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Most of the questions we've received about the digital editions and subscriptions are answered here. If yours isn't, please send us an email at so we can help.


  • When I load in my username and password, it doesn't work. What do I do?

    First, make sure caps lock is not on. Then, if you are cutting and pasting your username, try typing them in instead. When you cut and paste you can pick up extra characters or spaces, which will mess up the entry. If this does not solve the problem, try switching to a new browser.

  • Firefox (Explorer, Chrome, etc.) won't download my file. What do I do?

    First, try using a different browser. We've found some people have problems with Firefox (though it works for us) and have better luck using Explorer, and vice versa.

  • When I open the digital issue, it seems to be glitching. What do I do?

    Try closing and reopening the file. If that doesn't help, delete the file and download again. If it's still happening after that, please let us know so we can fix whatever the problem is.


  • I purchased a digital issue/subscription online via PayPal, but was NOT redirected to a signup form. What do I do?

    Please e-mail us and let us know. The purchase process should end in a redirect to a signup form, and if it didn't, you won't get an issue until we hear from you.

  • I have a Kindle; can I just give you my Kindle email address?

    Nope. We don't have the ability to send that many big attachments out, but we're looking into it. In the meantime, you've got to download the .mobi file and put it into your documents folder yourself. Several of our subscribers prefer to email their downloaded issues to themselves at their Kindle address, to avoid the need to plug in the device for file transfer.


  • I renewed using Paypal and my issues haven't shown up yet. What happened?

    If you use a different email for your paypal transactions than your preferred Locus delivery address, this may cause a problem. Either you need to fill out the change of address form (preferred method), and/or you may indicate your delivery address in the comments section in Paypal.

  • I've renewed my subscription, switching from print to digital, but didn't get the digital edition this month, just the print. Why?

    If you are renewing, the new subscription won't begin until the old one runs out. If you would like to receive the digital issue while your print sub is still coming, you can "top up" to add the digital issues for $1 per month. Contact us so we can tell you how many months you have left.

  • I currently receive a print only subscription. Can I switch to digital only before my print subscription runs out?

    Yes. However the remainder of your print only subscription will not be prorated. It will be a one-to-one exchange: for example, if you have six issues remaining for your print subscription, you will receive six digital issues instead.

  • I signed up for a digital subscription, but don't want it to start until my current print subscription runs out.

    Don't worry; your digital subscription will officially begin after your print subscription runs out.


  • I'd like to purchase a digital gift subscription for someone. What do I need to do?

    You must make sure we have both your name and email, and the name and email of the giftee. If you are subscribing via Paypal, all you have to do is explain in the Paypal comments section and include your friend's name and email. When the Paypal transaction directs you to a signup workflow, please use your friend's name and email, as this will automatically subscribe them to the correct mailing list.

  • I receive a print plus digital subscription. What do all these numbers on my printed mailing label mean?

    Your expiration date appears in year/month/day format on your mailing label (ex: 111201 expires December 01, 2011); the month listed is your final issue for the subscription. The number beginning with 1000 is your subscriber ID number.

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