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This blog is hosted by WordPress beginning April 2010, with re-initialized categories and tags. Labels listed below apply to the earlier, Blogger-hosted posts.

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SFWA Puts Dorchester on Probation

Dorchester Publishing is on probation as a SFWA qualifying market from December 10, 2010 through December 10, 2011. Sales made to Dorchester during that time will not qualify authors for SFWA membership; however, sales may retroactively qualify if the probation period is successfully completed. According to the statement issued by SFWA president John Scalzi, the […]

SFWA Puts Night Shade Books on Probation

Night Shade Books is on probation as a SFWA qualifying market, due to complaints that Night Shade has acted “against the contractual and legal interest of authors” in some instances. New SFWA president John Scalzi issued a public statement explaining that for the duration of the year-long probation, sales made to Night Shade will not […]

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