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Comments from the Locus Poll and Survey

Here are comments, presented anonymously and in random order, submitted by voters in this year’s Locus Poll and Survey. Results of the poll were published in the magazine’s July issue; survey results will appear in August issue. * Keep up the great work! – Thank you for putting in all the work on this survey. […]

Maria Dahvana Headley: Divine Monsters

Maria Dahvana Headley was born June 21, 1977 in Estacada OR. She attended NYU, where she studied dramatic writing. She lived in Seattle for many years before returning to New York, where she lives now. Headley’s first book was memoir The Year of Yes (2006), chronicling a year in which she said ‘‘yes’’ to every […]

Neil Gaiman: Magic of Fiction

Neil Richard Gaiman was born November 10, 1960 in Porchester, England. He attended school in southern England before moving to London, where he worked as a freelance journalist in the early ’80s. His first stories sold to gaming and men’s magazines in 1984 and ’85, and his first work in the SF field was Ghastly […]

Cory Doctorow: Teaching Computers Shows Us How
Little We Understand About Ourselves

From the July 2013 issue of Locus Magazine A quote variously attributed to Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein has it that ‘‘If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t really understand it.’’ Most of us have encountered this in our lives: you think you really know something and understand it, and […]

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