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Amish: Humility of a Witness

Amish Tripathi was born October 18, 1974 in Mumbai, India. He grew up in the eastern part of the country and went to boarding school in Tamil Nadu, in Southern India, before returning to Mumbai for high school and college. He got his MBA at the Indian Institute of Management in Calcutta, and worked in [...]

Daryl Gregory: The Numinous

Daryl Jon Gregory was born June 26, 1965 in Illinois, grew up in Darien IL, and attended college at Illinois State University, graduating with a double major in English and Theater. He taught high school for a few years, became a technical writer, and is now a part-time programmer. In 1988 Gregory attended the Clarion [...]

Paul Cornell: Impossible Things

Paul Cornell was born July 18, 1967, in the West Country of Britain. He got his start as a writer doing Doctor Who tie-in work, producing a number of novels starting in 1991. Beginning in the mid-’90s he also wrote for various British television programs, including Doctor Who; he scripted the Hugo Award nominated episodes [...]

Spotlight on: SF Signal

John DeNardo is the co-founder and managing editor of SF Signal. He has been known to do things for free bagels. JP Frantz is the co-founder and sometimes blogger/editor of SF Signal. Patrick Hester is an author, blogger, and 2013 Hugo Award Winner. He produces/hosts the SF Signal and Functional Nerds podcasts and produces Mur [...]

Joan Slonczewski: Field of Discovery

Joan Slonczewski was born August 14, 1956 and raised in Westchester County NY, daughter of a theoretical physicist and a violin teacher. She decided to become a scientist at an early age, and attended Bryn Mawr, graduating with a biology degree in 1977. She finished her PhD in molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale in [...]

Terry Pratchett: Talking to Other Monkeys

Terence David John Pratchett was born April 28, 1948 in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK. His first story, ‘‘The Hades Business’’, appeared in his high school magazine when he was 13, and was reprinted in Science-Fantasy two years later (1963). He left school to become a journalist, worked for various newspapers for several years, followed by eight [...]

Spotlight on Galen Dara, Artist

Galen Dara has created art for Fireside, Lightpseed, Goblin Fruit, Lovecraft eZine, Scapezine, Apex magazine, Dagan Books, and Edge Publishing. Recently she illustrated the cover of the War Stories anthology, edited by Jaym Gates & Andrew Liptak; the cover of The Future Embodied, edited by Mae Empson & Jason Andrews; and the cover of Glitter [...]

Stephen Baxter: Conceptual Breakthrough

Stephen Michael Baxter was born in Liverpool, England November 13, 1957, and received a mathematics degree from Cambridge in 1979. He earned a PhD in engineering from Southampton in 1983, and has worked as a math and physics teacher, an engineer, and an information technology specialist. Since 1995, he has been a full-time writer, and [...]

Spotlight on: Annalee Newitz, Author and Editor

Annalee Newitz writes about science, pop culture, and the future. She’s the editor in chief of io9, a publication that covers science and science fiction, and has over 5 million readers every month. She’s the author of Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction. She’s also published in Wired, The Smithsonian Magazine, The Washington [...]

Stina Leicht: Element of Magic

Stina Leicht was born March 29, 1962 in St. Louis MO. She attended Sam Houston State University and the University of Houston, and returned to school to study 3D animation at Austin Community College in 2003, graduating in 2006. She has worked as a graphic designer, a bookseller, and in the gaming industry, and has [...]

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