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Powers, Tim
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2006 A Soul in a Bottle  novella •  Subterranean Press
Three Days to Never  novel •  Subterranean Press
2005 The Bible Repairman  short fiction •  Subterranean Press
Strange Itineraries  collection •  Tachyon Publications
sd,er   2004 Powers of Two  omnibus •  NESFA Press
2003 The Devils in the Details, with James P. Blaylock  collection •  Subterranean Press
2002 The William Ashbless Memorial Cookbook, with James P. Blaylock  nonfiction •  Subterranean Press
2001 Night Moves and Other Stories  collection •  Subterranean Press
2000 Declare  novel •  Subterranean Press
lc2,3   1998 Fault Lines  omnibus •  SFBC
lc3   1997 Earthquake Weather  novel •  Legend
1995 Where They Are Hid  short fiction •  Charnel House
lc2   Expiration Date  novel •  HarperCollins UK
lc1   1992 Last Call  novel •  Charnel House; Morrow
lc     Last Call
1989 The Stress of Her Regard  novel •  Ace; Charnel House
1987 On Stranger Tides  novel •  Ace
1986 Night Moves  short fiction •  Axolotl Press
1985 Dinner at Deviant's Palace  novel •  Ace
1983 The Anubis Gates  novel •  Ace
1979 The Drawing of the Dark  novel •  Ballantine
sd   1976 The Skies Discrowned  novel •  Laser
(revised as Forsake the Sky 1986 Tor)
er   Epitaph in Rust  novel •  Laser
(restored text as An Epitaph in Rust 1989 NESFA Press)

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