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Science Fiction Research Association 2011 Awards

The Science Fiction Research Association has announced the 2011 winners of its annual research awards:

Pilgrim Award: Donna Haraway

Pioneer Award: John Rieder, “On Defining SF, or Not: Genre Theory, SF, and History”, Science Fiction Studies 37.2 (July 2010)

Clareson Award: The Tiptree Motherboard (Karen Joy Fowler, Debbie Notkin, Ellen Klages, Jeanne Gomoll, Jeff Smith, Pat Murphy)

Mary Kay Bray: Alfredo Suppia, “Southern Portable Panic: Federico Álvarez’s Ataque de Pánico!”, SFRA Review (Spring 2010)

Student Paper: Bradley Fest, “Tales of Archival Crisis: Stephenson’s Reimagining of the Post-Apocalyptic Frontier”

Student Paper Honorable Mention: Erin McQuiston, “Thank God It’s Friday: Threatened Frontier Masculinity in Robinson Crusoe on Mars”

The awards, selected by a committee of SFRA members, are given in recognition of “members of the SF community who exhibit outstanding scholarship, pioneering viewpoints in the science fiction discourse, and lifetime contributions to SF research.” Winners were honored at the 2011 SFRA Conference, “Dreams Not Only American,” held July 7-11 in Lublin, Poland.

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