster interviews Steve Berman

» Green Man Review covers two books by Kage Baker

» Black Gate has posted an appreciation of David Gemmell

» NPR: Rick Kleffel reports that Dragons Get a Modern Image Makeover

» The Agony Column interviews David Lynch

» Centre Daily Times talks with James Morrow

» NY Times Book Review: Terrence Rafferty's horror column covers Joe Schreiber, John Saul, Bentley Little, and Sarah Langan

» Guardian reviews VanderMeer, Hoban, Moorcock, and others

» Green Man Review reviews Flytrap 6

» Henry Wessells has a blog

» NY Review of Books: Michael Chabon reviews Cormac McCarthy

» Information Week interviews Charles Stross

» Cory Doctorow reviews Lou Anders' Fast Forward, first in a new annual series; Paul Di Filippo's story Wikiworld is free online

» Jeff VanderMeer announces The New Weird Anthology

» New Hampshire Humanities Council is launching year-long reading project Speculate - 2007, with public programs and booklist titles by Kelly, Kress, Card, Benford, Bradbury, and others

» Boskone 44 (16-18 Feb '07 in Boston) is looking for additions for its Hubert Rogers Art Exhibit

» Crooked Timber chats with China Miéville about The Road

» Green Man Review reviews Elizabeth Hand and Jim Butcher

» The Dream People, 'a journal of bizarro texts', has fiction, reviews, interviews, art, and more

» The Biblio File interviews Peter S. Beagle this Wednesday, 24 Jan, at 12 noon ET

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcasts John Ringo and DeCandido & Levinson

» Lois Tilton lists her 2006 Best Short Fiction Picks

» Lilja' Library has a long interview with Stephen King

» The Agony Column interviews Charlie Huston

» YA e-zine Shiny Things, due to launch August 2007, is open to submissions

» Sci Fi Weekly: John Clute reviews Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel [spoiler warning]

» Washington Post: David Masiel reviews Dan Simmons' The Terror

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Charles Stross, Alan Dean Foster, Bruce Holland Rogers

» Cosmos: Gregory Benford on How to write an awesome scientific paper

» Press Release: Weird Tales and Staff Changes

» In support of the Susan C. Petrey Scholarship fund are this year's Fanthorpe Write-Alike Contest Winners

» Nancy Moore's This I Believe essay for NPR

» Ellen Datlow's photos from Jan 17th KGB reading with Ysabeau Wilce and Paul Di Filippo

» The Eternal Night interviews Lou Anders

» Fantasybookspot looks forward to 2007 books

» HBO will turn George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Fire & Ice" novels into a series -- one book per season

» Online Film Critics' 10th Annual Awards winners include Pan's Labyrinth, Children of Men, The Fountain, and A Scanner Darkly in various categories; also Children of Men screenwriters win USC's Scripter Award

» Greatest Uncommon Denomiator is a new semi-annual semi-pro print/PDF magazine of fiction, features, and art

» Concatenation's seasonal update includes news, convention reviews, and lots of book reviews

» Lou Antonelli's Sentinel SF launches 2007 with a new story by Howard Waldrop

» January Magazine's Best Books of 2006 include titles by Ursula K. Le Guin, Thomas Harris, and Mark Z. Danielewski

» Ottawa Citizen: Robert J. Sawyer on Michael Crichton's science fiction

» Green Man Review reviews Farah Mendlesohn's book on Diana Wynne Jones

» RevolutionSF reviews Pan's Labyrinth, twice

» Kay Kenyon's redesigned site offers a preview of new novel Bright of the Sky

» Reason Magazine on Robert Anton Wilson

» NY Times: Janet Maslin reviews Christopher Moore's You Suck

» The Agony Column interviews Rudy Rucker

» Dorman T. Shindler reviews Dan Simmons' The Terror

» Paul Levinson's What on Earth Are They Doing to Poor Pluto? interviews Michael A. Burstein and plays song 'Alpha Centauri'

» Green Man Review's best books of 2006 are by Kushner, Bear, Effinger, Baker, Walton, Valente, Irvine, and others

» John Joseph Adams reviews the new Sci Fi Channel series The Dresden Files

» Helix SF Quarterly #3 has fiction, poetry, and features by John Barnes, William Sanders, Ian Watson, Bruce Boston, Lawrence Schimel, Bud Webster, Steven H Silver, and others

» British SF Association zine Matrix interview Josh Conviser and features SF Podcast producer Steve Eley

