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Blinks: Ansible; NYTBR reviews by Jemisin; Le Guin

Blinks: Reviews of Ken Liu, Cixin Liu, and others; SF in SF Reading

» NPR: Amal El-Mohtar reviews Ken Liu’s The Wall of Storms

» NPR: Jason Heller reviews Cixin Liu’s Death’s End

» SF in SF presents Garth Nix and Helene Wecker, October 16th

» NPR: Caitlyn Paxson reviews young adult fantasy works from Traci Chee, Zoraida Córdova, Sarah Glenn Marsh

» NY Times: James Ryerson reviews four nonfiction books about the search for extraterrestrial life

Blinks: NYT reviews James Gleick, Alexander Weinstein

» NY Times Book Review: Anthony Doerr reviews James Gleick’s Time Travel: A History

» NY Times: Jennifer Senior reviews Alexander Weinstein’s Children of the New World

Blinks: Scalzi on long books; review of Cixin Liu

Blinks: Reviews; Le Guin; Gleick; China; NYRSF Readings

Blinks: Reviews by Eric Brown, Tom Shippey, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro; Offer from Peter S. Beagle; events

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Gavin Chait, Peter F Hamilton, KB Wagers, Alastair Reynolds, Connie Willis

» Wall Street Journal: Tom Shippey reviews Beth Lewis, Alexandra Oliva

» InterGalactic Medicine Show: Alvaro Zinos-Amaro reviews China Miéville and Gary K. Wolfe

» Cat Eldridge: A Very Special Offer from Peter S. Beagle

» SF in SF presents Robert Silverberg, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, and Daryl Gregory, September 11th

» Fantastic Fiction at KGB presents Laird Barron and Alyssa Wong, September 21st

Blinks: Reviews of Shawl, Rowling, Thier

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Nisi Shawl’s Everfair

» NY Times Book Review: Kelly Link reviews Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Aaron Thier’s Mr. Eternity

Blinks: Ansible; Gary K. Wolfe reviews

» David Langford’s Ansible 350

» Chicago Tribune: Gary K. Wolfe reviews Peter S. Beagle, Kij Johnson, Nisi Shawl

Blinks: Le Guin on LoA; Baxter on Proxima Centauri; Whitehead on Twilight Zone

» NY Times: Ursula Le Guin Has Earned a Rare Honor. Just Don’t Call Her a Sci-Fi Writer., about her forthcoming Library of America volumes

» Washington Post: Stephen Baxter: A planet orbiting our nearest star used to be science fiction. Now it’s science., on the newly discovered planet around Proxima Centauri

» Next Sunday NYT Book Review: Inside the List discusses Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad and its debt to The Twilight Zone

Blinks: NYT interviews N.K. Jemisin; Marcotte on alt-right v sci-fi

Blinks: Reviews in SFC and WP; Arrival film; KSR; No Man’s Sky

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Blake Crouch, Jenni Fagan, Jeffrey Ford

» Washington Post: Nancy Hightower reviews Lily Brooks-Dalton, Michael Swanwick, Chuck Wendig

» The Verge: Arrival is already a strong contender for the best science fiction film of 2016, the film based on Ted Chiang’s “Story of Your Life”

» Scientific American [subscriber limited]: What a Science Fiction Writer Knows about Predicting the Future, by Kim Stanley Robinson

» Inverse: Famous Science Fiction Planets to Look For in ‘No Man’s Sky’

Blinks: Dreadful Nights; Green Visions

» Dreadful Nights is a new horror and fantasy blog, launched by Alastair Rennie

» Ryder W. Miller is looking for contributors to anthology Green Visions; contact him here for more information

Blinks: Obama’s summer reading; HPL in Providence; review of Colson Whitehead

» ABC News: Barack Obama’s summer reading list includes Stephenson’s Seveneves and Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad

» NY Times Travel: How to Find the Spirit of H.P. Lovecraft in Providence

» NY Times Book Review: Juan Gabriel Vásquez reviews Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad

Blinks: Reviews; Margaret Atwood; author events

» NYT Book Review: N.K. Jemisin reviews Yoon Ha Lee, Kameron Hurley, Indra Das

» Washington Post: Michael Dirda on How great science fiction works, about works by Gary K. Wolfe and Brian Stableford

» The Guardian: Speculative or science fiction? As Margaret Atwood shows, there isn’t much distinction

Author events:

» KGB Bar in NYC hosts Leanna Renee Hieber and Theodora Goss, August 17

» Borderlands in SF August-Sept events include Cecil Castellucci, Ben Loory, Becky Chambers, Michael J. Martinez, Curtis Chen, Seanan McGuire, Robert Silverberg, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

Blinks: Ansible; Octavia Butler and Ben H. Winter

» David Langford’s Ansible 349

» Vox: Constance Grady explains why You can’t write a sci-fi story about slavery without citing Octavia Butler, concerning Ben H. Winters’ new novel

Blinks: the new Harry Potter; reviews of Crouch and alt-history; Newitz on Older; SF for people who don’t read it

» Publishing News, NY Times: Like Magic, Muggles Make New Harry Potter Play Disappear From Bookstores

» NY Times Book Review: Andrew O’Hehir reviews Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter; also, Jean Zimmerman reviews alternate history novels by Tim Baker, Simone Zelitch, and Ben H. Winters

» Ars Technica: This science fiction novel is a perfect antidote to U.S. election season by Annalee Newitz, about Malka Older’s Infomocracy

» Read It Forward: Science Fiction Books For People Who Don’t Read Science Fiction — Tobias Carroll lists books by Bacigalupi, Faber, Butler, Banks, Mieville, Atwood, Delany, Hall, Brissett, Gibson, Slattery, Hopkinson, Womack, and the Strugatsky brothers

