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March 2016 Blinks

March 2016 -- News Posts

March 2016 Posts:

Periodicals: late March

Thursday 31 March 2016  |  Monitor

New issues of Black Static, Interzone, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, plus March content at Daily Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, and

Carolyn Cushman reviews Funke, Galenorn, Hines, McGuire, Sagara

Wednesday 30 March 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's February 2016 issue

Reviews of titles by Cornelia Funke, Yasmine Galenorn, Jim C. Hines, Seanan McGuire, and Michelle Sagara

New Books : 29 March

Tuesday 29 March 2016  |  Monitor

Titles by Myke Cole, Christopher Fowler, Stella Gemmell, James Lovegrove, and Sam Sykes

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 28 March 2016  |  Monitor

Cassandra Clare's Lady Midnight and Patricia Briggs' Fire Touched remain high on lists.

Print Periodicals: March

Sunday 27 March 2016  |  Monitor

New issues of Analog, Asimov's, and The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

"No One Stays Good in This World": A Review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Saturday 26 March 2016  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

It should be obvious by now that I disliked this film's approach to Superman and Batman and generally did not enjoy watching it; yet, after two hours of routine violence and tedious exposition, there comes a time when this misbegotten film suddenly sputters to life and becomes a satisfying viewing experience — and that is when a third hero, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), finally appears [and] for the first time in the film, we are presented with a hero that we can actually like.

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Carlos Hernandez

Friday 25 March 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's February 2016 issue

Note to small presses: sometimes introductions and blubs do make a difference. When Carlos Hernandez's debut collection The Assimilated Cuban's Guide to Quantum Santeria showed up in the mail, the title struck me as almost fatally whimsical, even though it's actually the title of one of the better stories here — but then I noticed a blurb from Christopher Barzak and an introduction by Jeffrey Ford...

Classic Reprints: March

Thursday 24 March 2016  |  Monitor

New electronic and print editions of works by Katherine Kurtz, Michael Moorcock, Christopher Priest, Clifford D. Simak, and James Tiptree, Jr.

Paul Di Filippo reviews James Gunn

Wednesday 23 March 2016  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

To say that this attitude is antithetical to the current crop of miserabilist, defeatist, cynical, dystopian SF is to state the nakedly obvious. Gunn is bucking the current publishing tide, yet there is nothing forced or labored or disingenuous about this book. He sells the hope.

New Books : 22 March

Tuesday 22 March 2016  |  Monitor

James Gunn's Transgalactic and titles by Allen, Barron, Brown, Clare, Elliott, Martin, Oyeyemi, Smale, and Tanaka

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 21 March 2016  |  Monitor

Cassandra Clare's Lady Midnight debuts #1 on three lists; Patricia Briggs' Fire Touched and Anne Bishop's Marked in Flesh also debut.

Adrienne Martini reviews Blythe Woolston

Sunday 20 March 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's February 2016 issue

Like Bradbury, whose work Woolston honors both in the title and as a running theme, this author has a knack for finding just the right details to flesh-out a world without bogging down the action in reams of description. ... MARTians is a marvel of linguistic economy.

Periodicals: mid-March

Saturday 19 March 2016  |  Monitor

New York Review of Science Fiction's David G. Hartwell In Memoriam issue, plus new issues of Mythic Delirium and Perihelion

Paul Di Filippo reviews R.A. Lafferty

Friday 18 March 2016  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

Centipede Press is the noble enterprise handling the Complete Stories. They have just issued Volume 3, which is our topic for today. The upside of their output is that each volume is lovingly produced, a luxury item that is a tribute to the artistry of the small press. The downside is that each book is limited to 300 copies...

New in Paperback: March

Thursday 17 March 2016  |  Monitor

Ken Liu's The Grace of Kings and titles by Abercrombie, Andrews, Christopher, Drake & Lambshead, Higgins, Kadrey, Kowal, Leigh, Modesitt, Patterson, Scull, and Testa

Faren Miller reviews John Wray

Wednesday 16 March 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's February 2016 issue

It's probably not coincidence (or synchronicity) that John Wray's substantial, genre-busting novel The Lost Time Accidents shares a notion with Marcel Proust's even more massive Remembrance of Things Past, whose French title Á La Recherche Du Temps Perdu could also be rendered into English as "In Search of Lost Time".

