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May 2007
Locus Magazine

The May 2007 issue of Locus Magazine is a special horror-themed issue, including:

  • An interview/discussion with Peter Straub, John Clute, and Gary K. Wolfe on the analytical and emotional aspects of horror, and an interview with author Joe R. Lansdale

  • Essays on the current state of horror by Ellen Datlow, Peter Crowther, Paula Guran, Elizabeth Hand, Laird Barron, and others

  • Two convention reports, from the International Conference on the Fantastic, and from the World Horror Convention

  • New stories about recent developments in SF/F/H publishing, including news of the Tiptree, Pulitzer, Philip K. Dick, and Bram Stoker awards winners, and the purchase of Bookspan by Bertelsmann

  • People & Publishing news about Arthur C. Clarke, Philip Roth, Gore Vidal, Orson Scott Card, Greg Egan, and many others.

  • A new commentary by Cory Doctorow, "In Praise of Fanfic"

  • Obituaries of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Christopher James Bishop, Theodore L. Thomas, and others

  • Bibliographic listings of the month's New Books and Magazines published in the US and UK

  • Lots of reviews, including
    • Gary K. Wolfe on Susan Palwick and Ken MacLeod;
    • Faren Miller on Lane Robins and Dave Duncan;
    • Tim Pratt on Ramsey Campbell and David Wellington;
    • Carolyn Cushman on Lois McMaster Bujold and Tad Wiliams;
    • Karen Haber on art books by Kinuko Craft and byRafal Olbinski;
    ...among many others
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