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Barnes, John
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Apocalypses & Apostrophes  collection • 1999 Millennium
(UK edition of Apostrophes and Apocalypses 1999 Tor)
Apostrophes and Apocalypses  collection • 1999 Tor
(as Apocalypses & Apostrophes 1999 Millennium)
g4   The Armies of Memory  novel • 2006 Tor
tw3   Caesar's Bicycle  novel • 1997 HarperPrism
cnd3   Candle  novel • 2000 Tor
cnd1,2,3   The Century Next Door  omnibus • 2000 SFBC
cnd     The Century Next Door
jj1   The Duke of Uranium  novel • 2002 Warner Aspect
g2   Earth Made of Glass  novel • 1998 Tor
Encounter with Tiber, with Edwin E. "Buzz", Aldrin Jr  novel • 1996 Hodder & Stoughton
Finity  novel • 1999 Tor
Gaudeamus  novel • 2004 Tor
g     Giraut
jj3   In the Hall of the Martian King  novel • 2003 Warner Aspect
jj     Jak Jinnaka
cnd2   Kaleidoscope Century  novel • 1995 Tor
The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky  novel • 1987 Congdon & Weed/Contemporary
g3   The Merchants of Souls  novel • 2001 Tor
g1   A Million Open Doors  novel • 1992 Tor
Mother of Storms  novel • 1994 Tor
One for the Morning Glory  novel • 1996 Tor
cnd1   Orbital Resonance  novel • 1991 Tor
tw1   Patton's Spaceship  novel • 1997 HarperPrism
jj2   A Princess of the Aerie  novel • 2003 Warner Aspect
The Return, with Edwin E. "Buzz", Aldrin Jr  novel • 2000 Forge
Sin of Origin  novel • 1988 Congdon & Weed
cnd4   The Sky So Big and Black  novel • 2002 Tor
tr     Time Raider
tr2   Time Raider: Battlecry  novel • 1992 Worldwide Library Gold Eagle
tr3   Time Raider: Union Fires  novel • 1992 Worldwide Library Gold Eagle
tr1   Time Raider: Wartide  novel • 1992 Worldwide Library Gold Eagle
tw1,2,3   The Timeline Wars  omnibus • 1997 SFBC
tw     Timeline Wars
tw2   Washington's Dirigible  novel • 1997 HarperPrism

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