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Archive for September, 2010

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction: Late September

Two print digest zines and a month’s worth of the usual ezines. Publications Reviewed Analog, December 2010 Asimov’s, December 2010 Fantasy Magazine, September 2010 Strange Horizons, September 2010 Lightspeed, September 2010 Beneath Ceaseless Skies, September 2010, September 2010 Intergalactic Medicine Show, September 2010 not available Analog, December 2010 A lot of Latin in this […]

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Hannu Rajaniemi

Offhand, I can think of about four different ways to read Hannu Rajaniemi’s rather astonishing debut novel The Quantum Thief, each of them equally valid, each equally inadequate. The first and most obvious is to approach it as Greg Egan-style radical hard SF (or maybe post-radical, since that movement by now is about as middle-aged […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction: Mid-September

A couple of print magazines arrived. Publications Reviewed Asimov’s, October/November 2010 Interzone #230, Sep-Oct 2010 Asimov’s, October/November 2010 The stories in this issue all deal, in one way or another, with the good and bad in human nature. “Becoming One with the Ghosts” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch The Ivoire has been damaged in battle. In […]

Russell Letson reviews Walter Jon Williams

The nine stories in Walter Jon Williams’ The Green Leopard Plague cover a decade’s worth of his work and display a mastery of genre possibilities and a considerable range of emotional effects. In one of the authorial afterwords, Williams describes an ambitious writing program he set for himself early on: to produce a story of […]

Two Maps of Hell: A Review of Never Let Me Go

by Gary Westfahl [ Note — this review contains spoilers! ] In crafting their adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel about young clones, Never Let Me Go (2006), screenwriter Alex Garland and director Mark Romanek have, perhaps appropriately, more or less replicated the original work, retaining almost all of Ishiguro’s story and even much of his […]

Rich Horton reviews Sandra McDonald

Sandra McDonald is best known for novels which, on the face of them, are fairly conventional military SF with a romantic slant, yet those who have followed her short fiction know she’s a quirkier writer than her novels display. Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories features 14 tales, many originals, set in a sort of […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early September

Publications Reviewed Realms of Fantasy, October 2010 Analog, November 2010 Clarkesworld #48, September 2010 Subterranean, Summer 2010 Apex Magazine, September 2010 Flurb #10, Fall/Winter 2010 Realms of Fantasy, October 2010 A Halloween issue, of course, although the cover, with its BDSM-themed image, doesn’t exactly suggest the season. “Cutter in the Underverse” by Daniel Hood Fantasy […]

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