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The February 2009 issue of Locus Magazine features:

  • The Year in Review, with essays about the best books and stories of 2008 by Charles N. Brown, Gary K. Wolfe, Gardner Dozois, Graham Sleight, and others...

  • The 2008 Locus Recommended Reading List, summaries of the year in publishing, and the 2009 Locus Poll & Survey ballot

  • An interview with Jonathan Lethem

  • Obituaries of Edd Cartier and others

  • Short fiction reviews by Gardner Dozois and Rich Horton, plus reviews by Gary K. Wolfe, Faren Miller, Russell Letson, Adrienne Martini, and others, of two dozen books by Ken Scholes, Felix Gilman, Nancy Kress, Benjamin Parzybok, and others, plus Graham Sleight's "Yesterday's Tomorrow's" column on the first six 1980's Ace Specials .

  • Bibliographic listings of the month's New Books and Magazines published in the US and UK

T a b l e   o f   C o n t e n t s

February 2009 • Issue 577 • Vol. 62 No. 2
42nd Year of Publication • 29-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interview Design by Arnie Fenner

Jonathan Lethem: Dabbler in Tribes / 6
2 0 0 8 :    T H E    Y E A R    I N    R E V I E W
2008: Recommended Reading: Charles N. Brown, Gary K. Wolfe, Mark R. Kelly, Faren Miller, Jonathan Strahan, Russell Letson, Paul Witcover, Gardner Dozois, Rich Horton, Graham Sleight, and Carolyn Cushman / 5 2008 Recommended Reading List / 42 2008 Book Summary / 48 2008 Magazine Summary / 52
P E O P L E   &   P U B L I S H I N G / 8
Notes on milestones, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Terry Pratchett, Robert J. Sawyer, Frederik Pohl, John Scalzi, Charlaine Harris, Isaac Asimov, and many others
M A I N    S T O R I E S / 9
Nebula Rules Changes and the 2008 Preliminary Ballot • Edd Cartier (1914 - 2008) • F&SF Goes Bimonthly • Year’s Bests Changes • Random Reorganization • 2008 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees • Gregory Wins Crawford • 2008 UPC Awards
T H E    D A T A    F I L E / 11
Hugo Nominations Open • 2008 BSFA Awards Nominees • 2008 Stoker Preliminary Ballot • Tumbarumba: Sneaky Fiction • SciFiWire Stands Alone • Amazon Lawsuit Rejected • Bestselling Books of 2008 • Reading on the Rise • Hachette Pulls E-Books • Murder One Closes • The Last Woolworth’s • Awards News
Magazines Received: December / 55    Books Received: December / 56   
British Books Received: November / 67    Bestsellers / 70
O B I T U A R I E S / 78
Edd Cartier (1914 - 2008) • Appreciations by Joseph Wrzos, Barry N. Malzberg & Arnie Fenner • Donald E. WestlakeJulius Fast Leo A. FrankowskiAdrian MitchellHillary WaughHortense CalisherHarold PinterHarry TurnerRichard SeaverKalju Kirde
L O C U S    L E T T E R S / 81
Leonid Doroschenko • Mike Deckinger • Stanley Schmidt & Sheila Williams • Eleanor Wood • Phil Harbottle
E D I T O R I A L    M A T T E R S / 82
Winter Holidays • Edd Cartier • Locus Poll & Survey • Length Complaint • Website Changes • This Issue • Next Issue

