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New & Notable Books

New & Notable Books

Alex Bledsoe
Mark Chadbourn
Fred Chappell
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Alan DeNiro
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Gahan Wilson


Tim Akers, Heart of Veridon (Solaris Sep 2009)

This impressive first novel mixes steampunk, fantasy, and noir in the colorful City of Veridon, where down-and-out ex-pilot Jacob Burn stumbles on a far-reaching conspiracy. The first book in a trilogy.

Poul Anderson, Young Flandry (Baen Jan 2010)

One of Anderson's most popular characters returns in these three novels featuring Dominic Flandry, dashing agent for the dying Terran Empire, at the beginning of his career: Ensign Flandry, A Circus of Hells, and The Rebel Worlds.

James Blish, Flights of Eagles (NESFA Press Dec 2009)

Blish, one of SF's great writers, deserves to be rescued from his undeserved obscurity by more collections like this, which gathers five stories and two novels: young-adult Welcome to Mars and Jack of Eagles (one of Blish's "Essential" novels according to Paul McAuley).

Patricia Briggs, Alpha and Omega (Subterranean Dec 2009)

Werewolf enforcer Charles rescues Anna, a rare Omega wolf, from her abusive pack in this previously hard-to-find novella (originally published in paranormal anthology On the Prowl) that started the Alpha and Omega series, a spin-off from the very popular Mercy Thompson series. This is a signed hardcover edition illustrated by Maurizio Manzieri.

Kristin Cashore, Fire (Dial Oct 2009)

A companion to the critically acclaimed YA fantasy Graceling, this is the tale of a young woman, a "monster" who hates her magical beauty, which affects the minds of all around her — some love her obsessively, others try to kill her — until the king asks her to use her beauty as a weapon to save the country.

Charles de Lint, Muse and Reverie (Tor Dec 2009)

The latest collection of de Lint's popular Newford stories gathers 13 tales, one a collaboration with MaryAnn Harris.

Rich Horton, ed., Unplugged: The Web's Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 2008 Download (Wyrm Publishing Jan 2010)

Finally, a way for Luddites to read the best online SF. The 14 stories include works by Peter S. Beagle, Nancy Kress, Cory Doctorow, and Catherynne M. Valente.

R. A. MacAvoy, In Between (Subterranean Press Sep 2009)

A young Chinese-American artist is attacked by thugs, then finds his uncle murdered in this dark fantasy novella that mixes art, kung fu, hospice care, and mystical healing, and even bonsai. A welcome new story from a noted author who publishes all too infrequently.

Alastair Reynolds, Thousandth Night & Minla's Flowers (Subterranean Press Nov 2009)

Reynolds presents two of his trademark far-future tales in this collection bound Ace Double-style. "Part of what makes Reynolds so effective — what makes his version of space opera New — is his ability to work at both ends of the scale, from the intimate to the very, very large." [Russell Letson]

Kim Stanley Robinson, Galileo's Dream (Ballantine Spectra Jan 2010)

The latest SF novel from noted author Robinson ranges from the birth of science in the Renaissance to space in the far future, in a tale of Galileo and a traveler from the future moons of Jupiter. Published in the UK by HarperVoyager (8/09).

Michael Shea, Copping Squid and Other Mythos Tales (Perilous Nov 2009)

World Fantasy Award-winning author Shea returns with this collection of eight wondrously weird Lovecraftian stories in the Cthulhu Mythos, four new.

Lucy A. Snyder, Spellbent (Ballantine Del Rey Dec 2009)

Apprentice wizard Jessie Shimmer breaks a lot of rules to get her boyfriend/teacher back from hell in this quirky and fast-paced dark urban fantasy, a very impressive first novel.

Charles Vess, Drawing Down the Moon: The Art of Charles Vess (Dark Horse Books Sep 2009)

The art of Charles Vess, from early works to comics, book illustration, and even sculpture, is lovingly displayed in this hefty art book, with text by Vess discussing the development of his art career.

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New & Notable Books

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