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2010 Directories


Anderson, Poul : The High Crusade
(Baen 978-1439133774, $12, 196pp, trade paperback, September 2010, cover art Darrell K. Sweet)

SF novel about alien invaders who land on Earth in 1345 and are overcome by resourceful free Englishmen.
• This is the 50th anniversary edition of Anderson's 1961 Hugo Award nominee, which was first serialized in Astounding Science Fiction in 1960.
• Baen's site has this description with links to several chapters. The first link includes the introduction by Astrid Anderson Bear, and appreciations by Diana Paxson, Eric Flint, Greg Bear, David Drake, and Robert Silverberg.
• posted the appreciations last month, along with a review by Jo Walton.
• Amazon has over three dozen 4- and 5-star reader reviews.

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* Anvil, Christopher, edited by Eric C. Flint : The Power of Illusion
(Baen 978-1439134122, $12, 453pp, trade paperback, October 2010, cover art Bob Eggleton)

Collection of 22 stories, first published from 1958 to 1980, with four stories original to this volume.
• This is the eighth and final volume in Baen's series collecting the works of the "Hard-SF master and renowned John W. Campbell Analog regular."
• Stories include "The Day the Machines Stopped", first published as a short novel by Monarch Books in 1964.
• Baen's site has this description with links to six of the stories.
• Amazon reader Arthur W. Jordin has a detailed story-by-story summary.

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Asimov, Isaac : The Currents of Space
(Tor 978-0-7653-1917-3, $14.99, 239pp, trade paperback, October 2010)

SF novel, Asimov's third novel following Pebble in the Sky (1950) and The Stars, Like Dust (1951), which Tor also republished in hardcover in January and November '08 respectively.
• Set in the same galactic background as the Foundation series, the novel concerns the planet Florinia, source of a mineral whose interstellar trade supports the wealthy Squires of Sark.
• This is a trade paperback reprint of Tor's 2009 hardcover edition. Tor's site has this description and an excerpt.
• Amazon has over 30 reader reviews, most rating it 4 or 5 stars.

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Cook, Glen : Stars' End: The Starfishers Trilogy, Vol. 3
(Night Shade Books 978-1-59780-169-0, $14.95, 256pp, trade paperback, October 2010, cover art Daniel Dociu)

SF novel, third in the author's "Starfishers" trilogy following Shadowline and Starfishers (both 1982).
• In this book Confederation agent Moyshe benRabi and the Starfishers seek control of weapon-filled planet called Stars' End.
• Night Shade's site has this order page with a description.
• Amazon's "Look Inside" function provides an excerpt.
• Amazon has the Publishers Weekly review of this new edition, concluding "Now nearly 30 years old, this work is short by modern standards, giving the fast-paced story a compressed urgency with moments of genuine grandeur."

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Serviss, Garrett P. : Edison's Conquest of Mars
(Apogee Books 978-0973820300, $12.95, mass market paperback, 2010)

Science fiction novel, first published in 1898 in magazine form, and 1947 in book form; an unauthorized sequel to H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, in which the inventor Thomas Edison leads an expedition to Mars to defeat the Martians.
• This edition has an introduction by Robert Godwin, and illustrations from the original magazine serialization in 1898.
• The publisher's site has this description.
• Wikipedia has this entry for the book, with a publication history.

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Classic Reprints:
October 2010

posted 25 October 2010

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