New Books : 15 March

Tuesday 15 March 2016  |  Monitor

Brian Staveley's The Last Mortal Bond and titles by Brown, Evenson, Joshi, Lebbon, Selby, and Tidhar

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 14 March 2016  |  Monitor

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is #1 on Amazon with pre-publication orders.

Fran Wilde: Magical Engineering

Sunday 13 March 2016  |  Perspectives

fran wilde
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's March Issue interview

I realized that I was a worldbuilder, and that my game experience, all of the things I'd been doing with my life, all of the art background, the animation, the visual stuff — I could draw on that and build a world. I'm hoping that at different points in somebody's life — young adult through adult — they can come back to Updraft and say, 'There’s more here,' and that an adult can read it and say, 'That was really fun.'

Adrienne Martini reviews Becky Chambers

Saturday 12 March 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's February 2016 issue

The first 30 pages of Becky Chambers' Kick­starter-backed novel The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet are catnip for space opera fans, especially those with a bent toward TV shows that portray a spacecraft's crew as a chosen fam­ily, like Firefly or Farscape.

Locus Magazine's Forthcoming Books: Selected Titles through December 2016

Friday 11 March 2016  |  Resources

Titles from Locus Magazine's March issue listings of Selected Forthcoming Books by Author are arranged here by month.

Locus Bestsellers, March

Thursday 10 March 2016  |  Magazine

Bestsellers from specialty bookstores are led by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor's Welcome to Night Vale, Andy Weir's The Martian, and titles by Chuck Wendig and R.A. Salvatore.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Matt Ruff

Wednesday 9 March 2016  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

Lovecraft Country is not some ham-handed book-length satire or parody. This goal Ruff meets admirably. He honors all the tropes and special effects and ambiance of the Mythos in new ways that discard the superficial trappings of the 1920s and HPL's crotchets for the more relevant clothing and attitudes of the 1950s.

New Books : 8 March

Tuesday 8 March 2016  |  Monitor

Ken Liu's The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories and titles by Abraham, Bishop, Bonesteel, Briggs, Fallon, Kowal, Marr, Merril, Tompkins, and Valente

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 7 March 2016  |  Monitor

V.E. Schwab's A Gathering of Shadows debuts on two lists.

Lisa Goldstein: Secret Sisterhood

Sunday 6 March 2016  |  Perspectives

lisa goldstein
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's March Issue interview

I like the idea of a sisterhood working in the shadows that influences things, so I came up with the idea of a secret society that one of the time travelers starts in ancient Crete. I wanted to think that there's some force working against all the obvious forces in history, all the wars and op­pression.

Periodicals: early March

Saturday 5 March 2016  |  Monitor

New issues of Apex, Aphelion, Aurealis, Clarkesworld, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Fireside, Forever, Galaxy's Edge, GigaNotoSaurus, Lightspeed, Nightmare, Shimmer, and Uncanny

Locus Magazine's New & Notable Books, March

Friday 4 March 2016  |  Magazine

March New and Notable books include Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country and titles by Alder, Braunbeck, Bujold, Guran, Kuznia, Lafferty, LaValle, Moreno-Garcia & Stiles, Offutt, Powers, and Wray

Cory Doctorow: Wealth Inequality Is Even Worse in Reputation Economies

Thursday 3 March 2016  |  Perspectives

cory doctorow
From Locus Magazine's March Issue.

The Internet has been trying to figure out how to make reputation work for decades now. Those scores that appear next to Ebay sellers' names and on the profiles of "shar­ing economy" workers profile pages — Uber, Lyft, Airbnb — attempt to establish a basis for strangers to trust one another.

New Books : 1 March

Wednesday 2 March 2016  |  Monitor

Robert J. Sawyer's Quantum Night, Sofia Samatar's The Winged Histories, Allen Steele's Arkwright, and titles by Baker, Belcher, Boatman, Brandt, Cady, Caine, de Abaitua, Knaak, Lubar, Lyris, McGuire, Neill, Nelson, Parker, Spoor, Swann, Tieryas, Weber & Presby, and White & Gannon

March 2016 Table of Contents

Tuesday 1 March 2016  |  Magazine

march issue
The March issue features interviews with Lisa Goldstein and Fran Wilde, remembrances of David G. Hartwell, a column by Cory Doctorow, listings of forthcoming books through December 2016, and reviews of short fiction and books by Peter Straub, R.S. Belcher, James Gunn, and many others.

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