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2015 Nebula Awards Winners

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have announced the winners of the 2015 Nebula Awards. The winners are…


  • “The Bone Swans of Amandale”, C. S. E. Cooney (Bone Swans)
  • “The New Mother”, Eugene Fischer (Asimov’s Apr/May 2015)
  • “The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn”, Usman T. Malik ( 22 Apr 2015)
  • “Waters of Versaille”, Kelly Robson ( 10 Jun 2015)
  • Wings of Sorrow and Bone, Beth Cato (Harper Voyager Impulse)

  • “Our Lady of the Open Road”, Sarah Pinsker (Asimov’s Jun 2015)
  • “And You Shall Know Her by the Trail of Dead”, Brooke Bolander (Lightspeed Feb 2015)
  • “The Deepwater Bride”, Tamsyn Muir (F&SF Jul/Aug 2015)
  • “Grandmother-nai-Laylit’s Cloth of Winds”, Rose Lemberg (Beneath Ceaseless Skies 11 Jun 2015)
  • “The Ladies’ Aquatic Gardening Society”, Henry Lien (Asimov’s Jun 2015)
  • “Rattlesnakes and Men”, Michael Bishop (Asimov’s Feb 2015)

  • “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers”, Alyssa Wong (Nightmare Oct 2015)


  • Mad Max: Fury Road (Written by George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, Nick Lathouris)
  • Ex Machina (Written by Alex Garland)
  • Inside Out (Screenplay by Pete Docter, Meg LeFauve, Josh Cooley; Original Story by Pete Docter, Ronnie del Carmen)
  • Jessica Jones: AKA Smile (Teleplay by Scott Reynolds & Melissa Rosenberg; Story by Jamie King & Scott Reynolds)
  • The Martian (Screenplay by Drew Goddard)
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Written by Lawrence Kasdan & J.J. Abrams and Michael Arndt)

The Awards were presented at a ceremony held in the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago on evening of May 14, 2016, emceed by the very entertaining John Hodgman.

(Note: author links above go to pages in the Science Fiction Awards Database.)

Hurley Wins British Book Industry Book of the Year

Andrew Michael Hurley’s debut The Loney (John Murray) won the 2016 British Book Industry Book of the Year Award. The Loney was the Debut Fiction finalist, and won the overall award over finalists from Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Children’s Book categories. The Loney was first published by small press Tartarus in 2014.

The British Book Industry Awards celebrate “the greatness of the British book trade and the people behind it.” The awards were previously known as the Bookseller Industry Awards (“Nibbies”). More information may be found at the British Book Industry Awards website.

Katherine Dunn (1945-2016)

Writer Katherine Dunn, 70, died May 11, 2016 in Portland OR of complications from lung cancer.

Dunn is best known for Geek Love (1989), her influential literary horror novel about a family of circus sideshow performers (with touches of the paranormal). The novel was a bestseller and is an enduring cult classic, and was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the Bram Stoker Award. Earlier novels Attic (1970) and Truck (1971) are more mainstream.

Katherine Karen Dunn was born October 24, 1945 in Garden City KS, and grew up in Oregon. She attended Portland State University and Reed College, and spent time traveling in Europe in the early ’70s, where her first two novels were written and her only son was born. She returned to Portland in the late ’70s and held various jobs while also working as a reporter and columnist. A respected journalist, Dunn wrote for The New York Times, Playboy, Vogue, The Los Angeles Times, and many other publications, and was an acclaimed boxing reporter.

Other books include Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective’s Scrapbook (1995), a book of photography for which she wrote the text; The Slice: Information with an Attitude (1989), collecting installments of a column she wrote for Willamette Week; and two books on boxing. A portion of her unfinished fourth novel The Cut Man (first announced in 1989) was published in The Paris Review in 2010.

Dunn is survived by son Eli Dapolonia and husband Paul Pomerantz, married 2012.

Special Prometheus Award For Alex + Ada

Alex + Ada, a graphic novel and comic series by Jonathan Luna & Sarah Vaughn, has won a Special Prometheus Award from the Libertarian Futurist Society. According to the LFS announcement:

Luna and Vaughn’s treatment of artificial intelligence and virtual reality is sophisticated and technologically plausible. They tie the ethical question of which beings have rights to deeper philosophical issues of the nature of conscious experience and selfhood. And in the end, they hold up personal integrity in the face of a repressive society as an example worth following. Their story gives us a look at issues that a future world might have to address.

The special award will be presented in a ceremony along with the hall of fame award, the award for best novel, and the lifetime achievement award, during MidAmeriCon II, the 74th Worldcon, to be held August 17-21, 2016 in Kansas City MO.

