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2015 Seiun Awards Winners

Winners for translated works in the 2015 Seiun Awards (the Japanese equivalent to the Hugo Awards) have been announced.

Best Translated Novel

  • The Martian, Andy Weir, translated by Kazuko Onoda (Hayakawa)
  • Pathfinder, Orson Scott Card, translated by Naoya Nakahara (Hayakawa)
  • Ready Player One, Ernest Cline, translated by Makiko Ikeda (SB Creative)
  • The Dervish House, Ian McDonald, translated by Masaya Shimokusu (Tokyo Sogensha)
  • Redshirts, John Scalzi, translated by Masayuki Uchida (Hayakawa)
  • Among Others, Jo Walton, translated by Takeshi Mogi (Tokyo Sogensha)

Best Translated Story

  • “The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi”, Pat Cadigan, translated by Yooichi Shimada (Hayakawa SF 1/14)
  • “War 3.01”, Keith Brooke, translated by Masato Naniwa (Hayakawa SF 9/14)
  • “Year of the Rat”, Stanley Chen (Chen Qiufan), translated by Naoya Nakahara (Hayakawa SF 3/14)
  • “For Want of a Nail”, Mary Robinette Kowal, translated by Fumiyo Harashima (Hayakawa SF 4/14)
  • “Hunter Come Home”, Richard McKenna, translated by Touru Nakamura (Tokyo Sogensha SF 11/14)
  • “Water”, Ramez Naam, translated by Naoya Nakahara (Hayakawa SF 9/14)
  • “The Negation”, Christopher Priest, translated by Yoshimichi Furusawa (Hayakawa SF 2/14)

The Seiun Awards honor the best original and translated works published last year in Japan. There are categories for Japanese Novel, Japanese Story, Film, Comics, Art, and Non-Fiction categories. For the complete list (in Japanese) see:

More winners will be announced at Comecon, the 54th Japanese National SF convention, held August 29-30, 2015 in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

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