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Blinks: Scalzi on long books; review of Cixin Liu

» LA Times: John Scalzi on writing great big books » LA Times: Ezra Glinter reviews Cixin Liu’s Death’s End

Blinks: Reviews; Le Guin; Gleick; China; NYRSF Readings

» Washington Post: Nancy Hightower reviews Peter S. Beagle, Alexander Weinstein, Sarah Beth Durst » Guardian, John Plotz: ‘She makes the ordinary feel as important as the epic’: the gift of Ursula Le Guin » New Republic: Colin Dickey reviews James Gleick’s Time Travel » Global Times: For decades, Science Fiction World has been the […]

Blinks: Reviews by Eric Brown, Tom Shippey, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro; Offer from Peter S. Beagle; events

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Gavin Chait, Peter F Hamilton, KB Wagers, Alastair Reynolds, Connie Willis » Wall Street Journal: Tom Shippey reviews Beth Lewis, Alexandra Oliva » InterGalactic Medicine Show: Alvaro Zinos-Amaro reviews China MiĆ©ville and Gary K. Wolfe » Cat Eldridge: A Very Special Offer from Peter S. Beagle » SF in SF […]

Blinks: Reviews of Shawl, Rowling, Thier

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Nisi Shawl’s Everfair » NY Times Book Review: Kelly Link reviews Harry Potter and the Cursed Child » SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Aaron Thier’s Mr. Eternity

Blinks: Ansible; Gary K. Wolfe reviews

» David Langford’s Ansible 350 » Chicago Tribune: Gary K. Wolfe reviews Peter S. Beagle, Kij Johnson, Nisi Shawl

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