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Archive for December, 2014

Michael Moorcock: Multiverses

Legendary author and editor Michael Moorcock turned 75 on December 18, 2014. In celebration of his lifetime of tremendous (and ongoing) contributions to SF and fantasy literature, Locus’s December issue gathers tributes and retrospectives on his life and work to date, as well as a look at what comes next. He has a new novel […]

Spotlight On: Joe Monti

  You’re launching a new SF imprint, Saga Press. What’s your vision? Do you have a mission statement, or a particular niche you hope to fill? I’m working with editor Navah Wolfe on the imprint, so while I do not want to speak for her, I can say that Saga Press is taking the best […]

Kameron Hurley:
Publishing’s Not Dying, It’s Diversifying (And You Should Too)

From the December 2014 issue of Locus Magazine In conversation with my agent about a potential project a few weeks ago, I said something to the effect of, ‘‘But what can they give me besides a cover and copyedit? They don’t have a strong distribution platform for this kind of fiction, and they don’t have […]

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