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January 2008
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New and Notable Books

Stephen Baxter, The H-Bomb Girl (Faber and Faber Sep 2007)

Time travel and alternate realities spice up this gripping tale of a teen growing up during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, who ends up holding the fate of the world in her hands, a nostalgic romp that even drags in the Beatles for “... a pretty exhilarating apocalypse.” [Gary K. Wolfe]

Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Arabesk (Gollancz Oct 2007)

The three novels of the critically acclaimed SF mystery series featuring detective Ashraf Bey — Pashazade, Effendi, and Felaheen — are gathered in a single volume for the first time by UK publisher Gollancz.

Ellen Datlow, ed., Inferno (Tor Dec 2007)

Celebrated editor Datlow promises chills aplenty in this anthology of 20 all-new stories of terror and the supernatural by authors including Lucius Shepard, Jeffrey Ford, Terry Dowling, and Pat Cadigan.

Cory Doctorow & Holly Phillips, eds., Tesseracts Eleven (Hades/EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Nov 2007)

The noted anthology series, featuring original works by Canadian authors, continues with this volume of 19 stories and five poems, with comments by the editors considering just what distinguishes Canadian SF, and the need for such anthologies.

Gary Gibson, Stealing Light (Tor UK Oct 2007)

The alien Shoal control the only existing FTL spaceship drive, and use that control to limit human expansion into space — until the discovery of a derelict spaceship with a non-Shoal drive threatens to change everything. A rousing space opera, the first in a series.

James Gurney, Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara (Andrews McMeel Oct 2007)

The fourth book in the series explores new parts of the land of Dinotopia, brought to life by Gurney’s unsurpassed illustrations of dinosaurs and the exotic land in which they co-exist with humans. “Gurney’s continuing tale of Dinotopia will entrance the romantic traveler’s soul in any reader.” [Karen Haber]

Sarah Hall, The Carhullan Army (Faber and Faber Aug 2007)

Dystopian SF literary novel of a near-future Britain devastated by global warming, in which one woman seeks to join others fighting the oppressive regime that strictly controls reproduction. Winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize. To be published in the US by HarperPerennial (4/08) as Daughters of the North.

George Mann, ed., The Solaris Book of New Fantasy (BL Publishing/Solaris US Dec 2007)

Mann takes an eclectic approach to the fantasy genre in this original anthology, covering everything from big commercial fantasy to the New Weird with 16 stories by authors including Lucius Shepard, Jeff VanderMeer, Jay Lake, and Steven Erikson. “There is plenty of pleasing work on display...” [Nick Gevers]

Jack McDevitt, Cauldron (Ace Nov 2007)

The sixth (and final) book of the Academy sequence finally reveals the source of the civilization-destroying omega clouds. Earth has largely turned its back on starflight — but a new space drive pulls pilot Priscilla “Hutch” Hutchins back into space for an expedition all the way to the galactic center.

K. J. Parker, Evil for Evil (Orbit US Nov 2007) and The Escapement (Orbit US Dec 2007)

A betrayed engineer manipulates nations into war in the final two volumes of the Engineer trilogy. “The whole thing is brilliant — disturbingly so, since these fantasies (without a whit of magic) explore the human condition and reveal it all, brain, heart, guts and bowels, with a startling precision.” [Faren Miller]

Andy W. Robertson, ed., William Hope Hodgson's Night Lands, Volume II: Nightmares of the Fall (Utter Tower Oct 2007)

This original anthology of 11 stories (only one published previously in print) pays tribute to Hodgson’s The Night Land. Authors are John C. Wright, Gerard Houarner, Brett Davidson, along with editor/enthusiast Robertson himself.

Joanna Russ, The Country You Have Never Seen (Liverpool University Press Jun 2007)

Collection of critical writing spanning the career of noted SF author, feminist, and academic Russ, including reviews, essays, and correspondence. “Russ writes about the field with the sort of fierce, uncompromising energy that we would not see again until John Clute hit stride... we need reviews like Russ’s’s good to have them back.” [Gary K. Wolfe]

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