L O C U S    L O O K S    A T    B O O K S
Gardnerspace: Short Fiction Column by Gardner Dozois / 13
Jim Baen’s Universe; Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show;; Subterranean; Fantasy; Strange Horizons; Abyss & Apex; Clarkesworld Magazine; Asimov’s 12/08; F&SF 12/08; Interzone 218; Interzone 219; Periphery: Exotic Lesbian Futures, Lynne Jamneck, ed.; Otherworldly Maine, Noreen Doyle, ed.
Short Fiction Reviews by Richard Horton / 15 10/08; 12/08; F&SF 2/09; Asimov’s 2/09; Analog 3/09; Realms of Fantasy 2/09; Postscripts Winter ’08; Talebones Winter ’08; Black Static 10-11/08; Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 11/08; Flytrap 11/08, Reflections’s Edge 11/08; Gunpowder, Joe Hill; Psychological Methods to Sell Should Be Destroyed: Stories, Robert Freeman Wexler; Spicy Slipstream Stories, Nick Mamatas & Jay Lake, eds.
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 17
Lamentation, Ken Scholes; Enclave, Kit Reed; Cyberabad Days, Ian McDonald; Shambling Towards Hiroshima, James Morrow; Cosmocopia, Paul Di Filippo.
Reviews by Faren Miller / 21
Gears of the City, Felix Gilman; Lamentation, Ken Scholes; A Cold Day in Hell, Ken Rand; SHORT TAKES: Shambling Towards Hiroshima, James Morrow; Fool, Christopher Moore; Cyberabad Days, Ian McDonald; Those Who Went Remain There Still, Cherie Priest.
Reviews by Russell Letson / 23
Steal Across the Sky, Nancy Kress; End of the Century, Chris Roberson.
Reviews by Adrienne Martini / 25
Couch, Benjamin Parzybok; The Serial Garden, Joan Aiken; Spirit, Gwyneth Jones; Fathom, Cherie Priest; The Ghost in Love, Jonathan Carroll.
Yesterday's Tomorrows: Graham Sleight / 29
Neuromancer, William Gibson; Green Eyes, Lucius Shepard; The Wild Shore, Kim Stanley Robinson; In the Drift, Michael Swanwick; Them Bones, Howard Waldrop; Palimpsests, Carter Scholz & Glenn Harcourt.
Reviews by Divers Hands: Stefan Dziemianowicz and Richard A. Lupoff / 31
He Is Legend, Christopher Conlon, ed.; The Sun and the Moon, Matthew Goodman; The Loved Dead and Other Tales, C.M. Eddy, Jr.
Terry Bisson: This Month in History / 15, 17, 21, 23

Books reviewed in this issue, listed by author (indicating reviewer)

Aiken, Joan • The Serial Garden: The Complete Armitage Family Stories (Adrienne Martini)
Carroll, Jonathan • The Ghost in Love (Adrienne Martini)
Conlon, Christopher, ed. • He Is Legend: Celebrating Richard Matheson (Stefan Dziemianowicz)
Di Filippo, Paul • Cosmocopia (Gary K. Wolfe)
Doyle, Noreen, ed. • Otherworldly Maine (Gardner Dozois)
Eddy, C. M., Jr. • The Loved Dead and Other Tales (Richard A. Lupoff)
Gibson, William • Neuromancer (Graham Sleight)
Gilman, Felix • Gears of the City (Faren Miller)
Goodman, Matthew • The Sun and the Moon (Richard A. Lupoff)
Hill, Joe • Gunpowder (Rich Horton)
Jamneck, Lynne, ed. • Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures (Gardner Dozois)
Jones, Gwyneth • Spirit: The Princess of Bois Dormant (Adrienne Martini)
Kress, Nancy • Steal Across the Sky (Russell Letson)
Mamatas, Nick, & Jay Lake, eds. • Spicy Slipstream Stories (Rich Horton)
McDonald, Ian • Cyberabad Days (Faren Miller)
McDonald, Ian • Cyberabad Days (Gary K. Wolfe)
Moore, Christopher • Fool (Faren Miller)
Morrow, James • Shambling Towards Hiroshima (Faren Miller)
Morrow, James • Shambling Towards Hiroshima (Gary K. Wolfe)
Parzybok, Benjamin • Couch (Adrienne Martini)
Priest, Cherie • Fathom (Adrienne Martini)
Priest, Cherie • Those Who Went Remain There Still (Faren Miller)
Rand, Ken • A Cold Day in Hell (Faren Miller)
Reed, Kit • Enclave (Gary K. Wolfe)
Roberson, Chris • End of the Century (Russell Letson)
Robinson, Kim Stanley • The Wild Shore (Graham Sleight)
Scholes, Ken • Lamentation (Faren Miller)
Scholes, Ken • Lamentation (Gary K. Wolfe)
Scholz, Carter, & Glenn Harcourt • Palimpsests (Graham Sleight)
Shepard, Lucius • Green Eyes (Graham Sleight)
Swanwick, Michael • In the Drift (Graham Sleight)
Waldrop, Howard • Them Bones (Graham Sleight)
Wexler, Robert Freeman • Psychological Methods to Sell Should Be Destroyed: Stories (Rich Horton)
February 2009 Issue
Table of Contents

posted 1 February 2009

Cover Design: Arnie Fenner

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