» Dissections: The Journal of Contemporary Horror has launched

» French review site ActuSf has an interview with Ian R. MacLeod

» The Future And You for January 2007 podcasts Kim Stanley Robinson, David B. Coe, Catherine Asaro, and others

» Apex SF and Horror Digest #8 has interviews with Tom Piccirilli and Kelly Link, fiction by William F. Nolan, M.M. Buckner, Steven Savile, and others

» January Internet Review of SF has Bluejack, Michael Bishop, and others on Philip K. Dick, Samuel R. Delany, Charles Stross, Zoran Zivkovic

» The American Spectator remembers Jim Baen, whose Baen Books "offered an antidote to leftism generally in science fiction"

» Sci Fi Weekly interviews Rudy Rucker and reviews The Jack Vance Treasury

» National Society of Film Critics votes Pan's Labyrinth best film

» The Edge asks scientists and thinkers, What are you optimistic about? Why?

» NY Times Book Review: Dave Itzkoff reviews Michael Crichton

» NPR: Rick Kleffel discusses economic genre fiction with Charles Stross, Jeff VanderMeer, David Edelman, TC Boyle, and others

» STLtoday's Dorman T. Shindler reviews Silverberg, Stross, and others

» David Langford's Ansible 234

» Strange Horizons' 2006 in Review has selections from Adam Roberts, Abigail Nussbaum, Paul Kincaid, Jason Erik Lundberg, Niall Harrison, and many others

» Barnes & Noble's Top Ten SF Novels of 2006 are by Edelman, Scalzi, Rucker, Williams, Wellington...

» Bookgasm's 5 Best Sci-Fi Books of 2006 are by McDonald, Robinson, Scalzi, Buckell, and Edelman

» Waterstone's Bookclub's Top ten SF titles of 2006 include Asher, Reynolds, Shepherd, Roberson, Harrison, Ryman, Powers

» Rick Klaw names his Best of 2006 for RevolutionSF and Austin Chronicle

» Sci Fi Weekly interviews Jack McDevitt

» SFRevu for January has interviews and reviews with Lou Anders, Cory Doctorow, John Picacio

» Green Man Review reviews Catherynne M. Valente

» Fantastic Literature's January list is online

» London Times' obituary of Jack Williamson

» The Internet Speculative Fiction Database is open for editing by the general public

» CBC Television will broadcast predictions for the new year by Robert J. Sawyer, Karl Schroeder, and George Dvorsky beginning Tuesday 2 January

» Seattle Times: Nisi Shawl reviews Elizabeth Hand, Alastair Reynolds, Matthew Hughes

» Baltimore City Paper: Adrienne Martini remembers Octavia E. Butler

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Peter Rushforth

» Subterranean Press begins weekly serialization of Lucifugous by Elizabeth Bear

» Websites for Les Edwards and Edward Miller have been redesigned

» Jim Baen's Universe Issue #4 for December has fiction by Kristine Smith, Tom Brennan, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Marissa Lingen, and Gregory Benford

» ChiZine Issue #31 for January-March 2007 has fiction and poetry by Jeremy C. Shipp, Lavie Tidhar, Bruce Boston & Robert Frazier, and others

» SF reviews Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel

» The Website at the End of the Universe offers its free 2007 Calendar

» New webzine Spacesuits & Sixguns debuts with fiction by Michael Wiecek, Lon Prater, and Samantha Henderson & Mikal Trimm

» SF Site for January has reviews of Jack Vance and Charles Stross, a column by Jeff VanderMeer, etc

» Sci Fi Weekly editor Scott Edelman returns from Egypt; photos from his trip

» Bookgasm's 5 Best Sci-Fi Books of 2006 are by David Louis Edelman, Tobias S. Buckell, John Scalzi, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Ian McDonald

» Green Man Review's Best of 2006 Picks includes responses from Neal Asher, Kage Baker, Ellen Datlow, Cat Eldridge, Elizabeth Hand, Gwyneth Jones, Farah Mendlesohn, Delia Sherman, and many others

» Edward Champion's Top Ten Books of 2006 includes Alison Bechdel, Mark Z. Danielewski, Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie, Richard Powers, and Jeff VanderMeer

» Pat's Fantasy Hotlist's 2006 Year-End Awards runs from R. Scott Bakker through Hal Duncan and Ian McDonald and Naomi Novik to Peter Watts

» The Agony Column podcasts a "not what you'd expect" interview with Christopher Paolini

» Jakob Nielsen's Usability in the Movies -- Top 10 Bloopers

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