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Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late July

Giving the Good Story award to Ford’s Emily Dickinson piece in the fifth anniversary month. Publications Reviewed, July 2013 Interzone, July/August 2013 Beneath Ceaseless Skies, July 2013 Strange Horizons, July 2013, July 2013 The site is celebrating its fifth anniversary in July by posting five new stories on the 17th, as well […]

Paul Di Filippo reviews Nathan Ballingrud

Nathan Ballingrud has no Wikipedia entry, nor celebratory professional homepage. His personal WordPress blog was last updated, as of my recent knowledge, in February 2013, when he spoke briefly and modestly of the book under our gaze today, his first standalone publication. I cannot tell you how this humble, non-boastful stance impresses me, in this […]

Russell Letson reviews Charles Stross

Charles Stross has been working out the implications of a proposition that throws buckets of cold water in the face of the kind of expansive science-fictional adventure examined above – while still managing to make the whole project fun. Saturn’s Children: A Space Opera was an exercise in witty science-fictional rule-stretching, with a non-trivial sideline […]

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Connie Willis

In her introduction to The Best of Connie Willis, Willis notes that ‘‘Writing an author’s introduction to a ‘Best of’ collection is kind of problematic,’’ and so she generously goes on to guide readers toward those works by other authors and editors which she feels helped shape her own work, from Heinlein to Shirley Jackson, […]

Paul Di Filippo reviews Chris Beckett

It’s truly satisfying, as a reader and critic, to be in on the ground floor of a career that eventually blossoms into full magnificence. I feel that way about the oeuvre of Chris Beckett. All throughout the 1990s and Noughties, I kept enjoying his stories in various genre magazines. In 2005, I reviewed his first […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, mid-July

I especially enjoyed the warped visions of reality in Kaleidotrope this time around. Publications Reviewed Asimov’s, September 2013 Analog, October 2013 Apex Magazine, July 2013 Lightspeed, July 2013 Kaleidotrope, Summer 2013 Asimov’s, September 2013 A theme here of immortality and death. The MacLeod and Creasey stories have a particular congruence. “The Discovered Country” by Ian […]

In the Oceans of Madness – Intelligence:
A Review of Pacific Rim

by Gary Westfahl Perhaps I am suffering from a form of dementia induced by excessive exposure to cinematic explosions and high-tech battles, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Pacific Rim, despite the very low expectations that I brought to the theatre, and I would heartily recommend Guillermo del Toro’s production to anyone long enamored of science […]

Tim Pratt reviews Kate Atkinson

You’ve got to love a literary novel that starts with the protagonist shooting Hitler in the heart in 1930. Kate Atkinson is best known for her marvelous literary mysteries, notably the Jackson Brodie novels. While I eagerly await the next installment in that series, I was pleased to pick up her new standalone, Life After […]

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early July

Everything electronic, leading off with an electronic anthology of novellas. Publications Reviewed Lonely Souls, edited by Gordon Van Gelder, June 2013 Clarkesworld, July 2013 Lonely Souls, edited by Gordon Van Gelder As the editorial introduction explains, this is an anthology of four novellas that the editor wanted to publish but which didn’t, for one […]

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