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July 2016 Blinks

July 2016 -- News Posts

July 2016 Posts:

Comments from the 2016 Locus Poll and Survey

Sunday 31 July 2016  |  Magazine

july issue
Here are comments, presented anonymously, submitted by voters in this year's Locus Poll and Survey. Results of the poll were published in the magazine's July issue; survey results will appear in August issue.

Periodicals: late July 2016

Saturday 30 July 2016  |  Monitor

Issues of Perihelion and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and what's new at Daily SF, Strange Horizons, and

New Books : end of July

Friday 29 July 2016  |  Monitor

"Magnus opuses" by Agustín de Rojas and Arkady & Boris Strugatsky, and other titles by Jon Hollins, John Kenny, John Langan, and Sarah Tolmie

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Patricia A. McKillip

Thursday 28 July 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's June 2016 issue

A rare new story collection is something to look forward to, especially when, as with Dreams of Distant Shores, it includes three previously unpublished tales, a long novella all but unavailable since its original 1994 publication, an essay by McKillip on high fantasy, and an appreciative and sharply insightful afterword by Peter Beagle.

Paul Di Filippo reviews David D. Levine

Wednesday 27 July 2016  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

This seems to be a "steam engine time" kind of period in publishing, when writers who have focused exclusively on short fiction for many years now step forth with their long-anticipated debut novels. Now comes David Levine's Arabella of Mars, ushering him into hardcovers some twenty years after his first story appeared...

New Books : 26 July

Tuesday 26 July 2016  |  Monitor

Max Gladstone's Four Roads Cross and titles by Bauers, Black, Craft, Crouch, Merbeth, Nassise, Palecek, and Sebold

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 25 July 2016  |  Monitor

A new Star Wars novel by Chuck Wendig debuts on four lists.

Periodicals: third week July: Print Magazines

Sunday 24 July 2016  |  Monitor

New issues of Analog, Asimov's, and Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet.

Steady As She Goes: A Review of Star Trek Beyond

Saturday 23 July 2016  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

To a remarkable extent, Star Trek Beyond is a film designed to appeal to aging fans of the original series [yet] also includes ample doses of the explosions, fistfights, and chaotic chases that are said to most entertain young filmgoers, though these scenes invariably bore and confuse this no-longer-young reviewer. It is thus a film that is likely to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, albeit for different reasons.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Jeffrey Ford

Friday 22 July 2016  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

Having surveyed and relished the contents of A Natural History of Hell, what can we adduce as Ford's distinctions? A highly controlled mutable style and love of language, which can accommodate the first-person narration of a modern-day drug addict as easily as it contours to the omniscient attention given to a youth of the early twentieth century.

Faren Miller reviews Andrea Hairston

Thursday 21 July 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's June 2016 issue

The glossary at the back of Andrea Hairston's Will Do Magic For Small Change includes words and phrases from African and Native American tribes, plus a smattering of European (mostly German). Hairston deftly weaves all this and more into two powerful linked tales...

Paul Di Filippo reviews Douglas Lain's Deserts of Fire

Wednesday 20 July 2016  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

Lain's main introduction and his introductions to each segment of the collection contain much wisdom about the relationship between art and war. They could easily be collated together as a valuable essay on the topic. And in fact he addresses my question about how 21st-century wars are different from 20th-century ones and thus alter their own fictional responses.

New Books : 19 July

Tuesday 19 July 2016  |  Monitor

Jeffrey Ford's A Natural History of Hell, the US edition of Nina Allan's The Race, and titles by Carriger, Guran, Jones, Olson, Power, Revis, Schultz, and Turtledove

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 18 July 2016  |  Monitor

Ben H. Winters' Underground Airlines cracks the New York Times list.

Joe Hill: All in the Cult

Sunday 17 July 2016  |  Perspectives

peter straub
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's July Issue interview

For the longest time there has been this fight about what has more value, genre fiction or literary fiction. The truth is, we won the battle. We won it a decade ago, if not longer. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror elements are all over mainstream literature and have been for years and years. The people who don't like it are the Donald Trumps of genre fiction: they want to build a wall between us and the rest of the world. I can't be in favor of some kind of walled city state where science fiction and fantasy meet. I don't want it.

