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Blinks: Serling, Gernsback, the VanderMeers, KGB

» Salon: Anne Serling on How I found my father in the “Twilight Zone” » The Economist: Rejoice for Utopia is nigh! – about Hugo Gernsback » Cultpop has a video interview with Anne & Jeff VanderMeer » Ellen Datlow’s photos from the KGB reading with Ekaterina Sedia and Gemma Files

Blinks: Another Best of 2011 List; Reviews

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry’s Best SF and F books of 2011 are by Bennett, Cline, Goldstein, Grossman, King, Leicht, Morrison, Scalzi, Walton, and Wilson » Guardian: Eric Brown reviews The Weird, Tanith Lee, Storm Constantine, Kim Lakin-Smith

Blinks: Indie Bookstores, Overlooked Books, Strangeways

» Slate: Independent Bookstores Are Not Doomed » Omnivoracious: 2011 Overlooked Books? Unique Fantasy, SF, and Horror You Might Have Missed » Boing Boing: James Patrick Kelly’s free Xmas edition of Strangeways

Blinks: Fie Upon Song Ticketing

» Locus Online’s editorial blog: Fie Upon Song Ticketing

Blinks: Reviews; Best of 2011 Lists

» NY Times Book Review: Charles Platt reviews The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick » LA Times: Susan Carpenter reviews Ian McDonald’s Planesrunner; also, David L. Ulin’s Year in Review: Books includes titles by Murakami and Lethem » Barnes & Noble’s Year’s Best Reading 2011: Editor’s Picks includes titles by Jo Walton and Jeff VanderMeer; […]

Blinks: Bookstores, Murakami, year’s best

» Salon: What Slate doesn’t get about bookstores » Omnivoracious interviews Haruki Murakami » NPR: Lev Grossman’s year’s best SF and fantasy are books by Martin, Valente, Stross, Abercrombie, and Oliver

Blinks: Washington Post and Time’s Best of 2011; reviews; Amazon vs independents; King on TV

» Washington Post’s Best Books of 2011 includes Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84; its 50 Notable Fiction includes Stephen King, Lev Grossman, Felix J. Palma, Erin Morgenstern, Eoin Colfer, Karen Russell » Time Magazine’s Best of Books 2011 [subscriber only] is led in fiction by George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons » Time Magazine: Seven Books […]

Blinks: NYRSF, Ad Astra, Best of 2011, Kepler-22b, Crowley, Ridley Scott, Harlan Ellison

» NY Review of SF probably to go digital after July 2012 » James Gunn’s Ad Astra is open to submissions » Financial Times’ Favourite Fiction 2011 includes SF titles, selected by James Lovegrove, by Eric Brown, China Miéville, and Adam Roberts » BBC: Robert J. Sawyer offers some perspective on the discovery of Kepler-22b […]

Blinks: LA Times’ Holiday Books

» LA Times’ Holiday Books & Gift Ideas include, in the thriller/fantasy/sci-fi category, titles by Martin, Kadrey, McHugh, Oates, Crichton/Preston, and Stephenson; in fiction & poetry, titles by DeLillo, Maguire, Whitehead, King, and Murakami; and in children and young adults, titles by Barker, Paolini, and the VanderMeers » Also, LA Times’ Susan Carpenter reviews Cassandra […]

Blinks: Ansible, Atwood, Anders, Audible’s Best of 2011

» David Langford’s Ansible 293 » The Telegraph: Paul Kincaid reviews Margaret Atwood – “A writer’s equivocal appreciation of the world of science fiction fails to impress” » Inkpunks interviews Lou Anders »’s best SF and fantasy of the year: Lem, Stephenson, Scalzi, Sawyer, Wilson; Rothfuss, Martin, Mead, Grossman, Corriea » Orbit Short Fiction

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