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New & Notable Books

New & Notable Books

Tim Akers
Poul Anderson
James Blish
Patricia Briggs
Kristin Cashore
Charles de Lint
Rich Horton
R.A. MacAvoy
Alastair Reynolds
Kim Stanley Robinson
Michael Shea
Lucy A. Snyder
Charles Vess


Carol Berg, The Spirit Lens (Roc Jan 2010)

The Collegia Magica series gets off to a strong start with this intriguingly convoluted fantasy mystery featuring a failed magician-turned-librarian as detective in a case of attempted assassination.

Beth Bernobich, Ars Memoriae (PS Publishing Oct 2009)

Bernobich's first book, this steampunkish novella presents an alternate world in which Eireann, a version of Ireland, faces events similar to the lead-in to WWI, with Commander Adrian Dee dealing with traitors, revolutionaries in Montenegro, and a mysterious woman of uncertain allegiance. "Bernobich remains one of the most exciting newer writers we have." [Rich Horton]

David Louis Edelman, Geosynchron (Pyr Feb 2010)

The entrepreneurial SF Jump 225 trilogy wraps up dramatically with this novel, and casts new light on the events of the first two volumes. "This smart, idiosyncratic blend of cyberpunk, libertarian entrepeneurship, and social engineering will, I think, stand as a seminal work of 21st century SF." [Paul Witcover]

Consuela Francis, Conversations with Octavia Butler (University Press of Mississippi Jan 2010)

The noted author discusses her life and work in 23 interviews conducted from 1980 to 2004.

Joe Haldeman, Starbound (Ace Jan 2010)

The first human interstellar voyage is an expedition to contact alien Others in this novel, the second book in a trilogy, and a direct sequel to Marsbound. "Haldeman takes on the Big Questions of SF... and few writers give a more convincing and grounded sense of what it is like to live and love in a science-fictional world." [Russell Letson]

Robin Hobb, Dragon Keeper (Eos Feb 2010)

Hobb's distinctively different explorations of dragons continue in this fantasy novel, the first volume of the Rain Wilds Chronicles, set in the same world as the Live Ships trilogy. Efforts to restore dragon breeding grounds in the Rain Wilds run into unexpected complications, with serious consequences for the dragons' human keepers. Originally published in the UK, 7/09 by Voyager.

Alexander Jablokov, Brain Thief (Tor Jan 2010)

A man investigates his eccentric employer's disappearance in this near-future mystery full of quirky characters, including an odd robot artificial intelligence. "This really is a science fiction story after all — just one that's set on the other side of the rabbit hole, which is always an entertaining place to visit, no matter which genre provides the excuse for the expedition." [Russell Letson]

Angus MacKenzie, ed., Spook City (PS Publishing Oct 2009)

A horror anthology devoted to the works of three authors born in, and influenced by, the city of Liverpool: Peter Atkins (four stories, one original), Clive Barker (three reprints), and Ramsey Campbell (six stories, one original). The editor provides a foreword, and horror actor Doug Bradley — a fellow Liverpudlian — wrote the introduction.

Darryl Murphy & William Shunn, Cast a Cold Eye (PS Publishing Dec 2009)

This ghost story novella by two noted short story writers is set in Nebraska in 1921, featuring an orphan who becomes the assistant to an itinerant spirit photographer, and full of rich details on the period and of early photography. "A compelling story about letting go and moving on, about growing up, but also about holding on." [Paul Witcover]

Patrick O'Leary, The Black Heart (PS Publishing Sep 2009)

This versatile writer's latest collection includes 11 stories, two of them original, along with three novel excerpts. James Morrow and the author both provide introductions, and O'Leary also includes illuminating story notes. "His array of ordinary people, skewed self-portraits, and more or less mythical figures all seem to come up with a pungent mix of the skeptical or matter-of-fact and a jolt of wonder, without reaching any trite conclusions." [Faren Miller]

Robert V. S. Redick, The Ruling Sea (Ballantine Del Rey Feb 2010)

The second book in this seafaring epic fantasy trilogy, the Chathrand Voyage, adds fresh conspiracies and new dangers both personal and political. First published in the UK (Gollancz 10/09 as The Rats and the Ruling Sea).

Ali Shaw, The Girl with Glass Feet (Holt Jan 2010)

Literary fantasy first novel about a woman slowly turning to glass — and falling in love — on a remote and snowy archipelago. First published in the UK (Atlantic UK 5/09).

Michael Shea, The Extra (Tor Feb 2010)

In this dark future Hollywood, one of the few ways to get ahead is to be an extra in live-action vids where thousands die — but the survivors reap huge rewards. "Shea brings these characters to life with skillful economy and invests them with a depth unusual for thrillers... Trust me, you're gonna love it." [Paul Witcover]

Connie Willis, Blackout (Ballantine Spectra Feb 2010)

Willis returns to her time-traveling historians, this time scrambling to get ready to visit WWII London, only to have things fall apart once they get there. This is the first half of a novel to be completed in October by All Clear; this volume ends with a cliffhanger, "but part of the joy of this ride is the discovery of how it all falls apart." [Adrienne Martini]

Patrick Wilshire & Jeannie Wilshire, eds., Visions of Never (Vanguard Productions Nov 2009)

Art book looking at six lesser-known fantastic artists finally receiving some much-deserved attention: Don Ivan Punchatz, Paul Lehr, Richard Bober, Robh Ruppel, Marc Fishman, and Mark Zug.

March 2010 Issue
New & Notable Books

posted 10 March 2010

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