New in Paperback: July

Saturday 16 July 2016  |  Monitor

Greg Bear's Killing Titan, Jim Butcher's The Aeronaut's Windlass, Becky Chambers' The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, Zen Cho's Sorcerer to the Crown, Charles Stross' The Annihilation Score, and titles by Beaulieu, Blake, Forstchen, Gratz, Greenwood, Maguire, and Martinez

Classics In Reprint: July

Friday 15 July 2016  |  Monitor

Ann & Jeff VanderMeer's massive The Big Book of Science Fiction, collections by Ben Bova, Alastair Reynolds, and Clifford D. Simak, and an anthology from Paula Guran

Adrienne Martini reviews Hugh Howey

Thursday 14 July 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's June 2016 issue

Hugh Howey's Beacon 23 started as a novel-in-installments, with each of the mostly freestanding parts released individually. Only after you'd completed the set could you see the full story of a space-age lighthouse keeper who came back from the interstellar war deeply damaged.

John Langan reviews Gemma Files

Wednesday 13 July 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's June 2016 issue

There's a cache of lost films at the center of Experimental Film, the fine, compelling novel by Gemma Files. The movies were made in the early years of the 20th century by a woman who herself went missing during what should have been a routine train journey to Toronto....

New Books : 12 July

Tuesday 12 July 2016  |  Monitor

Anthologies from Jonathan Strahan, Douglas Lain, and Jacob Weisman, and titles by Bakker, Chu, Das, Davidson, Gratz, Haley, Henry, Kane, Levine, MacNaughton, Taylor, and Walton

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 11 July 2016  |  Monitor

A new edition of L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth ranks #1 at Publishers Weekly.

Peter Straub: Interior Darkness

Sunday 10 July 2016  |  Perspectives

peter straub
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's July Issue interview

My ideas about narrative have certainly changed with time, and my whole stance toward it has changed, as would have to happen in any long engagement with a subject. I don't want to write the same kind of books I did when I started. Really, I can't. I like reading novels that go from the beginning to the end. I like reading novels that don't break the frame. I like novels that have endings one cannot anticipate, novels with jolting revelations.

Periodicals: second week July

Saturday 9 July 2016  |  Monitor

New issues of Apex, Aphelion, Forever, Intergalactic Medicine Show, MOSF Journal of Science Fiction, Mythic Delirium, The New York Review of Science Fiction, The Dark, and Uncanny

Locus Bestsellers, July

Friday 8 July 2016  |  Magazine

Bestsellers from specialty bookstores are led by Robert J. Sawyer's Quantum Night, Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind, Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem, and Christopher L. Bennett's Star Trek Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Live by the Code.

Gardner Dozois reviews Short Fiction

Thursday 7 July 2016  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's June 2016 issue

The April/May Double Issue of Asimov's is a substantial one, full of good stories, almost all of them core SF. The best story here is also the most ambitious one: "Flight from the Ages" by Derek Künsken, a story taking place over a timespan of billions of years...

Locus Magazine's New & Notable Books, July

Wednesday 6 July 2016  |  Magazine

July New and Notable books include Neil Gaiman's The View from the Cheap Seats, Kameron Hurley's The Geek Feminist Revolution, and titles by Baxter & Reynolds, Clarke, Hearn, Hill, Lee, Saulter, and Strahan

New Books : 5 July

Tuesday 5 July 2016  |  Monitor

Gardner Dozois' Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-third Annual Collection, Ben H. Winters' Underground Airlines, and titles by Amish, Bond, Caine, Daniel, Helms, Kuhn, Lee & Miller, Martinez, Milán, Orwin, Palmatier, Powers, Ryan, Schwab, Snodgrass, Verne St. John, Williams, and Wilson

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 4 July 2016  |  Monitor

Stephen King's End of Watch dominates; Sherrilyn Kenyon's Born of Legend debuts.

Cory Doctorow: Peak Indifference

Sunday 3 July 2016  |  Perspectives

cory doctorow
From Locus Magazine's July Issue.

From Ashley Madison to Office of Personnel Management, the future is clear: every couple weeks, from now on and for the foreseeable, a couple million people whose lives were just destroyed by a data breach will sheepishly show up on privacy advocates' doorsteps, ashen-faced like smokers who've just received cancer diagnoses, saying, "I guess you were right. What do we do?"

Periodicals: early July

Saturday 2 July 2016  |  Monitor

New issues of Aurealis, Clarkesworld, Galaxy's Edge, GigaNotoSaurus, Lightspeed, Nightmare, and Shimmer

July 2016 Table of Contents

Friday 1 July 2016  |  Magazine

july issue
The July issue features interviews with Peter Straub and Joe Hill, a column by Cory Doctorow, complete results of this year's Locus Awards and Poll, reports on the Nebula Conference and WisCon, and reviews of short fiction and books by Nina Allan, Dan Vyleta, Charles Stross, Joe Hill, Guy Gavriel Kay, and many others.

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