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2010 Directories


* Anderson, Poul, edited by Rick Katze : The Collected Short Works of Poul Anderson, Volume 3: The Saturn Game
(NESFA Press 978-1-886778-89-4, $29, 511pp, hardcover, July 2010)

Collection of 18 stories plus assorted limericks and songs, third volume in NESFA's ongoing series.
• Tom Easton provides an introduction. Stories include Hugo Award winner "No Truce with Kings", Hugo and Nebula award winner "The Saturn Game", and Hugo Award winner "Hunter's Moon".
• NESFA's site has this description with the complete table of contents.
• Amazon has the starred Publishers Weekly review: "Anderson imbues his works with political philosophy, gun-slinging, and emotional depth, mixing hard science with superior world-building and intelligent storytelling."
• Gardner Dozois reviewed the book in the September issue of Locus Magazine: "Poul Anderson was one of the giants of the field, unparalleled in his ability to deliver intelligent, colorful, science-based, centercore adventure SF..." He notes that "my favorite of the book is 'The Only Game in Town', one of the best of Anderson's famous Time Patrol stories."

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Leiber, Fritz : Our Lady of Darkness
(Orb 978-0-7653-2407-8, $15.99, 220pp, trade paperback, 2010, cover art Chris McGrath)
(First edition: Berkley-Putnam, February 1977)

Dark fantasy novel about a San Francisco horror writer who pursues a mysterious presence.
• Tor's site has this description, with an excerpt.
• The novel won the World Fantasy Award in 1978.
• Despite which, the handful of reader reviews on Amazon are mixed.

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* Price, Robert M., ed. : The Yith Cycle
(Chaosium 978-1-56882-327-0, $16.95, 512pp, trade paperback, November 2010, cover art Steven Gilberts)

Anthology of 14 stories concerning the "Great Race" of H.P. Lovecraft's fiction, whose home was the planet Yith.
• Authors include Lovecraft (with two stories), John Taine, August W. Derleth, and P. Schuyler Miller. Taine's "The Purple Sapphire" is a short novel, running 184 pages in this volume.
• The publisher's site has this description, with the complete table of contents.
• The Amazon page for the book has a detailed review by contributor W.H. Pugmire (who points out, among other things, that an incorrect version of Lovecraft's "The Shadow out of Time" is used in the book).

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* Smith, Clark Ashton, edited by Scott Connors & Ron Hilger : The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith Volume 5: The Last Hieroglyph
(Night Shade Books 978-1-59780-032-7, $39.99, hardcover, December 2010)

Collection of 29 stories, fifth of five volumes in series arranging Smith's fantasy stories in order of composition.
• Richard A. Lupoff provides an introduction. There are also appendices of story notes, variant scenes, alternate endings, etc.
• The publisher's site has this description, with the complete list of stories.
• Amazon's "Look Inside" function includes an excerpt.
• (Note -- this listing based on an advance proof; published version not seen.)

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Classic Reprints:
November 2010

posted 27 November 2010

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