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Gene DeWeese (1934-2012)

Writer Gene DeWeese, 78, died March 19, 2012 in Milwaukee WI after suffering from Lewy body dementia. DeWeese is best known for his Star Trek novels, and also wrote original SF, Gothic fiction, mysteries, and young-adult work, along with several noteworthy collaborations, producing more than 40 books in all.

Thomas Eugene DeWeese was born January 31, 1934 in Rochester IN. He worked primarily as a technical writer (including for the Apollo space program) until 1974, when he became a full-time freelance writer.

DeWeese’s earliest professional publications were Man from U.N.C.L.E. tie-ins The Invisibility Affair (1967) and The Mind-Twisters Affair (1967), both co-written with Robert Coulson under pseudonym Thomas Stratton. In addition to his several Star Trek novels, he also produced tie-in works in the universes of Ravenloft, Dinotopia, and Lost in Space. His original work includes the Joe Karns series and the Calvin Willeford series, both co-written with Robert Coulson, and The Adventures of a Two-Minute Werewolf (1983, adapted as a TV movie in 1985), along with numerous other standalones. He wrote nine Gothic novels as Jean DeWeese, and co-wrote a romance novel with Connie Kugi under pseudonym Victoria Thomas.

He is survived by wife Beverly Amers, married 1955.

See the May issue of Locus for a complete obituary.

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