Spectrum 23 Awards Winners

The 2016 Spectrum Awards Winners were announced May 7, 2016 at the Society of Illustrators in New York City.


  • Gold Award: “The Blessing of Athena”, Nico Delort
  • Silver Award: “24 Hour Movie Marathon”, Joseph Qiu



Concept Art

  • Gold Award: “King Louie’s Court”, Vance Kovacs
  • Silver Award: “Journey to West”, Te Hu



  • Gold Award: “Traveling To a Distant Day”, Tran Nguyen
  • Silver Award: “Family Portraithausen: A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen”, Chris Seaman



  • Gold Award: “Bioluminescence”, Rob Rey
  • Silver Award: “Dust Devil”, Wayne Haag

Grand Master Award

Rising Star Award

Jurors were Dave Palumbo, Cynthia Sheppard, Kirk Thatcher, Charlie Wen, and Terryl Whitlatch. For more information, including images of the nominated art, see the Flesk and Spectrum Fantastic Art blog.

2016 Hugo and Campbell Awards Finalists, Revised

The Hugo Awards ballot entries for best short story and best fanzine were revised May 6, 2016 due to nominees Thomas A. Mays and Black Gate withdrawing from consideration. They were replaced by “Cat Pictures Please”, Naomi Kritzer (Clarkesworld, 1/15) and Lady Business.

The revised Hugo Awards Ballot and the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer are below, as announced by MidAmericon II, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Kansas City MO, August 17-21, 2016.

Best Novel (3,695 nominating ballots)

 Best Novella (2,416)

Best Novelette (1,975)

 Best Short Story (2,451)

  • “Asymmetrical Warfare”, S. R. Algernon (Nature 3/15)
  • “Cat Pictures Please”, Naomi Kritzer (Clarkesworld, 1/15)**
  • The Commuter, Thomas A. Mays (Stealth)
  • “Seven Kill Tiger”, Charles Shao (There Will Be War: Volume X)
  • “If You Were an Award, My Love”, Juan Tabo & S. Harris ( 6/15)
  • Space Raptor Butt Invasion, Chuck Tingle (self-published)

 Best Dramatic Presentation – Long (2,904)

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Ex Machina
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • The Martian
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

 Best Dramatic Presentation – Short (2,219)

  • Doctor Who: “Heaven Sent”
  • Grimm: “Headache”
  • Jessica Jones: “AKA Smile”
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: “The Cutie Map: Parts 1 and 2”
  • Supernatural: “Just My Imagination”

 Best Related Work (2,080)

 Best Graphic Story (1,838)

  • Invisible Republic: Vol 1, Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman; art by Gabriel Hardman (Image)
  • Erin Dies Alone, Grey Carter; art by Cory Rydell (
  • The Sandman: Overture, Neil Gaiman; art by J.H. Williams III (Vertigo)
  • The Divine, Boaz Lavie; art by Asaf Hanuka & Tomer Hanuka (First Second)
  • Full Frontal Nerdity, Aaron Williams (

 Best Professional Editor Long Form (1,764)

  • Vox Day
  • Sheila E. Gilbert
  • Liz Gorinsky
  • Jim Minz
  • Toni Weisskopf

Best Professional Editor Short Form (1,891)

  • John Joseph Adams
  • Neil Clarke
  • Ellen Datlow
  • Jerry Pournelle
  • Sheila Williams

 Best Professional Artist (1,481)

  • Lars Braad Andersen
  • Larry Elmore
  • Michal Karcz
  • Abigail Larson
  • Larry Rostant

Best Semiprozine (1,457)

  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies
  • Daily Science Fiction
  • Sci Phi Journal
  • Strange Horizons
  • Uncanny

Best Fanzine (1,455)

  • Black Gate
  • Castalia House Blog
  • File 770
  • Lady Business**
  • Superversive SF
  • Tangent Online

Best Fancast (1,267)

  • 8‐4 Play
  • Cane and Rinse
  • HelloGreedo
  • The Rageaholic
  • Tales to Terrify

Best Fan Writer (1,568)

  • Douglas Ernst
  • Mike Glyer
  • Morgan Holmes
  • Jeffro Johnson
  • Shamus Young

Best Fan Artist (1,073)

  • Matthew Callahan
  • disse86
  • Kukuruyo
  • Christian Quinot
  • Steve Stiles

 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer [Not a Hugo Award] (1,922)

  • *Pierce Brown
  • *Sebastien de Castell
  • Brian Niemeier
  • *Andy Weir
  • *Alyssa Wong

*Finalists in their 2nd year of eligibility.

