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Blinks: Hartwell symposium, Atwood, Palwick, Traviss, Robbins, Westfahl, future art

» Williams College (in Williamstown, MA) hosts The David G. Hartwell ’63 Science Fiction Symposium, Oct. 22-24, with Samuel R. Delany, Kim Stanley Robinson, Paolo Bacigalupi, John Crowley, and others » Wired: Margaret Atwood on Science Fiction, Dystopias, and Intestinal Parasites » Tangent Online: long interview with Susan Palwick » Publishers Weekly: Why I Write…Karen […]

Blinks: Doctor Sleep reviews

» Reviews of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep — • Margaret Atwood in NYT Book Review • David L. Ulin in LA Times • Tasha Robinson in The A.V. Club • Jake Kerridge in Telegraph • Brian Truitt in USA Today • Alan Cheuse at NPR

Blinks: The Atlantic; Di Filippo on Pohl; Spinrad; reviews by Eric Brown

» The Atlantic: Why Today’s Inventors Need to Read More Science Fiction » B&N: Paul Di Filippo’s tribute to Frederik Pohl » Motherboard: Sci-Fi Legend Norman Spinrad on the NSA, Edward Snowden, and the Repression of Sexual Energy » Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Baxter, Lovegrove, Barnett, Bodoc, Benn, Kilworth

Blinks: Cory Doctorow, reviews of King, Pynchon, Nebula Showcase

» IAI TV: Cory Doctorow video The Internet is Not a Waffle Iron Connected to a Fax Machine; it’s about the dangerous consequences of DRM » NYT: Janet Maslin reviews Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep; on Sunday, Jonathan Lethem reviewed Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge » Seattle Post Intelligencer: Rhetta Akamatsu reviews Nebula Awards Showcase 2013

Blinks: Richard Dawkins, Ursula K. Le Guin, Robert J. Sawyer, SF’s Golden Age, reviews

» NY Times Book Review’s ‘By the Book’: Richard Dawkins cites Fred Hoyle’s Black Cloud as the book (after Darwin) that had the greatest impact on him; he also cites Clarke, Asimov, and Galouye » The Paris Review excerpts its interview with Ursula K. Le Guin » The Spec profiles Robert J. Sawyer » Guardian’s […]

Blinks: Atwood review and interview

» NY Times Book Review: Andrew Sean Greer reviews Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam » Salon: Mike Doherity talks with Margaret Atwood

Blinks: Slate reviews Laird Barron; Guardian on SF’s diversity problem

» Slate: Adrian Van Young reviews Laird Barron » Guardian on Why are most SF authors straight, white western men? Science fiction writers can’t ignore the diversity that exists on planet Earth

Blinks: Dirda on Atwood, KSR on low-tech exploration

» Washington Post: Michael Dirda reviews Margaret Atwood » Slate: Kim Stanley Robinson writes that The Map Is Not the Territory

Blinks: Ansible, Pohl, KSR, reviews, UCR, Delany

David Langford’s Ansible 314 » Frederik Pohl obits: NY Times (Gerald Jonas), io9 (Annalee Newitz), Guardian (David Barnett), Independent (John Clute) » Dave Truesdale has posted this 1977 interview with Pohl » LiveScience looks at The Real Science of Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘Shaman’ » LA Review of Books: long interview with Kim Stanley Robinson » […]

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