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Beale Expelled from SFWA

SF writer Theodore Beale, who blogs as Vox Day, announced that he has been expelled from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. He posted a letter from SFWA President Steven Gould that reads, in part:

After careful consideration of the evidence gathered by the Board-appointed investigator and your response, and in compliance with the existing Massachusetts By-Laws, the approved operations and procedures, and legal counsel, the SFWA Board has unanimously voted for your expulsion from the organization, effective immediately. This has been a difficult decision, but thorough examination of the evidence and the situation makes it clear that this action is necessary to best serve the interests of the organization and its members.

Beale, a lifetime SFWA member who ran unsuccessfully for SFWA president earlier this year, concludes, “I shall attempt to find the wherewithal to soldier on, somehow.”

In June, Beale used a promotional SFWA Twitter feed, @SFWAauthors, to link to remarks he made on his blog, where he called another author “half-savage” and an editor a “fat frog,” among other inflammatory remarks.

Many SFWA members, including Jim C. Hines and  Amal El-Mohtar, immediately began to call for his expulsion for misuse of a SFWA service. (Though the tweets by Beale were removed, the blog post is available here).

Update: SFWA’s official statement is available at

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