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Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late June

A mixed bag this time, with a novella, a little printzine and some regular and irregular e-publications. Publications Reviewed Love in the Time of Metal and Flesh , by Jay Lake On Spec, Spring 2013 Beneath Ceaseless Skies #123-124, June 2013 James Gunn’s Ad Astra, #2 Three-lobed Burning Eye, May 2013 no image available Love […]

Paul Di Filippo reviews Barry N. Malzberg

Almost 500 short stories. Scores of novels, many written at imperishable white-heat and forged without blemish to last through the ages. (Many, of course, birthed otherwise, composed solely for a paycheck, with craftsmanship but little aspiration.) A significant body of award-winning criticism. All consummated mostly within the too-brief span from 1967 (first short story, “We’re […]

Adrienne Martini reviews Ben H. Winters

When we last left Detective Hank Palace, the titular Last Policeman in Ben H. Winters’s kick-off to this trilogy, he had just reunited with his sister Nico, who is involved in a quasi-military, super-secret organization that she believes will save the world. And, still, the asteroid that is likely to end all human life on […]

Faren Miller reviews Kit Reed

Two new collections, both by women who have been producing noteworthy novels and short fiction for many decades, show just how much can be achieved by a strong imagination that refuses to recognize the artificial boundaries of subject, tone, or genre. Kit Reed’s The Story Until Now, aptly subtitled ‘‘A Great Big Book of Stories’’, […]

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Neil Gaiman

For all his industrious celebrity, Neil Gaiman has always been a pretty shrewd choreographer of mythologies. From the multiple myth systems incorporated into the Sandman series through the unpacking of American iconography in American Gods to the exploration of Afro-Caribbean myths in Anansi Boys (which even pays brief homage to another tale-telling mythographer, Zora Neale […]

Paul Di Filippo reviews Brian Aldiss

I certainly encountered Brian Aldiss’s fiction no later than 1967, the year my Dad bought me a subscription to F&SF. In love with the magazine, I started buying back issues at local used-book stores, and soon had run into Aldiss’s Hothouse stories and that great novelette, “The Saliva Tree.” But with my memory hosting its […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, mid-June

Wading through the summer quarterly deluge and finding some great reading, most notably in Subterranean Magazine’s summer issue, a K J Parker special. Also a good issue of F&SF. Good Story awards to both Parker stories and the Valente from Subterranean and to the Arnason story from F&SF. Publications Reviewed Subterranean, Summer 2013 F&SF, July/Aug […]

‘This Man Is Not Our Enemy’: A Review of Man of Steel

by Gary Westfahl In the first version of an earlier review, I mistakenly described a moment from a film preview as part of the film itself – an inexcusable error, to be sure, but an understandable one, given the way that all contemporary action films increasingly blur together in one’s mind, each rigidly adhering to […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early June

A rare occasion when the print fiction outnumbers the stories online. Promising issues from Analog and Apex. Publications Reviewed Interzone 246, May-Jun 2013 Clarkesworld, June 2013 Asimov’s, August 2013 Analog, September 2013 Apex Magazine, June 2013 Interzone #246, May-Jun 2013 An unusually large number of short stories here this time: eight, including the winner of […]

Father Doesn’t Know Best: A Review of After Earth

by Gary Westfahl Based on their track records, one cannot approach a science fiction film starring Will Smith and directed by M. Night Shyamalan with extreme optimism. Despite occasional ventures into more subdued projects, Smith has specialized in mindless, action-packed spectacles that, like roller coaster rides, provide immediate excitement but nothing worth remembering. And Shyamalan […]

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