Blinks: Clarke Center discussion; Dirda reviews Big Book; Naimon interviews Ducornet

» The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at UC San Diego hosts panel discussion Time, Mathematics, and the Mind of God, August 10th, with Brian Keating, Andrew Friedman, and David Brin

» Washington Post: Michael Dirda posts A summer book list like no other, including the VanderMeers’ Big Book of Science Fiction and works by Jules Verne and Patrick Quentin

» David Naimon interviews Rikki Ducornet

Blinks: reviews of the Big Book of SF and Clarke finalists; CA Higgins

» Barnes & Noble: Paul Di Filippo reviews the VanderMeers’ The Big Book of Science Fiction

» New Scientist: Paul McAuley reviews the six finalists for this year’s Arthur C. Clarke Award: Six science fiction novels you should be reading

» Scientific American: C.A. Higgins on From Physics to Science Fiction, subtitled “A sci-fi author explains how she made the journey from science to writing”

Blinks: GRRM and Stephen King; Ellen Datlow’s photos from KGB, Readercon

» Entertainment Weekly: George R.R. Martin asks Stephen King: How do you write so fast?

» Ellen Datlow’s photos from KGB, with David D. Levine and Helen Marshall, July 20th

» Ellen Datlow’s photos from Readercon, July 7-10

Blinks: Le Guin at Comic-Con; The Big Book of Science Fiction; other reviews; Borderlands events

» LA Times: Patt Morrison talks with Ursula K. Le Guin at Comic-Con

» NYT Times: John Williams reviews the VanderMeers’ Big Book of Science Fiction

» The Verge: Andrew Liptak reviews The Big Book of Science Fiction; another review by Jim Higgins at; earlier at The Verge, Andrew Liptak reviews the Strugatskys, Becky Chamber, D.G. Compton, and others schedule for July

» Borderlands Books upcoming events include Daniel O’Malley, Seth Harwood, Todd Lockwood, Eliot Fintushel, Richard Kadrey, Sonia Orin Lyris, and Becky Chambers, with a celebration of Avram Davidson on July 31st

Blinks: Ted Chiang, reviews by Nancy Hightower and Gary K. Wolfe

» Electric Literature: The Legendary Ted Chiang on Seeing His Stories Adapted and the Ever-Expanding Popularity of SF

» Washington Post: Nancy Hightower reviews Bill Broun, Alexandra Oliva, Indra Das

» Chicago Tribune: Gary K. Wolfe’s Science Fiction roundup: reviewing China Miéville, Nina Allan, and an anthology by Jonathan Strahan

Blinks: NYT reviews two futuristic novels not described as sf

» NY Times Book Review reviews titles by Lionel Shriver and by Jenni Fagan, set in futures of economic and climate change though never described as science fiction

Blinks: Salon interviews the VanderMeers; Guardian reviews by Eric Brown

Blinks: NYT and Slate on Ben H. Winters

» New York Times profiles Ben H. Winters about his new novel Underground Airlines; Slate ridicules the piece, with a response from Winters

Blinks: Ansible; Butler anticipates Trump; reviews of collections; fantasy writers to read

» David Langford’s Ansible 348

» Mic: This Black Science Fiction Writer Predicted Trump’s Campaign Slogan 16 Years Ago, about Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Talents

» The Star: Alex Good reviews Eric Schaller, Hugh A.D. Spencer, Ken Liu, David Brin

» Vox: 3 fantasy writers to read while you wait for George R.R. Martin to finish Game of Thrones, about Robin McKinley, Megan Whelan Turner, Ellen Kushner

Blinks: reviews; KGB photos; Chiang in The New Yorker

» Washington Post: Nancy Hightower reviews Malka Older, Jeremy Bushnell, Bill Schutt & J.R. Finch

» Daily Mail: Ned Denny reviews Pratchett & Baxter, Guy Gavriel Kay, Tarn Richardson

» Ellen Datlow’s photos from KGB, June 15, with Marc Laidlaw and Daniel Braum

» Ted Chiang in The New Yorker: Bad Character

Blinks: N.K. Jemisin’s SF/F reviews in NYT; LA Times on Justin Cronin

Blinks: reviews, summer reading, Thomas Olde Heuvelt

» Chicago Tribune: Gary K. Wolfe reviews Ada Palmer, Eleanor Arnason, Frances Hardinge

» Today’s Science Friday recommends Best Science Fiction Books for Your Summer Reading List with Annalee Newitz and Anne VanderMeer

» Thomas Olde Heuvelt’s summer book tour for HEX begins June 24 in Orlando

Blinks: Events in SF and NYC

Upcoming Events

» June 12, San Francisco: SF in SF hosts Rudy Rucker and Michael Blumlein; July 17: Richard Kadrey and Thomas Olde Heuvelt

» June 15, New York City: Fantastic Fiction at KGB hosts Marc Laidlaw and Daniel Braum

» July, San Francisco: Borderlands Books hosts Sarah Kuhn, Charles Stross, Daniel O’Malley

Blinks: Reviews, Ansible, Journal of SF, Trekonomics, Apex Book

» New York Times: Janet Maslin reviews Stephen King’s End of Watch

» NYT Book Review: Terrence Rafferty reviews horror books by Oates, Straub, Evenson, de Kretser, Hurley, LaValle, Tremblay

» David Langford’s Ansible 347

» Museum of Science Fiction: second issue of Journal of Science Fiction

» The Economist: Time-travel from H.G. Wells to “Version Control” discusses Dexter Palmer’s recent novel

» Salon: Is a “Star Trek” future possible? interviews the author of Trekonomics

» LA Review of Books: Pepe Rojo reviews The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 4

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