Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Roundtable Post

What I meant by selling each issue as a PDF was someone sends you $ and you just email the PDF to them. Or is the file so huge that’s impractical? OTOH we can put the file on our site, unlinked from any web page, and send the URL to the file to the buyer in email. They click on the link in their email, and open or download the file that way. Further, we could password-protect the folder where we put such files—and send buyer the password, though if it’s a hidden directory not linked from the site, no one (including search engines) should be able to find it anyway... except possibly buyers of an earlier issue, once several issues are available, if they’re in the same directory... Probably, each issue’s file in a separate directory, with each directory having a distinct unguessable password you’d send to buyers... Several ways it might be set up.


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