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2017 SFRA Awards

The Science Fiction Research Association announced the winners of the SFRA Awards at the 2017 Science Fiction Research Association conference held June 28 through July 1, 2017 at the Marriott Riverside in Riverside CA.

Pioneer Award (Best Critical Essay-length Work)

“Forms of Duration: Preparedness, the Mars Trilogy, and the Management of Climate Change”, Lindsay Thomas (American Literature 3/16)

Pilgrim Award (Lifetime Contributions to SF/F Scholarship)

Tom Moylan

Thomas D. Clareson Award (Outstanding Service & Promotion of SF/F)

Pawel Frelik

Mary K. Bray Award (Best Essay, Interview, or Extended Review in SFRA Review)

A.P. Canavan

Student Paper Award (Best Student Paper Presented at Previous SFRA Conference)

Francis Gene-Rowe


For more information, visit the SFRA website.

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