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Archive for September, 2012

Richard Kadrey: Running with the Devil

Richard Albert Kadrey was born August 27, 1957 in Brooklyn NY. He spent ten years there, and the next ten years in Houston TX. He briefly attended college before working a wide variety of jobs, including running a jewelry store, and working in numerous warehouses and department stores, driving forklifts and ‘‘moving stuff around.’’ He’s […]

Nancy Pearl: Elastic Realism

Librarian, author, and critic Nancy Pearl was born January 12, 1945 and grew up in Detroit MI, spending much of her childhood in the public library. She decided to become a librarian at age ten, and got her Master’s degree in Library Science at the University of Michigan in 1967 (she later earned another Master’s […]

John Scalzi: Redshirts

John Michael Scalzi II was born May 10, 1969, and grew up in Southern California, going to school in Claremont. He graduated from the Webb School in 1987 and attended the University of Chicago, where he became editor-in-chief of the Chicago Maroon and graduated with a philosophy degree in 1991. He moved back to California, […]

Cory Doctorow: Why Science Fiction Movies Drive Me Nuts

From the September 2012 issue of Locus Magazine My friends (and especially my wife) all understand that I’m the wrong guy to take to a big budget science fiction movie. I will freely admit that this is the case. Every summer, as I sit down in one darkened cave after another to eat candy and […]

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