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Blinks: Ansible; Delany, Benford on KSR, VanderMeer, Di Filippo, Shippey, HPL, events including Tiptree Award at Borderlands

» David Langford’s Ansible 337 » The New Yorker: Samuel Delany and the Past and Future of Science Fiction » Gregory Benford: Envisioning Starflight Failing, long essay/review of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora (expanded from essay in Nature) » The Guardian: Jeff VanderMeer: Are we alone? SF is as sure a guide as any » Barnes […]

Blinks: Baxter interview; Moorcock on Tolkien; Blaylock on steampunk; Di Filippo on classic gods

» Guardian: Stephen Baxter interview: why science fiction is like therapy » New Statesman: Michael Moorcock: “I think Tolkien was a crypto-fascist” » Boing Boing: James Blaylock On Writing Steampunk » B&N: Paul Di Filippo reviews Classic Gods in 4 New Fantasy Novels by Martin Millar, Joanne Harris, and 2 by Jo Walton

Blinks: Reviews of KSR (x2), Hand, Dozois; events at Borderlands; Ellen Datlow’s photos

» The Guardian, Adam Roberts on Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora: “the best generation starship novel I have ever read” » Chicago Tribune: Gary K. Wolfe’s Roundup of books by Kim Stanley Robinson, Elizabeth Hand, Gardner Dozois (requires subscription or registration) » Upcoming events at Borderlands Books include Hugh Howey, Richard Kadrey, Katie Gilmartin, Jo Walton, […]

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