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Blinks: Le Guin on LoA; Baxter on Proxima Centauri; Whitehead on Twilight Zone

» NY Times: Ursula Le Guin Has Earned a Rare Honor. Just Don’t Call Her a Sci-Fi Writer., about her forthcoming Library of America volumes » Washington Post: Stephen Baxter: A planet orbiting our nearest star used to be science fiction. Now it’s science., on the newly discovered planet around Proxima Centauri » Next Sunday […]

Blinks: NYT interviews N.K. Jemisin; Marcotte on alt-right v sci-fi

» NY Times: N. K. Jemisin on Diversity in Science Fiction and Inspiration From Dreams » Salon: Amanda Marcotte: The alt-right attacks sci-fi: How the Hugo Awards got hijacked by Trumpian-style culture warriors

Blinks: Reviews in SFC and WP; Arrival film; KSR; No Man’s Sky

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Blake Crouch, Jenni Fagan, Jeffrey Ford » Washington Post: Nancy Hightower reviews Lily Brooks-Dalton, Michael Swanwick, Chuck Wendig » The Verge: Arrival is already a strong contender for the best science fiction film of 2016, the film based on Ted Chiang’s “Story of Your Life” » Scientific American [subscriber […]

Blinks: Dreadful Nights; Green Visions

» Dreadful Nights is a new horror and fantasy blog, launched by Alastair Rennie » Ryder W. Miller is looking for contributors to anthology Green Visions; contact him here for more information  

Blinks: Obama’s summer reading; HPL in Providence; review of Colson Whitehead

» ABC News: Barack Obama’s summer reading list includes Stephenson’s Seveneves and Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad » NY Times Travel: How to Find the Spirit of H.P. Lovecraft in Providence » NY Times Book Review: Juan Gabriel Vásquez reviews Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad

Blinks: Reviews; Margaret Atwood; author events

» NYT Book Review: N.K. Jemisin reviews Yoon Ha Lee, Kameron Hurley, Indra Das » Washington Post: Michael Dirda on How great science fiction works, about works by Gary K. Wolfe and Brian Stableford » The Guardian: Speculative or science fiction? As Margaret Atwood shows, there isn’t much distinction Author events: » KGB Bar in […]

Blinks: Ansible; Octavia Butler and Ben H. Winter

» David Langford’s Ansible 349 » Vox: Constance Grady explains why You can’t write a sci-fi story about slavery without citing Octavia Butler, concerning Ben H. Winters’ new novel

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