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Archive for 'New & Notable'

New and Notable Books, March

March New and Notable books include Kelley Armstrong’s Forsaken and titles by Black, Elliott, Ellison, Link, Moorcock, Morrow, Mosley, Staveley, and Walton

New and Notable Books, February

February New and Notable books include William Alexander’s Ambassador and titles by Aaronovitch, Bova & Choi, Brenchley, Grandbois, Guran, Lafferty, Lord, Page & Lake, Parks, Powers, Sykes, and Valentine.

New and Notable Books, January

January New and Notable books include Jack McDevitt’s Coming Home and titles by Allen, Brissett, Finn & Cramer, Fleskes, Grant, Herbert, Jones, King, Klima, Rice, Sherman, and Williams.

New and Notable Books, December

December New and Notable books include Cixin Liu’s The Three-Body Problem and titles by Bear, Carriger, Carroll, Gibson, Grossman, Hamilton, Harrison, Headley & Howard, Latham, Millet, Silverberg, Tepper, Westerfeld, and Wilce.

New and Notable Books, November

Joe Abercrombie, Half a King (Ballantine Del Rey Jul 2014) A reluctant king vows to avenge his father’s death and regain the throne despite the deformed hand that makes him half a man in the eyes of his war- like people. This first novel in the Shattered Sea young-adult fantasy series is a powerful coming- […]

New and Notable Books, October

October New and Notable books include Margaret Atwood’s Stone Mattress and titles by Abraham, Bradley, Hobb, Hurley, Joyce, Kress, Lake, Link & Grant, Milford & Zollars, Sanderson et al., Scalzi, VanderMeer, Watts, Weir, and Whates

New and Notable Books, September

September New and Notable books include Hannu Rajaniemi’s The Causal Angel and titles by Anderson, Bear, Bernheimer, Blaylock, Dozois, Gladstone, Gregory, Muir, Park, Parker, Shepard, Valentine, and Winters

New and Notable Books, August

Tobias S. Buckell, Hurricane Fever (Tor Jul 2014) The author’s signature blend of ecological SF and thriller elements shines in this sequel to Arctic Rising. Former spy Prudence ‘‘Roo’’ Jones, a supporting character in the first volume, takes center stage here when he’s forced to come out of retirement to investigate the murder of an […]

New and Notable Books, July

July New and Notable books include Hayley Campbell’s The Art of Neil Gaiman and other titles by Adams, Bear & Dozois, Britain, Cargill, Cornell, Datlow, Horton, Johnson, Kelly, Morrow, Patterson, Strahan, VanderMeer, and Walton.

New and Notable Books, June

June New and Notable books include Elizabeth Bear’s Steles of the Sky and titles by Benford & Niven, Burnham, Davidson, de Lint, Dozois & Schafer, Gilman, Moore, Riopelle, Strahan, Tan, Taylor, Vance, and Wolverton.

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