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Blinks: SF and the future; Feminist SF; Best SF of 2017 so far

» Slate, Kevin Bankston: Prototyping a Better Tomorrow: How science fiction can help us create a better future » Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow: How science fiction writers’ “design fiction” is playing a greater role in policy debates » Boing Boing, Bruce Sterling, science fiction won’t make the future better » Guardian, Laurie Penny: In science […]

Blinks: Ansible; New Yorker on dystopias; reviews of horror, Kit Reed

» David Langford’s Ansible 359 » The New Yorker: Jill Lepore on A Golden Age for Dystopian Fiction » NY Times Book Review: Terrence Rafferty on horror, I Know What You’ll Read This Summer, reviewing Philip Fracassi, Bracken MacLeod, Josh Malerman, Giorgio De Maria, Kit Reed » Wall Street Journal: Tom Shippey reviews Kit Reed

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