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2016 Alfie Awards

The Alfie Awards were presented at midnight on August 20, 2016, during George R.R. Martin’s Hugo Losers Party, held at the Midland Theatre in Kansas City MO. The awards, named in honor of Alfred Bester (whose The Demolished Man was the first ever novel Hugo Award winner), with trophies created using ’50s hood ornaments, went to the top runner-up pushed off various categories of the Hugo Awards ballot by the Rabid Puppy slate, as well as several committee choices.

  • Best Short Story: “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers”, Alyssa Wong (Nightmare 10/15)
  • Best Related Work: Letters to Tiptree, Alisa Krasnostein & Alexandra Pierce, eds. (Twelfth Planet)
  • Best Graphic Novel: Bitch Planet, Volume 1: Extraordinary Machine, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine De Landro, Taki Soma & Robert Wilson (Image)
  • Best Artist: Julie Dillon
  • Best Fanzine: Journey Planet
  • Best Fancast: Tea and Jeopardy, Emma & Peter Newman
  • Best Fan Writer: Alexandra Erin
  • Special Committee Award: Black Gate
  • Special Committee Award: Locus

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