**Added to ballot May 6, 2016.

There were 4,032 nominating ballots received from members of Sasquan, MidAmeriCon II, and Worldcon 75.

Makereti Wins Pacific Regional Commonwealth Prize

The 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize judges have announced this year’s five regional winners, including the speculative story “Black Milk” by Tina Makereti (New Zealand) for the Pacific region. Makeri’s story can be read online at Granta, as part of a partnership between Commonwealth Writers and Granta to publish the regional winners every Wednesday until June 1.

The Commonwealth Short Story Prize is awarded to the best piece of unpublished short fiction in English, and short stories translated into English from other languages (stories may be submitted in their original language if not in English). Five winning writers from five different Commonwealth regions receive £2,500 (USD $3,835), and the overall winner receives £5,000 ($7,670). Translators also receive equal prize money. The winner will be announced at the Calabash International Literary Festival in Jamaica on June 5. For more information, visit The 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize: Regional Winners.

SF Signal Shuts Down

Co-founders John DeNardo and J.P. Frantz have announced that SF Signal will close down. As of May 5, 2016 the site will no longer be updated. The announcement was made on the SF Signal blog, in which they say:

The reason is boringly simple: time. As the blog has grown, so has its demands for our attention. That is time we would rather spend with our families. We considered scaling back posts, but it felt like SF Signal would only be a shadow of its former self. So yes, it feels sudden, but a “cold turkey” exit seems like the right thing to do.

The site, which started in 2003, won multiple Hugo awards during its 12 years and 10 months. The administrators say that the site will be hosted through at least the first week of June, and that they are looking for a way to keep its archives up beyond that. For more information, visit the SF Signal site.

2016 Locus Awards Finalists

The Locus Science Fiction Foundation has announced the top five finalists in each category of the 2016 Locus Awards.

Winners will be announced during the Locus Awards Weekend in Seattle WA, June 24-26, 2016; Connie Willis will MC the awards ceremony. Additional weekend events include author readings; a kickoff Clarion West party honoring first week instructor Paul Park, Clarion West supporters, awards weekend ticket holders, and special guests; panels with leading authors; an autograph session with books available for sale thanks to University Book Store; and a lunch banquet with the annual Hawai’ian shirt contest, all followed by a Locus party on Saturday night.

The Locus Awards are chosen by a survey of readers in an open online poll that runs from February 1 to April 15. We welcome and invite everyone to vote in the poll. Our recommended list for 2015 can be found here.






  • Penric’s Demon, Lois McMaster Bujold (self-published)
  • ‘‘The Citadel of Weeping Pearls’’, Aliette de Bodard (Asimov’s 10-11/15)
  • ‘‘The Four Thousand, the Eight Hundred’’, Greg Egan (Asimov’s 12/15)
  • Binti, Nnedi Okorafor (
  • Slow Bullets, Alastair Reynolds (Tachyon)






  • Asimov’s
  • Clarkesworld
  • F&SF
  • File 770


  • Baen
  • Gollancz
  • Orbit
  • Tor
  • Subterranean


  • John Joseph Adams
  • Ellen Datlow
  • Gardner Dozois
  • David G. Hartwell
  • Jonathan Strahan


  • Galen Dara
  • Julie Dillon
  • Bob Eggleton
  • John Picacio
  • Michael Whelan



For more information about the Seattle event and for Locus Awards and Locus Workshop ticketing, please visit the 2016 Locus Awards Information Page.

2015 Shirley Jackson Awards Nominees

The 2015 Shirley Jackson Awards nominees have been announced. The awards are presented for outstanding achievement in horror, psychological suspense, and dark fantasy fiction.




  • “Even Clean Hands Can Do Damage”, Steve Duffy (Supernatural Tales Autumn ’15)
  • “The Thyme Fiend”, Jeffrey Ford ( 03/11/15)
  • “The Briskwater Mare”, Deborah Kalin (Cherry Crow Children)
  • “The Deepwater Bride”, Tamsyn Muir (F&SF 7-8/15)
  • “Fabulous Beasts”, Priya Sharma ( 7/27/15)


  • “Seven Minutes in Heaven”, Nadia Bulkin (Aickman’s Heirs)
  • “A Beautiful Memory”, Shannon Peavey (Apex 3/15)
  • “The Dying Season”, Lynda E. Rucker (Aickman’s Heirs)
  • “Wilderness”, Letitia Trent (Exigencies)
  • “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers”, Alyssa Wong (Nightmare 8/15)



The awards will be presented July 10, 2016 at Readercon 27 in Quincy MA.

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