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2010 Directories


Analog Science Fiction and Fact

• Vol. 130 No. 7&8, July/August 2010, $7.99, 192pp, cover art by Bob Eggleton
• Near-monthly (10 times/year) magazine of science fiction and nonfiction; published since 1930 (originally Astounding); edited by Stanley Schmidt
• Website:
• Message Board:

• This issue has novellas by Rajnar Vajra, Stephen L. Burns, and Stephen Baxter; novelettes by Marianne J. Dyson and Scott William Carter; and short stories by Carl Frederick, Brad Aiken, and Brenda Cooper. There's also a poem by Geoffrey A. Landis.
• The science fact article, by Richard A. Lovett, is about moderating global warming via artificial volcanoes. Lovett also contributes a "special feature" on "The Serious Business of Writing Humor".
• Departments include Stanley Schmidt's Editorial, on analog vs digital; the results of the "Analytical Laboratory" of reader votes on last year's stories and articles; John G. Cramer's "Alternate View" column, Bubbles of Broken Symmetry; Don Sakers' "Reference Library" book reviews, covering Connie Willis, Laura Bynum, and others; and "Brass Tacks" readers' letters.
• Lois Tilton reviews this issue for Locus Online here.

(Tue 1 Jun 2010)


Asimov's Science Fiction

• Vol. 34 No. 7 (whole #414), July 2010, $4.99, 112pp, cover art by Tomislav Tikulin
• Near-monthly (10 times/year) SF magazine; published since 1977; edited by Sheila Williams
• Website:
• Message Board:

• The cover story is a novella by Robert Reed, "A History of Terraforming"; there are also novelettes by Tom Purdom and Aliette de Bodard, and short stories by Alice Sola Kim, D.T. Mitenko, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Poetry is by Bruce Boston and Robert Borski.
• Departments include Sheila Williams' editorial, Out of This World, about books on board the Space Station; Robert Silverberg's "Reflections" column, The Search for Other Earths; and Paul Di Filippo's On Books, covering titles by Dario Ciriello, James Gunn, L. Jagi Lamplighter, and others.
• The magazine's website has the table of contents, with links to the departments and to excerpts of the Reed and Purdom stories.
• Lois Tilton reviews this issue for Locus Online here, especially recommending the Robert Reed story.

(Tue 1 Jun 2010)


Black Static

• Issue 17, June-July 2010, £3.95, 64pp, cover art by Ben Baldwin
• British fantasy and horror magazine, debuting 2007 (formerly The Third Alternative), edited by Andy Cox
• Website:

• This issue has horror stories by Suzanne Palmer, Vylar Kaftan, Daniel Kaysen, and John Shirley. There are also 10 winning stories in the magazine's "Campaign for Real Fear" contest for 500-word stories; these stories are by Gemma Files, Kaaron Warren, Alan Morgan, and others. Another 10 winners will appear in the next issue.
• Columns are by Stephen Volk, Tony Lee (DVD reviews), and Peter Tennant (book reviews, including an interview with John Connolly).
• The magazine's website has this post with details about the table of contents.

(Tue 15 Jun 2010)



• Issue 228, May-June 2010, £3.95, 64pp, cover art by Warwick Fraser-Coombe
• SF magazine, currently bimonthly, published since 1982, co-founded by David Pringle; edited since 2004 by Andy Cox
• Website:

• Fiction in this issue is by Mario Milosevic, Melissa Yuan-Innes, David D. Levine, Jason Sanford, and Jon Ingold.
• Interface features include David Langford's "Ansible Link" column of news and obituaries, and the results of the readers' poll on stories and artworks published in last year's issues. Reviews, by Paul Kincaid, Andy Hedgecock, Ian Hunter, and others, covers titles by Gene Wolfe, Jetse de Vries, George Mann, and others; there are also DVD/Blu-Ray reviews by Tony Lee, and film reviews by Nick Lowe.
• The magazine's website has this post with a detailed table of contents.
• Lois Tilton reviews this issue for Locus Online here, especially recommending the Mario Milosevic story.

(Thu 17 Jun 2010)


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

• Vol. 119 No. 1&2 (whole #690), July/August 2010, $7, 258pp, cover art by Thomas Canty
• Now bimonthly magazine of fiction, reviews, and features; published since 1949; edited by Gordon Van Gelder
• Website:
• Message Board:

• Novelets in this issue are by Michael Alexander, John Langan, Albert E. Cowdrey, Richard Bowes, Ken Altabef, and Sean McMullen; short stories, by Ian R. MacLeod, Rick Norwood, Brenda Carre, Ramsey Shehadeh, and Heather Lindsley. There's also a poem by Annabelle Beaver.
• Departments include an editorial by Gordon Van Gelder, who notes that a trial audio issue of the magazine will be available at [still a trial page as of this post], while the text of one story per issue will be available at
• Other departments are Charles de Lint's "Books to Look For", covering titles by Jacob Asher Michael and others; James Sallis' "Books" column, on Mark Rich's biography of C.M. Kornbluth; a Plumage from Pegasus vignette by Paul Di Filippo, "Couch Surfing with Mickey and Judy"; a Films column by Lucius Shepard (covering Alice in Wonderland and others); a Science column by Paul Doherty & Pat Murphy; and a Curiosities page by David Langford, about a 1985 book by David Hughes.
• Lois Tilton reviews this issue for Locus Online here, especially recommending the Michael Alexander and John Langan stories.

(Tue 8 Jun 2010)


The New York Review of Science Fiction

• Issue 262, Vol. 22 No. 10, June 2010, $4.00, 24pp
• Monthly review and criticism magazine, published since 1988; edited by David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, et al.
• Website:

• This special "Beauty in Numbers" issue features an essay by Jim C. Hines analyzing how novelists break in (with details on his website:
• There are other essays by Christopher Cokinos, about the film 2010, and David Drake, about Manly Wade Wellman's Hok stories.
• Reviews include Joe Milicia on A.E. van Vogt, Henry Wessells on Eric Leif Davin, Don Webb on Kaoru Kurimoto, and both Farah Mendlesohn and Damien Broderick on Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr.
• David G. Hartwell editorializes on the changing ebook game, with some frank words on how the publishing industry is reported in the media.

(Tue 15 Jun 2010)


On Spec

• Issue 80, Vol. 22 No. 1, Spring 2010, C$6.95, 112pp, cover art by Aaron Paquette
• Website:

• Fiction in this issue is by Leah Bobet, Tina Connolly, Meghan Dunn, John Mantooth, Marcelle Dubé, Eric J. Hull, Tony Pi, and Kate Riedel.
• Poetry is by Saint James Harris Wood.
• Nonfiction includes an editorial by Diana L. Walton, and interviews with writer Marcelle Dubé and artist Aaron Paquette.
• The magazine's website has the table of contents with notes on contributors.

(Thu 10 Jun 2010)


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