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New Books, 31 May 2016

Eleanor Arnason’s Hwarhath Stories, Neil Gaiman’s The View from the Cheap Streets, Kameron Hurley’s The Geek Feminist Revolution, Manu Saadia’s Trekonomics, and titles by Brooks, Esslemont, Guran, Hairston, Peek, Sawyer, Shepherd, and Sniegoski

Weekly Bestsellers, 30 May 2016

Joe Hill’s The Fireman debuts strongly on four lists.

Periodicals, late May 2016

New issues of Interzone and Black Static, and what’s new in May at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Daily SF, Strange Horizons, and

New UK Books, May 2016

May UK books not (yet) published in the US are Ken MacLeod’s The Corporation Wars: Dissidence and titles by Stephen Deas, Naomi Foyle, Peter Newman, and Sue Tingey.

New Books, 24 May 2016

Justin Cronin’s The City of Mirrors and titles by Brooks, Grimes, Mann, and Marshall

Weekly Bestsellers, 23 May 2016

Don DeLillo’s Zero K debuts on two more print lists.

New in Paperback, April – May 2016

Paul Tremblay’s Stoker Award winner A Head Full of Ghosts, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora, Nnedi Okorafor’s The Book of Phoenix, Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves, Robert Charles Wilson’s The Affinities, and titles by Barker, Bledsoe, Bova, Brooks, Cambias, Campbell, Chu, Conroy, Corey, Gilman, Gladstone, Haydon, Maas, Moore, Reed, Stirling, Weber, West, and Zahn

New Books, 17 May 2016

Jonathan Strahan’s The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume Ten, Joe Hill’s The Fireman, and titles by Ashby, Castle, Denning, Divya, Hemstreet, Howard, Ingram, Irvine, North, Sapkowski, and Van Young

Weekly Bestsellers, 16 May 2016

Debuting this week are titles by Sarah J. Maas, Claudia Gray, Don DeLillo, Charlaine Harris, and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Periodicals, mid-May 2016

New issues of Aurealis, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Mythic Delirium, and Perihelion

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