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Robinson, Kim Stanley
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The California Trilogy
cal3   1990 Pacific Edge  novel •  Unwin Hyman (1990 Tor)
cal2   1988 The Gold Coast  novel •  Tor
cal1   1984 The Wild Shore  novel •  Ace Special

mars4   1999 The Martians  collection •  HarperCollins/Voyager (1999 Bantam Spectra)
mars3   1996 Blue Mars  novel •  HarperCollins/Voyager UK (1996 Bantam Spectra)
mars2   1993 Green Mars  novel •  HarperCollins UK (1994 Bantam Spectra)
mars1   1992 Red Mars  novel •  HarperCollins UK (1993 Bantam Spectra)

Science in the Capitol
sc3   2007 Sixty Days and Counting  novel •  Bantam Spectra
sc2   2005 Fifty Degrees Below  novel •  HarperCollins UK (2005 Bantam)
sc1   2004 Forty Signs of Rain  novel •  HarperCollins UK (2004 Bantam)

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