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Archive for December, 2011

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late December

Wrapping up the year, although we’re already into the next one. Here’s the January/February issue of F&SF for 2012, and the Dell digests are even further along in the calendar date. Publications Reviewed F&SF, Jan/Feb 2012 Asimov’s, February 2012 Analog, March 2012 Beneath Ceaseless Skies, December 2011 Strange Horizons, December 2011 Fantasy Magazine, December 2011 […]

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Alastair Reynolds

Is it time to be talking about the neo-New Space Opera, or possibly the post-neo-New Space Opera, or even the Phase Space Space Opera (in the sense of all possible states of a system being represented at once)? It’s been more than five years since Hartwell and Cramer’s massive and argumentative Space Opera Renaissance anthology, […]

Adrienne Martini reviews Cherie Priest

Sometimes, you (or, to be more specific, since I can’t really speak about your reading habits, I) need a nice little bite of well-done whimsy in order to keep pushing through all of the unpleasantness that life can dish out. Hellbent by Cherie Priest is that perfect bite. No, this tale of Raylene Pendle, vampire […]

Lois Tilton’s 2011 Short Fiction Reviews in Review

When I look back at the year in short fiction, what stands out is the fact that there is nothing really standing out. The field seems to have been trapped in a stasis bubble. No major new publications started up. No major publications went under – at least for this year. Although there have been […]

Faren Miller reviews Tim Pratt

Briarpatch by Tim Pratt (a Locus senior editor) takes place in a modern Bay Area that’s weirdly porous: riddled by hidden passages into the many – infinite? – worlds collectively known as the Briarpatch. An epigraph from ‘‘Br’er Rabbit and the Tar Baby’’ (traditional) uses that word for somewhere Br’er says he really doesn’t want […]

Graham Sleight’s Yesterday’s Tomorrows: Roger Zelazny

The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, and Other Stories Roger Zelazny (Doubleday, 230pp, hc) 1971. A lot of the problems particular to SF can be thought of as problems of register. SF stories have to shift from naturalistic dialogue to infodumping to (sometimes) the high-flown language of transcendence. The argument against […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early December

Here’s a miscellaneous batch of zines. Publications Reviewed Interzone, Nov-Dec 2011 Clarkesworld, December 2011 Alt Hist #3 Redstone Science Fiction, December 2011 GigaNotoSaurus, December 2011 Jabberwocky #8, July 2011 Jabberwocky #9, October 2011 Apex Magazine, December 2011 Interzone #237, Nov-Dec 2011 Only four pieces of fiction in this issue, probably owing to the length of […]

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