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Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late December

Finishing up the year, although some of the zines are running way ahead of me: Analog is up to its March 2011 issue. My favorite story this time is “The Choice” by Paul McAuley, from Asimov’s. Publications Reviewed Asimov’s, February 2011 Analog, March 2011 Beneath Ceaseless Skies, #57-#59, December 2010, December 2010 Fantasy Magazine, […]

Russell Letson reviews Iain M. Banks

Here we have new books by two of the foremost practitioners of the variety of widescreen SF sometimes called New Space Opera, both from the UK, where Iain M. Banks and Neal Asher are prominent enough to have their bylines spread across their respective covers in headline-size fonts, a sure sign that they have become […]

Tim Pratt reviews Mira Grant

Mira Grant is a pseudonym for writer Seanan McGuire, who made a splash with last year’s debut novel Rosemary and Rue, about a half-Fae detective. As Grant she writes about zombies instead of fairies, but calling her a horror writer wouldn’t be particularly accurate. Feed is more of a sociological science fiction novel, intelligently extrapolating […]

Citizen Flynn: A Review of Tron: Legacy

by Gary Westfahl Whatever else one might say about Tron: Legacy, it must first be recognized as a superb example of film considered as an amusement park ride, and most audiences will readily succumb to the sheer, exhilarating thrill of its first hour, as protagonist Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) is drawn into a well-realized computer […]

Adrienne Martini reviews Jon Armstrong

In its brocade heart, Jon Armstrong’s Yarn is an archetypical tale of a boy who takes on a quest and becomes a man. It’s like Star Wars – but with yards and yards of fabric rather than warp drives and droids. But the central story remains the same. Yarn’s hero is Tane Cedar, whose tale […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, mid-December

Taking a first look at a new ezine, GigaNotoSaurus, the name a reference to the extended length of the fiction, although the stories are not all novella-length. Otherwise, most of the zines reviewed here come printed on paper. Publications Reviewed F&SF, Jan/Feb 2011 Interzone #231, November-December 2010 Intergalactic Medicine Show #20, December 2010 Albedo One […]

Lois Tilton’s 2010 Short Fiction Reviews in Review

Last year at about this time, at another site far, far away, I was looking back over the short fiction from the year 2009. Now, once again reviewing the year’s crop of stories, what I see is a fairly stable field in both print and electronic periodical media. One major outlet was lost: Jim Baen’s […]

Graham Sleight’s Yesterday’s Tomorrows: John Wyndham

The Day of the Triffids John Wyndham (Doubleday, 222pp, hc) 1951. Cover by Whitney Bender. John Wyndham’s career is divided, and defined, by World War II. Born in 1903, he began publishing SF and detective stories in various magazines in the early 1930s. None of these, I think, are of more than specialist interest these […]

Gary K. Wolfe reviews William H. Patterson, Jr.’s
Robert A. Heinlein Biography

One of the fascinations and frustrations of reading literary biographies is that we almost always begin with the vain hope that we’re going to unlock the secret of where all those wonderful stories came from, and almost always realize that, once again, we’re not going to get it. Since writers lead largely interior lives, their […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early December

The year turns. Here are two first-of-the-month ezines and the first of 2011’s anthologies. Publications Reviewed Clarkesworld #51, December 2010 Apex Magazine, December 2010 Engineering Infinity, edited by Jonathan Strahan Clarkesworld #51, December 2010 Not so enthusiastic about the fiction this time. “The Taxidermist’s Other Wife” by Kelly Barnhill The residents of the town have […]

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