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2011 Sidewise Award Finalists

The 2011 Sidewise Award Finalists for the best alternate history of 2011 have been announced:

Short Form:

  • “The Iron Shirts”, Michael F. Flynn ( 5/4/11)
  • “Paradise Is a Walled Garden”, Lisa Goldstein (Asimov’s 8/11)
  • “Orion Rising”, Jason Stoddard (Panverse 3)
  • “Lee at the Alamo”, Harry Turtledove ( 9/7/11)

Long Form

  • Castro’s Bomb, Robert Conroy (self published)
  • Himmler’s War, Robert Conroy (Baen)
  • Then Everything Changed, Jeff Greenfield (Putnam)
  • Wake Up and Dream, Ian R. MacLeod (PS)
  • Planesrunner, Ian McDonald (Pyr)
  • Heart of Iron, Ekaterina Sedia (Prime)
  • Camera Obscura, Lavie Tidhar (Angry Robot)

The winners will be announced at the 2012 Worldcon in Chicago. For more information, see the Sidewise Awards for Alternate History website.

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